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KLM Airline Name Correction/Change Policy – It is human nature that we make mistakes while performing any task. Due to this, you also create an error in typing your name while booking a flight. These errors or flaws will evolve in the future hindrances in your travel, and every carrier acknowledges this. That’s why they introduced the KLM name change policy, which gives you the realm living under, which becomes the task accomplished in just a snap of the finger.

This write-up gives an explained version of the Name Change policy of KLM Airlines. Run your eyes through the articles for better implementation of the task of correcting the name. 

KLM Airline Name Change Policy

KLM Airline gives an upper hand to every user through which they can alter their name easily. They laid down several guidelines or terms of use, remaining under which makes the name-correcting process an easy task. As a result of this, given all the main highlights of the KLM name change policy:

  • KLM Airline only grants the passenger to change their name based on information in their passport.

  • As mentioned in the KLM Name Change Policy, the raised name-altering request only gets entertained when your booking flight starts with KL.

  • When a third-party source creates the ticket, charges are implied on your wish to amend the name.

  • KLM airline permitted the passengers to fly with the corrected name or without the last name. But it should match the details in your government-approved identification proof.

Charge for amending the name in KLM Airlines

KLM creates a period under which you can alter your name for free. Moreover, after this period, KLM laid down a small fee on the users for altering their names. This fee may vary depending on several factors like departure date, request timing, and the change you want in your name. Given below are the fee as per the conditions mentioned above:

  • No need to pay a single penny when you modify the name of the flight ticket of the KLM 30 hours from the fixed departure time of the flight.

  • KLM Name Change policy directed the users having tickets of their partnered airlines to make the corrections in the name at least 72 hours before the departure time.

  • After the cost-free time ends, the passenger must pay the fee according to the KLM Name Change Policy.

  • You are not permitted to make the changes from an unauthorized source, i.e., a third-party travel service provider or a travel agent. In this case, the ticket renewal is necessary as the full fare is considered the charge for name correction.

Procedure to modify the name while flying with the KLM Name Change policy

Passengers of KLM Airline should consider themselves the lucky person ever as there are several options given by KLM to change the name if any error persists in the name on the flight ticket. 

Let’s know every method to alter the name while flying on the KLM in detail.

1. Amending the name through the website

  • Open the website of the KLM on your browser.

  • Reach out to the tab “Manage Booking” for further process.

  • In the next window, Fill out the details like the passenger’s last name and the booking confirmation number, and tap on “OK.”

  • The booking page opens in front of you. Pick out the booking in which the name needs a change.

  • Fill out the right name and correct it. Make sure to check it with your passport.

  • Then on the upcoming page, pay the fees for changing your name and fare difference, if any originates.

  • Here the process gets ends. Now check your mobile phone for confirmation of the fulfillment of the name change process.

2. Alter the name by calling the customer care representative

Fetch the number of KLM Airline from their website and connect with them. Tell them the reason for your calling and the specific part you want to modify. After this, please provide them with some of the legal documents supporting your claim. Then here comes the time to pay the fee for the same. They’ll let you know whether you have to pay the fare difference. Clear it all and then wait for confirmation from their side. 

3. Pay a visit to the airport to modify your name

You can also go with this method for altering your name. Just reach the airport and find the representative of KLM Airline and let them know the issue for which you are looking for help. They assist you till the end. Give them your details so they can retrieve your booking for amending the name on the flight booking you want. They run as you requested and collect the fee for the name change and the fare difference). It will take some time, and after the accomplishment of the process, they’ll hand over the new ticket with the valid name. 

Terms and Conditions for Amending the Name While with KLM

The whole process of boarding a flight is dependent on the accuracy of the data you feed. If your name doesn’t get matched with the passport, some hindrances in the boarding process might arrive. So to save yourself from this, correct your name according to the KLM Name Change Policy by following the given conditions.

Read all of them before moving forward for raising a request for the name change whenever any emerge with KLM. 

  • If you didn’t buy the ticket from a valid source, i.e., the official website of the KLM, then you are not eligible to raise the request for the name change.

  • You can’t transfer the ticket of KLM in the name of someone else, as mentioned in the KLM Name Change Policy.

  • Your name on the flight must match the name highlighted in your passport.

  • You cannot amend the name on the same day of arrival.

  • Travelers equipped with the reward program and bonus points can’t raise the request for the alteration in the name.

  • A list of several methods is given by KLM Airlines for modifying your name when spotted any flaw in the name is present.

Exceptions included in the policy of name change of KLM Airlines.

Sometimes it is just confusion that leads us to change our name on the flight ticket. Suppose you didn’t witness the proper name gap and went to the airport to make it correct. It is a lack of awareness as e don’t know about this pattern of KLM Airline. Like this, many similar situations exist, due to which there emerges no need to alter the name. 

So, if the given situations arise, you can go ahead for boarding the flight without any hassle.

  • If you have too many first names for yourself but only one name is mentioned in your flight ticket. In this case, no modification is required.

  • Witnessing the last name similar to it is written in your passport.

In essence

Flying by KLM makes you the deserver of the various perks and benefits. One is the clear and sorted layout of their conditions and services. They give their KLM Name Change Policy conveniently. Following this, everyone can easily alter their name by the methods written in this policy. Remember to stay under the rules and regulations for a flawless conclusion of the name correction process.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A passenger can change their name at least 24 hour before the scheduled departure as per the KLM airlines name change policy. However, if you are making last minute changes in your name, make sure to do that at least 2 hours prior to your final boarding with the KLM airlines. For an immediate response, a passenger can contact the airline on their customer service number and ask them to make necessary changes to your first name, last or middle name.

For all the passengers who have booked their flight with the KLM airlines can change their flight for free of cost. To avoid paying any fee, a passenger must change their name within 24 hours prior to their scheduled departure. However, a passenger can also get in touch with the KLM airlines customer service and ask them to make modifications in your name. In case, if your flight is operated by any other partnered airlines, then you can send your query to the airline at least 72 hours before your scheduled departure. Lastly, wait for the airline to respond back.

According to the KLM Name change policy, if your name happens to be misspelled on your boarding pass, then you can get in touch with the airline and ask them for assistance. For more information, you can visit the main website of the KLM airlines and navigate to the Can I Board the flight If my name has been misspelled on my boarding pass to make necessary corrections.

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