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JetBlue Name Change Policy:- Don’t be concerned if you got your name wrong on the flight ticket, as JetBlue Airlines is here. This airline ensures that people always have their details on the flight ticket identical to their passports for hassle-free travel. They announced their policy of name change. According to JetBlue’s Name change policy, make amendments to your name, get it right everywhere, and prevent any discrepancies that can arrive. 

Go through this article to acquire knowledge of JetBlue’s Name Change Policy

Name Change Policy of JetBlue: Rules & Obligations

Understandably, every company at any time releases its policies as per its own will. They aim that it didn’t hamper any of their Terms of use clauses. Likewise, JetBlue Airlines publish its name change policy. And for its ultimate usage, this airline laid down some rules. 

The rules bind every passenger if they want to amend their names on the flight tickets due to any mistakes. It would help if you encountered these rules when correcting first, middle, and last names. 

The list of the rules of JetBlue’s Name change policy is given below:

  • The modifications in the name when flying with JetBlue are only applicable on the existing original PNR of the reservation.

  • In JetBlue Airlines, it is mandatory to submit the “NAMECART” number when making a flight reservation.

  • If you book a flight with JetBlue Airlines from a trustable source, like directly through their website, you can only raise a request for the name change.

  • JetBlue Airlines emphasizes the presentation of legal documents in support of your claim of altering the name.

  • You got only one chance to correct the name, so beware. Please check it twice before concluding the process.

  • All the details can get modified in matters of marriage, divorce, and adoption.

  • JetBlue’s name change policy permits every passenger to modify their nicknames and family names and can add or remove any part of the name.

Crucial terms of use of Name Change Policy of JetBlue Airlines

Passengers for this JetBlue Airlines are of utmost significance. This carrier accepts that the error occurs while booking; therefore, they are working hard to correct it so that no hurdles will arise during travel.

Indulging this policy for changing your name binds you in the shackles of these terms and conditions. Please read these points carefully: 

  • Corrections in name as per the JetBlue name change policy is only granted up to the limit of some character. Please contact the carrier to know the exact limit of change in name as it varies.

  • JetBlue always imposed some fees for changing the name. The amount is dependent on the number of characters you alter.

  • This policy of name change has not promoted the thought of booking a flight with the wrong name and later shifting it to the name of someone else’s name. This type of intent leads to the suspension of your booking.

How to Amend the Name as per JetBlue Airlines?

Multiple effective ways are given by JetBlue Airlines for amending the name. They took care of every type of user, so they laid out various methods for amending the name. 

Let’s know those methods in depth for a vivid understanding.

1. Correcting the name through the website

Apply the given steps and manually alter your name in case of spotting any error in your name.

  • First, click on your browser tab and enter the URL of JetBlue airlines.

  • On the next page, navigate to the “My Trips” tab.

  • You must provide personal details like the reference number and the last name.

  • After filling in the details, click on the “Find a flight” button.

  • Now choose the booking from the list that appears in the next window which needs corrections.

  • Fill in your right name in the required field and check it twice before proceeding further.

  • At the checkout page, you have to pay the fee and the fare difference, if there is any.

  • Then, check your messages and mailbox for confirmation messages from the airlines’ side.

2. By reaching out to the customer service executive

Most people who need to be better equipped with technology can directly contact the executive of this carrier. After joining, disclose the aim of calling and resolving the issue.

Note: Fetch the contact details of JetBlue Airlines from their website. 

3. Alteration through live chat

Live chat is an option available on their website. You need to tell it the issue, present the document and have to pay the fees; the rest it’ll handle. Lastly, only wait for the confirmation message of the name change. 

4. Getting the modification in name through Social media

JetBlue’s Name change policy provides this provision of name alteration through social media. Connect with JetBlue Airlines and print your proper name on the flight ticket. 

How much does JetBlue Airlines Charge for Changing the Name?

JetBlue Airlines is so kind to their passengers that they offer them a one-time free chance under which they can change their name for free. More than once, a fee is implied even for correcting some minor spelling errors in the name. It is the case that the fee for altering the name as per the JetBlue name change policy varies on several factors, and these factors are the destination, departure place, seat type, etc. 

Below is the altering fee of the name in JetBlue Airline with the effect of every minute complications.

  • In the case of having a basic seat of JetBlue Airline, then $100 is charged for modifying the name. In addition, when traveling to any place except these places: Mexico, Central America, and the US, the fee rises to $200.

  • Correcting the name through any offline methods makes you liable for paying an extra $50 as a service charge.

  • $150 is the fee for those passengers who hold a ticket between $150 to $199.

  • Other than these fixed cases, the fee for the name change fluctuates if there is a scenario of marriage, divorce, and adoption.

Final Words

Ensure that your name on the flight ticket remains the same as your name on the passport or any government-approved identification proof. 

Above mentioned, all the steps or processes for altering the name are essential for a person having some errors or mistakes in their name. JetBlue Airlines always assist users whenever they need it and satisfy them with their services.

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