SkyWest Airlines Name Change Policy

SkyWest Airlines Name Change Policy

An Overview of SkyWest Airlines Name Change Policy

Here in this article we are going to discuss in details about SkyWest Airlines Name Change Policy.

SkyWest is a regional airline of the State that provide flight passage on behalf of a different partner. Different airlines through which passengers can board SkyWest flights include United Airlines, Delta, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines. One major query of the passengers while making flight reservations is what to do in case there is a requirement of any change in the name of the passengers, or there is a need for minor corrections.

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SkyWest provides passage on behalf of different airlines. So, does not provide the amenity of reservation. Passengers need to refer to different airlines searching for information they need to know while making changes in their name. Thus here we are going to provide all the information available at different airlines in one place that they can refer to while boarding on SkyWest flight.

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Common Reasons Why There is a Need for SkyWest Airlines Name Change on Ticket

There can be numerous causes due to which there is a need to make changes. From minor typing mistakes to legal proceedings any reason can trigger the need for name correction. Some of the common reasons which there can be obstruction while checking in on a flight are listed below:

  • Minor spelling requires to be corrected. Due to this, there can be an issue while checking in on the flight for the passengers.
  • There is a need to update the name of the passengers on the flight ticket in case of any legal proceedings. Like marriage, divorce, or any other process can be there. Due to this, the name of the passengers has been changed on the legal documents.
  • Many Airlines consider the last name as the first name. In that case, the passengers sometimes inverted names for which there is a requirement for the name change.
  • Other mistakes in the flight ticket, like date of birth and gender.
  • They also need to be corrected as per the SkyWest Name change policy.
  • Insertion of a middle name is also considered a name change. This needs to be done as per the guidelines set by the Airlines from which you have made reservations.

Common Guidelines for SkyWest Airlines Change Passenger Name on Ticket

Based on the Airlines from which you have made the reservation, different changes are acceptable for various airlines. However, some changes are common, which can be found in the name change policy of different airlines. Some of them are listed below:

  • Minor corrections in the name can be done as per the regulation set by the different airlines. A correction of up to 3 characters will be acceptable, after which there will be additional charges.
  • Changes made will be done only once, after which a new ticket will be reissued with the same PNR and OSI indicating that modification in the booking has been done.
  • An inverted name (reversal of first and last name in the flight ticket) is also acceptable by major airlines.
  • Accidental addition of last name or middle name in the flight ticket is subject to an additional fee. While some airlines offer the amenity of adding additional names free of cost, other airlines charge additional fees for this process.
  • Name change/corrections that is done within a period of 24 hours are done free of cost, irrespective of the type of correction you have requested for.
  • Full name changes are not acceptable as it is considered that the passenger is switching his flight reservation to other people’s name.
  • Name changes due to legal reasons are acceptable on the condition that the passengers need to submit the required in support of their change.

SkyWest Airlines Name Change Fee

Different airlines charge different fares for name changes if it has been requested after 24 hours of bookings. Name change fare for different airlines has been listed below:

  • For Alaska Airlines, the Name change fee will be around USD 125, which is applicable after a 24-hour period prior to the booking. Also, there is no fee charged by Alaska Airlines in case of Minor correction.
  • For United Airlines, there are no charges for the name change request. However, in case of significant changes that require the reissuing of a new ticket, the name change fee will be applicable, which will be equal to the fare difference. Significant name changes that require the reissuing of a new ticket from the passenger majorly include legal proceedings.
  • For Delta Airlines, corrections made within 24 hours of booking are free of charge. However, after 24 hours, the fee of USD 200 will be applicable on any type of name changes requested by the passengers.

How Can I Request for SkyWest Airlines Name Change?

Passengers can request a name change through the online process from the official website of the respective airlines from which they have made their reservations. Apart from that, there are different means through which passengers can connect with the different airlines. All the methods through which you can request a name change are listed below:

SkyWest Airlines Change Name on Ticket Online 

This is the most basic and foremost method to make changes to your Name on a flight ticket. Passengers need to visit the official website of the airlines, after which they can follow the given steps:

  • Open the official website of the Airlines through which you have made a reservation for the Skywest flight.
  • After that, on the homepage, you need to login there with your account in order to access what you have made.
  • Once logged in, you can select the booking for which you need to make changes in your name on the flight.
  • Select the option for name change and then proceed forward to make changes. Keep all the documents ready with yourself that might be needed for name correction.
  • Make the required payment to complete the process.
  • Once the changes are done, passengers will receive a notification through mail or message confirming the name change process.

Request the Customer Services for SkyWest Airlines Name Change Marriage or Any Other Reason

Passengers can connect with the airline’s customer service official to request for name change in their flight ticket. All they need to do is to dial the given helpline number, which can be fetched from the official website based on their location. After getting the number, you need to follow the given steps in order to request the name change.

  • Dial the airline’s helpline number after which you will be connected with the customer service official.
  • Convey your name change request to the customer official, who will address your query and initiate the name change request.
  • Provide the details regarding the name changes and make sure you have provided the correct name with the correct spelling, as mentioned in the official document.
  • You also need to provide the details of the legal documents in order to verify that the name change request that you have made is correct.
  • Once the details that you have provided are verified, the official will confirm your request for the name change.
  • Update your payment details to the officials.
  • Once changes are made, you will be receiving a notification on your contact details regarding the name change request.

Visit the Airport for SkyWest Airlines Change Passenger Name.

The last option to request the name change on the SkyWest flight is by visiting the Airport, where they can request a name change at the respective helpline of the airlines through which they have made the bookings on the SkyWest flight. The process for name change at the airport is quite simple and easy as compared to other options. Here you can speak directly to the customer official and convey your request for a name change. Show all the required documents in case of a name change request due to legal proceedings.

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Ending it Up

In the above discussion, we have listed all the available information which you need to know regarding the name change process while boarding on SkyWest flight. Make sure to request a name change within 24 hours of the booking to avoid any additional fees. Now for any other information, refer to the blog section. Or, dial the given helpline number or use the live chat option to connect with us instantly.

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