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An Overview of Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy

Flaws may occur in the name while typing it, and people don’t bother to check it again. It doesn’t matter much, but in some cases, it may lead to the termination of many things. A wrong name may give birth to hindrances, and you can also become the victim of legal action. That’s why to prevent these types of circumstances, Frontier Airlines Name change policy has come into existence.

Going downward will help you know more about frontier airlines’ name change policy.

Description of the Name Change Policy of Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines’ name change policy allows passengers to change their name in case of any error. Two things laid down by Frontier Airlines is that: Fees and fare differences must be paid by the customers, and they need to remain under the regulations of this policy.

The cost is economical for altering the name of Frontier Airlines and their services are impeccable when it counts from the customers’ perspective. Some of the key points of Frontier Name Change Policy are:-

  • Only some minor changes up to an extent are permitted by Frontier Airlines in their name.
  • As mentioned in the policy of name change posed by the Frontier, the name on the ticket must match the name on the passport.
  • Shifting the ticket in the name of someone else is not granted.
  • In a matter of having multiple flights of several airlines, the change would only apply to the flights Frontier. Refer to the other carrier policies for amending the name on other flights tickets.
  • Many instances occur where you must cancel your flight booking and book a new one with a valid name.

Name Change Policy of Frontier Airlines: Regulations

Many minute rules taught in the policy of Frontier Airlines for changing the name that is given below:-

  • The name on the flight must get matched with the name highlighted on the passport or all other identification proof.
  • Modifications in the seat type, birth date, etc., are not allowed to do as per the frontier name change policy.
  • A ticket held by a visitor can’t shift with someone else’s ticket.
  • All the passengers can change their names if they witness any flaws.
  • This name correction policy of Frontier Airlines granted some limited amendments to the name.
  • According to the policy, some fee is implied on the passenger for changing the name, but it will depend on the ticket type, traveling destination, and other similar reasons.
  • In any legal situation, modification is sanctioned but only after the submission of the legal document supporting the same.
  • Many instances are there under which passengers can’t alter their name. Then they must cancel their existing booking to make a new one by entering the exact and right name.

Stratagem to alter the name when having a booking with Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is given multiple ways through which users can amend their names in just a few simple steps. Get aware of the best possible methods and go ahead with the one you like at your convenience.

First Approach: Modifying the Name by Following the Online Method

This is the most effective way, as users instantly get confirmation when they finish the process. All the steps are laid down, so there is only a need to apply those steps one by one and go further.

  • Start the process by entering the URL of the website of Frontier Airlines.
  • Then, you have to reach the “My Trip” tab.
  • Soon after, enter your last name and other details to get to your booking page.
  • Then select the booking you want to make modifications to.
  • Fill in the correct name as written on your passport and all other government identification proofs.
  • Then check it repeatedly so that further mistakes wouldn’t prevail.
  • Go further and pay the fee and fare difference if it appears.
  • Then finish the procedure and wait for the confirmation message stating that your name gets changed.

Second Approach: Name Alteration by Connecting with the Customer Care Representatives

Most of the visitors don’t believe in the online system. They want someone to take in support, so they prefer changing their name by reaching out to the customer care of Frontier Airlines.

Call on the toll-free number of Frontier Airlines and get connected. Then let them know the reason for your calling and be specific about the alteration you want. Submit some documents denoting the same, so they can validate your claim. Then pay the fees for changing the name as they directed you to pay. After this, your task is finished; the rest is the duty of the Airline’s executive. Soon they’ll send you the confirmation alert for the same.

Third Approach: Visit the Airport to Fulfill the Aim of Changing the Name

This alternative is ample for travelers who don’t trust the processes that much and who live nearby the airport.

This way, reach the airport from where you have your flight and find a representative of the same carrier. Then they give you a form, fill the same with your correct details and the reason for the visit. Specify the changes you want and then pay the fee if any charges are levied. Once the payment is made, they’ll provide you with a new ticket with the correct name.

Note: Don’t visit the airport on the same day to correct your name, as it can become the reason for missing your flight. Try to visit earlier if you want to execute the process through this alternative only.

Frontier Name Change Policy: Fee and Price

$75 is the alteration charge of the name imposed by Frontier Airlines. Sometimes, they don’t even need to pay the fees if they made the changes within 24 hours of the booking time.

The fee may vary and change as per the carrier’s requirement. So, it is recommended to get in touch with the Airline regarding the fee as it fluctuates always.

Final words.!

Frontier Airlines are well known for its services and regulations. They keep it all simple and convenient so that no one has issues applying them. Their policies are clear and sorted; everyone can understand them and settle their concerns. For any major flaw, you can also get connected with the Airlines directly for taking the help.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, a passenger would be able to change their name on the Frontier airlines by simply getting in touch with the Frontier airlines customer service. All you have to do is dial the customer care number (1855-738-3481) and ask them to change your name on the flight ticket. However, there are certain rules and regulation that one must follow to change or correct their name on the Frontier airlines.

In order to change your name on the Frontier airlines, then you will be able to change your name by simply navigating to the main website of the Frontier airlines. Then, go to the My trips option and enter your personal details as well as flight details such as your first name, last name, confirmation code. Next, click on the Search button and then choose the Change Name Details option from your trip confirmation. From there, scroll downwards and then go to the contact information and update any info if necessary.

The Frontier airlines allows the passengers to change/correct their name on the Frontier airlines for free of cost (only if they have to make minor changes). If there’s a need to change or spelled the entire name correctly, then one might have to pay a certain amount to proceed further. However, many airlines permits its passengers one name correction for free of cost. Apart from this, others will charge a correction fee which can cost you between $50 to $200.

In case, if you have just realized that there seems to be a mistake with your name, then make sure to correct it within 24 hours since your reservation. However, it is advised to cancel your ticket and then rebook it with the correct name. Because, to make changes in your name, you would have to get in touch with the customer care officials and seek their assistance.

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