Philippine Airlines Name Correction Policy

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Philippine Airlines Name Correction Policy

Do you want to know about Philippine Airlines name correction or change policy or think of a scenario in which you are excited about your next trip? You have done packing, and now you are dreaming of the spots you want to visit in that place. But suddenly, when you checked your ticket, it appeared that a slight mistake or an error had happened in your flight ticket. Most people have encountered this situation. 

Sometimes they just get worried by many concerns like- How will they travel with this error in their ticket? Does it confront me with any further issues at the airport while checking in? To deal with this, Philippine Airlines introduced its name change policy. 

Philippine Airlines understands that this is a normal case that occurs with anyone at any time. Philippine Airline Name change policy allows everyone to change their name and make corrections anytime. You need to limit yourself under the conditions of this policy, and you are good to go. In this article, an elaborate description of the Name change policy of Philippine Airlines has been given, along with correction fees and the restrictions under it. 

Why is it necessary to correct the name on the flight ticket? Why is it significant?

Yes, it is crucial to correct your name on the flight ticket as written in your valid ID so that no hindrance will appear in check-in at the airport. The name on the flight ticket remains the same as on the passport, driver’s license, etc. 

Correction in the name, which is permitted by the Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines permitted various kinds of modifications in names on flight tickets. According to this Name change policy of Philippine Airlines, alteration in the name is only possible if you are in the following state of affairs:

  • Amendment in the spelling and removal of any character in the first and last name.
  • Joining any prefix and suffix in the name of the passenger.
  • Make an addition in the middle name due to the post-marriage scenario.
  • Correction in the gender field.

Correction in the First and middle name of the passenger

Philippines Carrier permits you to make corrections in your name. You need to raise a request, and then the respective airlines levy a charge. The issue is the ticket for you of a higher class or maybe a similar class if available. You must pay the fare difference and the fee for changing the name. It would be best if you made direct contact with the airline to address this process of making alterations to the first and middle names.

Last name modifications

In many instances, passengers in a hurry forgot to add their last name, and they often made a typo error. 

No worry, as Philippine airlines can make corrections in the name. They charge you some money for the services they offer in addition to the correction fees. 

Note: You are only allowed to make changes up to 3 words. If there is a need for more than 3 words correctly, you have to call the customer support executive of Philippine airlines. 

Insertion of the last name in the flight ticket

Your name would only appear on the flight ticket if you are the only visitor. But if there are multiple visitors, then the name gets divided on the different PNR. A new flight ticket is provided on your mail or mobile number, and it is mandatory to pay the fees for the same. 

Like Barry, Stuart will transform into Jones Barry Stuart. 

Alteration in Gender

When entering the wrong gender, you can make the changes easily. You must reach out to the customer support team and implement the same. The Philippines Airline name change policy gives you the privilege to do so. They impose the correction fee, but the service charge is not applicable in this case. Gender correction is only done once and gets reflected on the same PNR. 

Transposition of first and last name

Passengers are humans, and we do commit mistakes, also. In many cases, they fill their first and last name inversely. An alteration charge might apply in this scenario, and the inversion occurs in the same PNR. According to the name change policy of Philippine Airlines, the transposition of names is conveniently done. 

For instance: Barry Stuart will get modified to Stuart Barry.

Statute of the name change policy of the Philippine Airlines

A policy comprises many implications under it, along with many benefits it allocates. No permission to change the full name on a flight ticket is given, and you can only make modifications up to a certain limit decided by that specific airline. Go for the new ticket if there is a need to change the full name. Likewise, many rules have been propounded here in this policy. Look out those all:

  • In divorce or marriage, the presentation of legal documents is a must to go ahead in the process of name change in Philippines Airlines.
  • Any airline will modify your name for any official change in the name by taking the correction fee.
  • The request for changing the name can only get accepted 24 hours before the departure time.
  • For domestic travel, the passenger’s name should match one of the local photo-equipped identification proofs.
  • Further than the check-in, no request for changing the passenger name is entertained.
  • For International travel, the passenger’s name should match the passport.
  • Only three-letter corrections are permitted in the first, middle, and last names. These requests for a name change as per the Philippine Airlines name change policy imply some charges, and the service fee has to be paid.

What are possible ways to change the name of Philippine Airlines?

Two possible ways are available through which anyone can alter their name, i.e., Online and offline methods. People choose their preferred method as per their comfort so they can complete the process easily without any obstacles. 

Online mode

The description of the procedure of name change as per the Philippine Airlines name change policy are:

  • Open up the official website of Philippine Airlines on your browser.
  • Fill in the login credentials to get into your account.
  • Now, fill in the last name and PNR to recall your booking.
  • Choose the name which needs an alteration.
  • In the required box, enter the corrected name.
  • The fee for the name change and service appears on the screen.
  • Tap on the “Submit” button to continue further.
  • As soon as the process is completed, you will surely receive a call from the carrier to inform you that your name is updated.

Offline mode

Error is the main concern that pushes people to confront airline executives offline for correction in their name. Given how the ways to make amendments in the name of Philippine Airlines offline:

First Procedure: Reaching out to the Airline service support

Starting with the easy way to alter your name, i.e., you can contact them directly to airline officials on their toll-free number. Then you need to raise the request to correct your name. Along with that, give out the reason why you are doing so. Then they asked for the error part. They note it down and ask for the necessary details, which is mandatory. Just provide them with the documents they are asking for. Then pay the correction fee if it appears per the Philippine airlines’ name change policy. In the wake of this, a call would come up to you to confirm that your name gets corrected.

Second Procedure: Visiting the ticket counter at the airport

A visit to the airport is the safest option out of all. You can reach the airport at the Philippine Airlines counter and ask them to modify your name as some error exists there.

All the airline’s representatives or customer support executives are there to help you. They asked for the required documents like the boarding pass, passport, and other valid ID, and they made the confirmation first.

In divorce or marriage, alteration in the name would be possible only after submitting valid legal documents. Succeeding to this, if there is a charge for any fee then pay it. Now, wait for the confirmation of the name change from that particular carrier. 

Philippines Airlines name change policy- Terms and Conditions

As in the above, the rules and regulations of the name change policy of Philippines airlines have been stated. Now, terms and conditions implied upon the users are mentioned here. So if you apply for the name change, be aware of the terms and conditions. To modify the name and eradicate all the errors in the name, you must satisfy all the conditions given below:

  • The name correction request is only entertained when applied to the Philippine airlines.
  • Only one name reprint is allowed on the PNR. All the further changes surely indicate the increment in the fare price and fine.
  • The Philippines airlines only maintain all the information on the flight ticket.
  • Not possible to correct birthdate and gender simultaneously. For this, you need to make a separate request for those two.
  • Under the Philippines airlines name change policy, the date of birth can get modified as it is believed to be a name change.

Fee for name change in Philippines Airlines

Whenever a passenger feels that there is a need to change or some alteration in the name on the flight ticket, then a charge of $200 is applied. It is mandatory for everyone to pay the fee when anyone raises a request to make an amendment in the name. 

In some other cases, the fee may vary based on the departure city and the travel distance of that flight. 

Ending Note

Indubitably, Philippines airlines have a facility that makes everyone addicted to taking their services again and again. They have their policies in an elaborated way to keep things sorted. A passenger possesses a multi-facet path in case of any error in the flight ticket. 

The solutions are easy and convenient to apply, and the charges are the bare minimum. Philippines airlines offer the services without burning a hole in your pocket. So to save yourself from any random upcoming hindrance, read this policy thoroughly.

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