Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

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Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

Suppose you have your bag packed and ready for your trip but spot a random error in your name on the flight ticket. Then you start to explore the methods through which you can change your name. So there is no need to panic, especially when flying with Qatar Airways, as they have their Qatar Airways name change policy. So without wasting any time, let’s jump into the explanation of the policy in depth.

Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

If you want no problem to arise when traveling with Qatar Airways, you must read to the bottom.

A Brief of Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

Qatar Airways is a popular airline due to its luxury ambiance inside and rich facilities. They are not like this only in their amenities, but their policies are also clear and sorted. They lay down the stress on the difference between name-changing and name-correcting acts. If you get to know the difference, you will only apply for the same, making the process simple and hassle-free.

Qatar Airline Name Correction Policy: Under this segment, you can make some minute changes to your name. It is due to a spelling error or space error. It also comprises the adding or deleting of the name. Per this segment, you are free to make corrections in the:

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Title
  • Last name

Qatar Airways Name Change Policy: Qatar Name change policy only permits the change of the whole name and some addition in its parts. Just like when you pass from marriage or divorce, some changes might come in the passenger’s name. You just have to present the legal document satisfying the raised request.

Note: Most of the time, these are used interchangeably, as few people know the difference. 

Measures for Changing the Name of Qatar Airways

The name change policy of Qatar Airways laid down some guidelines to ensure the process of name changing is flawless. The other benefit of these guidelines is enhancing your privacy security.

Here is the list of the Qatar Airways name change policy measures. Go through it all for a better and smooth procedure of name alteration.

  • You cannot alter your name on the PNR generated through club profiles and some additional benefits.
  • It is necessary to request the ticket’s re-issuance after the alteration in the name.
  • You only have the period till the act of check-in to apply for the request to change the name per the name change policy of Qatar Airways.
  • No privilege exists through which you can modify the name on the ticket. First, you must cancel your existing PNR and apply for a new ticket.
  • The name-changing process doesn’t involve the option to shift the ticket to someone else’s name.
  • If your reservation process gets completed by including the codeshare, you are not liable to make the changes, likewise, with the ticket made with the Interline flights.

Note: A strict restriction is laid down on altering the name on the ticket that is partially used. 

When Can the Changes in My Name on the Ticket be Made?

You can change the changes anytime you want after spotting the error in your name. Hence, Airways have put forth two cases with different rules and regulations. To get aware of these regulations, look at the below sections.

Alteration in Name Before the Issuance

All of you can modify your name before the ticket gets issued. There are some regulations as well that are mandatory to know. So run your eyes through the following:

  • You are permitted to correct the title of the name and space correction but only up to 3 characters.
  • According to the Qatar Airways Name correction policy, changing the name only allows 3 letters. It is 3 but not specifically in each part of the name, i.e., first, middle, and last.
  • In case of having more letter corrections or changing the last name, you need to call the Qatar Airways officials.
  • Submitting one legal proof to correct the misspelled name and alter the name is mandatory. It includes the case of marriage, adoption, and divorce.
  • There is no allowance given to change the date of birth and addition of any infant under the name change policy of Qatar Airways. Besides, it comes under the Qatar Airways Flight change policy.

Alteration in the Name After the Issuance of the Ticket

This option is also available for all people who can change their name even after the ticket issuance. The regulations of this segment are as follows:

  • You should contact the Airline for this if you request to add, delete, or alter the name or any part of the name.
  • It is also necessary here to present legal Identification proof through which it can prove that your name is changed now. Then only you can make the desired changes in your name.

Ways to Change the Name on the Qatar Airways

Two different methods are available through which you can modify your name and get the right name on the ticket. Let’s know these methods in detail.

1. Name changing on Qatar Airlines through online way

To follow this alternative, you need to execute the given steps individually. Read them all carefully.

  • Start the process by opening up the website of Qatar Airways on your preferred browser.
  • Then, reach the “manage booking” section on the homepage.
  • On the next window, you need to enter the booking confirmation number and the last name of the passenger and have to click on the “continue” tab to go further.
  • Surely, your booking window is opened up in front of you. Now, choose the person’s name that needs correction along with the name-changing tab. But remember that according to the Qatar Airways name change policy, you can make alterations in your name up to 3 letters only.
  • Now, fill in the correct name by matching it to your passport or with a government-approved ID proof that contains a picture.
  • Pay the name-changing fees now that gets applied as per the Qatar Airways name-change policy.
  • All your duty gets finished, and the rest of the process is handled by Airways. So, when it gets completed, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mail ID or phone number.

2. Call the Airlines to Get your Name Changed.

It is preferable as you can take assistance from a live person directly over the phone. Get the number of Qatar Airways and call them directly to connect with one of the executives of Qatar Airways. After getting connected…

  • Disclose with them the information they need to get into your booking page; only then can they help you in any way.
  • Tell the executive to change the member’s name that is wrong there and provide them a copy of ID proof for verification. You can only be asked to change three letters. You shouldn’t misunderstand it like three letters in each part of the name but three letters collectively.
  • After this, you must pay the name-changing fees that apply according to the Qatar Airlines Name Change Policy. Moreover, the fare difference also gets added up.
  • When the process is completed, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number or email ID.

Qatar Airways Name-Changing Fees

Per the Qatar Airways name change policy, you can easily change the name but must submit a specific amount. Generally, the fee that Qatar Airways charges for changing the name is $250, which is the fixed amount that everyone has to pay for changing the name if they raise the request 24 hours after your booking time.

But there exists an opportunity through which you can reduce your fee up to $150. You must make the name alteration within 24 hours of the booking time.

Wrapping it Up..!

The Qatar Airways name change policy’s major and minor aspects are highlighted here. Indeed, you wouldn’t have any problem after reading this in applying for the name change while flying with Qatar Airways. Moreover, if you have an issue that can’t be resolved, you can contact us at +1-833-714-2120 or mail us at We are here to help you, so call us without any hesitation.

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