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Aeromexico Airline Name Correction, Aero Mexico aspires to douse everyone’s thirst for getting the service at par. They have been serving the people since 1934 by having its base for operations in Mexico City. Along with the other three (Air France, Delta Airlines, and Korean Air), AeroMexico Airlines is the founding member of the SkyTeam Alliance.

They possess International travel solutions and made their exposure services throughout more than 90 destinations globally. But sometimes, passengers might face several unexpected issues created by them only. 

And they need to learn how to tackle those. In continuation, they need to change their ticket details as they mistakenly made some mistakes. Keeping that in mind and understanding, AeroMexico introduced its AeroMexico Name Correction Policy. 

Aero Mexico’s name change or correction policy is an exemplary confluence of user-oriented guidelines. Under this, they can execute any corrections in their names, departure dates, and times. 

Guidelines for AeroMexico Airline Name Correction Policy

The request for the name change on AeroMexico can only be performed when you follow all the protocols mentioned per the Aero Mexico name change policy. 

  • First name reversion comes with the last name in the ticket.

  • When the first and last name is cleared out completely, and there is an error of a letter in the passenger’s name.

  • The flight you booked must be operated by AeroMexico airlines only. No interference from the interline and codeshare network partners will be there.

  • The flight booking, including the payment, will only be considered if made by Debit/credit card.

  • The flight purchase has been made at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time.

  •, AeroMexicoglobal call center, and AeroMexico travel stores can be used as the mode where you should make your booking.

  • Flight segments which are included in the booking must be unused.

  •  American Dollars are only valid for making a flight booking. Except for Mexican pesos, no other currency usage is legal under this condition.

  • There is space for 9 passengers for once in AeroMexico reservations.

  • Modifications of the name are not available for any of the minors. Those who apply any promotional discounts or other offers also can’t take advantage of this privilege.

Delineation of AeroMexico Airline Name Change policy

Air travel is still a dream for most people and, indeed, an unforgettable experience. It is full of adventure, thrill, and excitement. People always quarrel about having a window seat, and about acquiring the same, they go to the airport. 

In much of the excitement, people with enthusiasm make mistakes or errors while entering personal information. It doesn’t matter how your mistake is. Whether it is some letter mistake or maybe it can be a full name error, the impact remains the same.

A privilege has been provided by AeroMexico Airlines for changing the name in the PNR of the airline. This airline has a detailed name change policy under which all the measures have been specified for making modifications to the name. Aero Mexico has sworn to provide users with a smooth and flexible process for changing the name. 

Highlighted points that have been enlisted under the Aero Mexico Airline Name Change Policy.

  • Only the AeroMexico flyers are allowed to make amendments to the ticket under the guidance of the policy.

  • This policy doesn’t promote any changes in Gender.

  • Up to 2 character corrections are permitted in the passenger’s name.

  • If you must make changes due to the marriage or divorce, then submitting the legal documents proving the same is a must.

  • The transformation of the ticket to the name of another person is inadmissible.

  • You can make changes either through the online or offline procedure.

  • Another alternative for making the changes is contacting AeroMexico Airlines’ customer care.

Way to Change the Name Under the Aero Mexico Airline Name Change Policy

Passengers can change their name by both methods, i.e., Online and offline. You can opt for either by only following the steps mentioned under the specific method. 

Procedure 1: Aero Mexico Airline Name change method by online

All the users can make the changes by going to the “Manage Booking” section. After making the changes, it is time to pay the name correction fees. Visit the AeroMexico airlines website and proceed further.

  • First, you must go to and choose the “My booking” option.

  • To get to your personal information, fill out the reservation number and the passenger’s last name so that the system recognizes you.

  • Click on the “Correct name” tab after reaching the flight summary page to amend the error in your name.

  • Fill out the right name with the correct spelling. Check it twice, and then move ahead.

  • A summary is there; check it out. The correction fees that need to be paid have also been mentioned there.

  • Make the payment and then complete the process.

  • A confirmation message or notification has been sent to you in your mobile ticket or mail ID in E-tickets.

Procedure 2: Aeromexico Airline Name Correction method offline

If you don’t want to make changes online, then go for another option, i.e., modify the name by calling out the customer care of AeroMexico Airlines. Call them and ask for a request to change the name. If there is any fare difference coming up, then it needs to be paid by you. A correction fee is always there, which can be exempted under some of the conditions. Legal documents like a marriage certificate, divorce paper, etc., should be presented to justify the reason for changing the name. It can make your process more valid and right from every aspect. 

Correction Fees Specified Under the Aero Mexico Name Change Policy

Any request by the user for a name change can be only accomplished by following the protocols of Aero Mexico’s name change policy. 

Any name correction request indicates the airline’s correction price and the fare difference if there is any. The fees for the name change vary while requesting online mode, offline mode, and through the airport directly.


Online (in USD)

Call Centre (in USD)

Airport (in USD)

Changing the name




Correction in name




Name changing by adding the surname after marriage

200 plus fare difference

250 plus fare difference


Last name error by typing issue

200 plus fare difference

250 plus fare difference


First/Middle/ Last name mistake

200 plus fare difference

250 plus fare difference


First and last name inversion





AeroMexico possesses a name change policy for clients in an effortless way for all users. They make the process easy, simple, and reliable, and it should be done under some consideration, not unnecessarily. 

AeroMexico airlines always support its users and cooperate with everyone who requests corrections. One thing that needs to be remembered as a precaution by all of you is that you should do a check-up of your ticket, and it is better to check all the details on the boarding pass before commuting to the airport to save yourself from issues arising in the future. 

Final Words

With AeroMexico Airline, you can explore places across entire Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and the all-around in North and South America. They offer the services in a commendable way and on a budget which can make a hole in your pocket. 

A part of their services contains the Aeromexico Airline Name Correction policy. Under this policy, there is a provision by AeroMexico Airlines for correcting the name. You need to maintain the decorum of the conditions of the AeroMexico airlines, and they cooperate with you to give you a great user experience.

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