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A Brief Explanation of the Avianca Airline Name Correction Policy

Avianca Airline Name Correction, Having an incorrect or inaccurate name on the flight is itself an issue. Firstly, passengers didn’t take care of the fact that they needed to enter the details correctly. Then when they spot those mistakes on the flight ticket, people don’t make them change in the right time. So in the future or at the time of flight booking, they encounter several problems in their traveling.

DOT (Department of Transportation) states that it is mandatory to make sure that the name match. The name on the flight ticket or in the passport or ID proof remains similar otherwise legal examination will take place against you. 

You shouldn’t get stressed as you are flying with Avianca Airlines. This airline is so flexible towards their customers as easy methods are there. You just follow the steps while keeping all the rules in mind. 

Type of changes as per the Avianca Airline Name Correction Policy

Either you can request for correcting the name or can do the modifications in the name. If there is any type of issue, you found out in your flight ticket then get it right. Many cases presents exists in which you can apply for changing the name. 

Beware of all those and make your trip an unforgettable one:

1. Reversion of the last name

Many people have two last names which they filled while making reservation. But it got reversed or not in the correct sequence when you saw it in the ticket. You can make a request for correcting it. 

For instance, Brendon have two last name i.e., Stuart and Jones. But it printed in the wrong sequence. 

Jones Stuart/ Brendon becomes after the alteration Stuart Jones/Brendon. 

2. Inversion of first and last name

Users entered their first and last names in reversed way. This makes their name structure completely wrong. For solving this case, a document is mandatory for supporting the same. 

For instance, if your name is Harry Brooks but it appears like Brooks Harry then raise a request as soon as possible. 

Correction is Harry/Brooks from Brooks/ Harry.

3. Issue of inversion in middle name

If you spot the inversion in your first name with the middle name then go ahead for the correction of name. It is performed only by the submission of passport or any of the legal valid ID. This case also implies that you are liable to pay the fee for correcting the name. 

For example- Alan Barry Miller, here Alan is the first name and Barry is the middle name. 

Succeeding to the correction in name, it becomes Miller/Alan Barry from Miller/Barry Alan.

4. Mention of last name two times

When you witness the existence of last name on your ticket two times. 

5. Modification in name through marriage or divorce

Scenario of altering the name because of dissimilar name on legal document. But in this, it is mandatory to submit the legal documents from where they can verify your details. 

Ways to make amendments in the name as per the Avianca Airline Name Change Policy

Avianca Airlines Name correction Policy allows the users to change or correct the name in two specific method. The description of those methods is highlighted here. 

Correction in name: Online

Name correction can only execute on the portion of the ticket which remains unused. Juts follow the procedure by visiting the website of Avianca Airlines and make the name on your ticket similar to the name mentioned in your passport. 

Correction in name: Offline

If you don’t know how to use Internet and want to be with someone who assist you till the end of the process then go with this alternative. You just need to revert to the customer service representative with their question and received the confirmation.

  • Call the customer service representative and inform them the purpose of calling.

  • Revert with your details so that they can fetch to the page of your flights booking.

  • Send them a copy of any government approved identification or passport to validate the information.

  • Tell them the correction you want to do in your flight ticket.

  • Pay the fees for altering the name as per the Avianca Airlines and the fare difference if any exists.

  • Then hold back for the confirmation message in your registered mobile number or email ID.

  • You’ll receive your re-issued ticket with the correct name on it.

These are the steps needs to be implemented one by one for ending the process

  • Enter in your URL of the browser and get along with the aim.

  • Look for the “Manage Booking” section on the appearing page.

  • Enter the details like PNR Numbers and the last name of the passenger for reaching to the page of booking details.

  • Select the booking name which needs to get modified.

  • The correction only limits to 3 letters collectively.

  • After this, there is a need to attach the legal document or passport for validating the real name.

  • Check the whole summary and then pay the fee for the name change.

  • A confirmation page will pops up. Save it for future.

Statute of Avianca Airline for changing the name

In many scenarios, people gets denied from boarding on the flight as there name on the flight ticket didn’t seems identical with the name on the government ID and passport. So, for landing your foot in the flight flawlessly, follow the rules of Avianca name correction policy and apply for the name change. 

  • Every time circumstances occurs where you have to cancel your ticket and book the new one again as no other option left.

  • You are only allowed to make one correction on one booking. It doesn’t depend how many tickets are in there.

  • It is your liability to pay the fee for changing the name and fare difference whenever you appeal to make changes in your name.

  • Avianca Airlines name change policy doesn’t allow the passengers to transfer their tickets on the name of someone else.

  • Only some of the minor connection is permissible and the correction due to marriage, divorce or adoption. But it is necessary to present the legal documents.

  • The correction in the name is only restricted up to 3 characters only. All the parts like first, last and middle name is opened for this correction.

  • It is required that the request for changing the name is completed prior 3 hours from the departure of the flight. On the other hand, in matter of flying within the boundaries of Columbia, raise the request before 2 hours from the departure time.

  • Unused portion can only used as a part where you can apply this feature of name change under the name change policy of Avianca Airlines.

Note: It is highly recommended to check the name on the ticket as if there is any issue or mistakes then get it resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise you may find yourself in a pit of obstacles. 

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Correction fee by the Avianca Airline

All the passengers can freely raise the request within 24 hours from the flight booking time as there are no charges levied on that case. In contrast, the fee varies after this span-

  • If you request in a period of 60 days prior to departure then charges are $100 or $75 for economy and business respectively.

  • If you request in a period of 30 days prior from departure then charges are $150 or $100 for economy and business respectively.

  • If you request in a period of 15 days prior to departure then charges are $200 or $125 for economy and business respectively.

  • If you request in a period of 24 hours prior to departure then charges are $250 or $150 for economy and business respectively.

Final words

Every aspect or realm of Avianca Airline Name Correction policy is given here. Give this write-up a reading and keep your flight ticket details clean and similar with the passport or identity proof.

Correcting the name details is necessary as it will end in the cancelation of your ticket. Avianca Airlines has all the facilities for their users and posits the simplest way to implement it.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A passenger can change their name on the Avianca airlines by simply following the given steps. However, the name cannot be modified on the flight reservations which have been already issued. It is advised when you book your flights, then your name must match with the one mentioned in your travel documents or government issued ids.

As per the Avianca name change policy, a passenger can change their first name as well as last name for at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure. If you have made any mistakes while entering your flight details. Thereby, a passenger can change upto three characters which can changed for free of cost. Make sure to change your name within 48 hours before the scheduled departure.

If it’s some minor changes or spelling mistakes then it will be corrected/modified for free of cost. However, if you have noticed a mistake in your first name or the last name, then you can change it within 2 hours before your scheduled departure with the Avianca airlines.

Unfortunately no. A passenger cannot change their name within 24 hours before their scheduled departure. All you have to do is apply for the Avianca flight cancellation and then apply for a refund. Once you are done with that, you will be able to rebook your flight with a new & corrected name on the Avianca airlines.

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