Latam Airlines Name Change Policy

Enter the Mentioned Details Below to Change Name on Latam Airlines Tickets

Latam Airlines Name Change Policy allows passengers to amend their name if they spot any error on their flight ticket. The fee may vary depending on the ticket type, correction request, and the timing of raising the request. Ensure you follow all the clauses stated under the terms and conditions of Latam Airlines name change policy.

Scroll down and go through every aspect of this policy for an impeccable process of modifying the name. 

Directives under Latam Airlines Name Change Policy

It would be best if you remained restricted under regulations by Latam Airlines for successfully altering your name. The rules are as follows:

  • You must have hold of the original ticket while performing the correction process.

  • In the matter of any part of the name change legally, it only happened after the submission of legal documents.

  • All the paperwork is mandatory for applying for the name modifying request.

  • You can only make the change once in your name on the ticket.

  • The name remains as it was; it only gets changed on the flight ticket.

  • Alteration in Latam Airlines is only possible on the unused part of the ticket.

How can someone change their name on Latam Airline?

Latam Airlines offers several methods to alter the name per the Latam Airline Name Change Policy. You can either opt for the online way or the offline way. In an offline way, there are also several alternatives highlighted. The explanation of these methods for modifying the name is described right below. 

Altering the name accordingly to the Latam Airline name change policy: Online mode

All the necessary steps are laid here for attaining the right name on the flight ticket. Only follow these steps and get the re-issued flight ticket with the correct name. 

  • Visit the website of the Latam Airline through the preferred browser.

  • Reach out to the option of “My Trips” and click on it for the further process.

  • Next to this, choose the option of “Manage My Trips.” Click on the same.

  • A new window appears in front of you, asking for your email ID and password. Enter everything in the desired boxes and click on Ok.

  • Now you can spot the button named “Edit,” which will take you to the way of changing the name.

  • Now, fill in the right name in the empty box.

  • The next thing is to pay the fees, if applicable, as per the Latam Airlines Name Change Policy.

  • Tap on “Ok.” Relax and hold for the confirmation message you will receive on your registered mail or phone number.

Modifying the name accordingly to the Latam Airlines Name change policy: Offline mode

1. Name amendment by contacting the Airlines

People think calling is far better than changing the name online. Hence, they prefer to call, and they get connected with the experts as well. The experts will provide them with aid for the concern they carry. 

  • Open the main website of Latam Airlines on your browser.

  • Navigate to the “Help Center” available on the website’s homepage. Click on the same.

  • A new window will appear. On this page, hit the option “Changes and refunds.”

  • As soon as the new window opens up, search for the “Changes” tab and tap on it.

  • On the next page, a list of many options will come up. Choose a suitable one per your case, i.e., “How Do I Change the name of a passenger on my ticket.”

  • After all this, tap on the tab “Contact center,” which appears in pink color. It will take you further in altering the name per the Latam Airlines Name Change Policy.

Connect with the customer representative and then take their assistance to solve your issue.

2. Amending the name by building a case

Create a case with the changes you want and some other personal details. Attach one of the legal documents and then send it to the Airline. Now, wait for the confirmation message

3. Correcting the name through social media

Latam Airlines offers one more provision to change the name as per the Latam Airlines Name Change Policy through their social media handles. Latam remains online every time to tackle the issue of its users. Contact them through their page and get rid of your concern immediately. 

Name changing fee by Latam Airlines

Latam Airlines is a very user-oriented Airline, and they don’t pose any burden of money on their passengers. They allow all users to change their names without any charges. Moreover, by making the changes after 24 hours from the time of the booking, you are not liable to pay a single penny for the alteration. 

Apart from this, Latam Airlines levied a fee for modifying the name in some particular cases. The fee varied as per the Latam Airlines Name Change Policy based on departing spot, class of flight, and request timing. 

It is self-stated that the fees for the name alteration get changed every time, so it is recommended to contact the airlines for the most updated information. 

Name change Policy of Latam Airline: Terms & conditions

Some of the rules stated under the Latam Airlines Name Change Policy are as follows: 

  • Your name on the flight ticket must match every legal document and all government-approved identification.

  • There is a provision to get your name changed while adding some suffixes or removing any prefix due to marriage and divorce. It is necessary to submit some legal documents supporting the same.

  • It is better if the request for the name change gets raised within 24 hours from the time of the booking.

  • An order from Latam Airlines is given to all the passengers, who have to check their details twice when making a reservation.

Note: Ensure while modifying the name, you must adhere to the terms and conditions of Latam Airlines.

In a nutshell

The provision of changing a name is a necessity for every passenger as making a mistake is an act committed by a lot of people. Latam Airline created a window under which you can easily change your name.

Only one thing matters: you need to remain restricted as per the rules and regulations laid under the Latam Airlines Name Change Policy. Correct your name on your flight ticket and travel hassle-free without any obstruction.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The Latam airlines name change policy permits its passengers to make corrections or change their name on the airlines. Remember, your name must match with the one in your government issued id. Also, one must make all changes in their name within 4 hours before their scheduled departure for international & 2 hours prior to domestic flights.

As per the Latam Airlines name change policy, if a passenger wants to change their flight then there is a price that they need to pay. Usually, a passenger might have to pay $200 for domestic flights as well as $250 for international flights. However, to avoid paying the fee, one must change or correct their names before the given time.

A passenger can simply change their name on most of their flights, but there might be a cost that they need to pay. However, most of the airline permits its passengers to change their name on their reservation if they have simple spell mistake. But, one cannot transfer their flight to somebody else according to the Latam Name correction policy.

Well, the answer is simply a no. It is allowed for a passenger to fly with the Latam airline or any airlines for that matter to fly with a wrong first name. According to the Latam Name change policy, the name of the passenger must match with the one mentioned in your government issued id as well as other documents presented at the security checkpoint.

Yes, as per the name correction rules and regulations, a passenger can change their name after making reservation with the Latam Airlines. However, the name change fee depends on what type of ticket one have as well as the fare difference. Usually, a passenger may have to pay at least $200 for domestic flights or $250 for international flights. For more information, check out the main website of the Latam airlines.

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