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Enter the Mentioned Details Below to Change Name on Volaris Airlines Tickets

Volaris Airline Name Change Policy, No one wants to face issues while flying. But at times, passengers may enter incorrect names or some other data while booking a ticket with Airlines.

Even if the error is small, it can still create a major issue for you. But with Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy, you should not worry about the mistake you have made while booking your reservation. However, it is always advised to re-check your details before going further with the reservation.

So go through this guide to know more about how you can change your Name with the Volaris airline name change policy and its limitations as well.

Rules for Volaris Change Name on Flight Ticket

Volaris Airlines gives its passengers all the facilities to change their name but under legal consideration. It is not available for:

  • The travelers who booked the flight using the airline’s electronic Credit or e-Gift Card.

  • Passengers who have marked a no-show in advance on the flight segment.

  • Or if you are changing your reservation from an adult booking to a booking for a minor or vice versa.

Apart from this, you also have to take care of these rules:

  • Your Name on the flight ticket must be the same as the Name on your Passport, Visa, or any other Government issued ID card. (A complete name change is not allowed, however, spellings error are considered by the airline)

Note: If there is any difference in the names, the Customer may not be accepted to board the flight.

  • To correct the spelling mistake in your flight tickets, you may have to pay 200 USD, and these are non – refundable.

  • You are not allowed to transfer your flight tickets to someone else.

  • The request to correct your Name can’t proceed immediately after you apply. That’s why it is strictly said to apply for the correction at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

  • If there are other airlines along with Volaris in the name change request, the correction will only be done for the asked airline.

Note: To make corrections for the rest of the airlines, you have to do the process directly.

  • With the Basic economy class ticket, you can’t change your name. So if you are stuck in a situation like this, you might have to ask for cancellation and claim a refund, to book a new flight if a major spelling error is made.

  • At times, multiple customers have booked their tickets together, and if one of them wants to make some corrections in their name. Then they need to call Volaris customer services and ask for help.

Volaris Name Change Policy

If you have provided an incorrect name while making your reservation, you can’t just simply edit it from the website. In situations like this, you have to contact someone from Volaris Airlines and ask them to change your Name, then you will be asked to submit your official traveler documents like Visa & Passport if flying internationally, and after that, they will help you in making changes.

According to the Name change policy of Volaris Airlines

  • After exceeding 24 hours of reservation, you can’t make any changes free of cost. To make any kind of changes, Passengers have to pay a fee.

  • You can even make changes to your ticket up to an hour before departure, but in such scenarios, you have to pay some charges.

  • The change fees depend mainly on the route, type of flight, time left to flight, ticket type, and type of changes.

Note: According to the Volaris Name Changes policy, the fee ranges from $0 to $400, and for domestic flights, you have to pay $200.

What are the different types of Name Change Requests?

You can request for the name change for multiple reasons like misspelled names, a change in your last Name after the ticket booking, etc. Every name changes type has its own procedure with a few restrictions, like

Legal Name Change: Travellers can request for name change on their tickets due to all the legal reasons.

Note: You have to provide the supporting documents with an updated name for verification purposes. 

Minor Name Change: If you have made minor spelling errors, then the airline gives you permission to edit the Name up to 4 letters on your first, middle, or last Name.

Middle Name or Last Name: Passengers can ask to add or remove their middle Name, as per the Volaris Airline name change policy. In addition to that, if a traveler has two last names, then they can apply for a name change as well.

Note: It is always advised by the airline to verify and reconfirm your data before going further with your ticket reservation.   Match it with your government ID as well.

Married Name Change: If you have planned a vacation with your university name on the ticket, and the Name changes between the date of booking to the date of departure. Then the person can request to change a name to the Volaris Airline.

Note: The prices may fluctuate on the availability of tickets.

How to get to someone at Volaris airlines?

Here we have provided all the ways you can use to modify your flight ticket.

Name Change Process Online

  1. Open any of the Browsers and go to the official website of Volaris Airlines.

  2. Then provide the passenger’s last Name along with the reservation codes.

  3. You will get the details on your screen, then click on Edit to make changes.

  4. Now, Make changes according to your Need, and pay the charges.

After that, you will get a confirmation mail from Volaris airline related to the changes you made.

Name Change Process with the help of Phone call

If you are not comfortable with the above method, then you can also call a representative of Volaris Airline and ask for help. To do so:

  1. Dial the Customer Service number of Volaris Airline.

  2. After that, the call will connect; then you have to hit the right key, to get in contact with a live person.

  3. Then go further with the IVR commands to edit your Name.

  4. You ask them to change or modify your Name on the flight ticket, and once it is done, pay the charges.

Then you will get the modification mail from the Volaris Airline, stating that your Name is modified, as you asked.

Change the Name via Email

You can even contact a live representative using email to make changes to your tickets. If you are opting for this method, then make sure to compose a proper email that has all your Queries and then send it to the official email ID of Volaris Airlines.

Note: People are not available 24*7 to reply to you, so you might not get a response from the airline quickly.

If a representative sees your email, give you an effective response as soon as possible.

  • You can also contact a representative from Volaris Airlines by visiting the airport. Here you can ask for help by reaching the ticket counter.
  • Carry all your Government Documents with you for verification.

Ending Words

In the end, we expect that you understand the process of How to Change your Name on Volaris Flight Ticket. If you have any queries, you can contact a travel agent at Volaris Airlines by visiting their official website.

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