Southwest Name Change Policy

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Southwest Name Change Policy

An Overview of Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

In this article going to discuss about Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy.

Many instances generally occur when we miss-typed our name, leading to various inconvenient circumstances. Everyone suffers from these situations, and they must also tackle them alone. This scenario also occurs in the case of some airlines where you wrongly fill out your name.

Dial Toll Free Number for Assistance: +1-833-714-2120

When it happens with Southwest Airlines, there is no need to worry as they have already launched their name change policy. Southwest Airlines’ name change policy is an effortless way to help users for tackling with any such type of these situations.

Here is a detailed explanation of this name change policy of Southwest Airlines. Give it a go and make your travel experience better with Southwest Airlines.

Significant points of the Name Correction Policy of Southwest Airlines

Everyone should know all the crucial points of Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy.

  • Only the normal flyers of Southwest Airlines can raise the request for amending the name. The members awarded the rapid reward are excluded from this benefit.
  • Name alteration claim would only be applicable on the flights of Southwest Airlines and their codeshare partners. Those flights must be operated by Southwest Airlines.
  • In the scenario of existing PNR, the transfer of the ticket’s ownership is not licensed.
  • The most restrictive fare gets applied on the ticket in the case of multiple fare booking of the flights.
  • As soon as altering the name finishes, the ticket is sent to the concerned team for re-issuance. You must also pay the fee for changing the name and the fare difference applied to the flight booking.
  • Passengers must select the seat again after their name gets corrected, as it is impossible to swap seats.

How to Alter the Name While Flying with Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines has two methods for modifying the name whenever any error is found in the flight ticket’s name.

Modification of the Name through Online Method

The steps for altering the name by yourself are stated here, which are so easy that anyone can apply them and get their name fixed.

  • Type the URL of Southwest Airlines in the URL field of your browser.
  • Reach the tab “manage booking” after opening the website.
  • Fill out the required details in the next window, like the six-digit reference number and the last name of the passengers.
  • Then hit “OK” and retrieve the booking of your flight. Choose the one which you want to modify.
  • Tap on the “name change” button to proceed further.
  • In the next step, enter the correct name, and you are only granted to correct the name to four characters. Counting the 4 characters denotes characters collectively in the first, middle, and last name but not particularly, to every part of the name.
  • Check the entered name twice and then jump to the next window.
  • Clear the fee for the name change and fare difference, if any is applied.
  • Finalize the process and wait for the confirmation that your name has been changed.

Amendment of the Name: Offline Method

Excepting the online method, you can also call Southwest Airlines to correct your name. Apply these given pointers one by one and fix your name as the corrected one.

  • Call the airlines by fetching their number +1-833-714-2120 from the Airline’s website, mainly from the “Contact Us” page.
  • Keep all the information regarding your itinerary, which is mandatory in recalling your bookings.
  • Then let them know the details and tell them the part of the name you want to change.
  • Submit some documents indicating the same to make your request more rigid and verified.
  • Then, the time came to pay the fees for altering the name.
  • Once they process your request, your duty gets finished. You must now check your registered mobile number or mail ID, as you’ll soon receive a notification. The message states that your name gets updated successfully.

Southwest Airlines Name Alteration on the Ticket

Some things need to be kept in mind for correcting your name while taking services from Southwest Airlines, and these points are mentioned clearly in the Southwest Name Change Policy.

Preceding the Issuance of the Ticket

  • Southwest Airlines’ name change policy denotes that every passenger can alter their name up to 4 characters only. Whether you make corrections in the first, middle, and last names, these characters may be in total. Don’t get these in particular for one part and then for another.
  • Call the airlines directly on their toll-free number if there is an amendment in the name of more than 4 characters.
  • All the spaces and the title of the name should get counted as in the 4 characters according to the name change policy of Southwest Airlines.
  • It is mandatory to submit legal documents in case of a name change due to marriage, divorce, and adoption.
  • All other changes like Date of birth, passenger type code, and gender wouldn’t come under this policy. These cases are regarded as different ones and need the re-issuance of the ticket again.

Succeeding in the Flight Booking

The policy directs that no changes are allowed in the non-transferable ticket after the issuance. Only one exception exists, i.e., you are permitted to alter the name of any legal issue is included.
Only the request for the name change in cases of legal scenarios is granted only through calling the customer care executive of Southwest Airlines.

How Much is the Charge Levied for Changing the Flight on Southwest Airlines?

Have you ever thought of the fee you have to pay for changing your name while flying with Southwest Airlines? No, well, it doesn’t matter at all. They charge everyone a fee of $150 if anyone raises a request for changing the name within 24 hours of booking.

After 24 hours from the booking, the fee ascends to $200, and amendment up to 4 characters is only granted. After the name is corrected, the ticket will be sent to the concerned team for re-issuance in the same or higher class. If the ticket gets confirmed in the higher class, as it is a matter of availability, you must pay the fare difference.

Note: The airlines then ask for the legal documents supporting your claim for request change.


Everyone encounters this issue that they fill out their name incorrectly somewhere and, after sometimes spotting this, explore the methods to make it right. But Southwest Airlines proposed their name-changing policy through which altering the name becomes easy. Just be under the limitations specified under this Southwest  Name change policy and make your name on the flight ticket similar to the passport.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If a passenger needs to change the name on their Southwest ticket, then the best way would be to get in touch with the Southwest airlines customer service (1800-435-9792). All you have to do is simply ask them to change your name or make modifications in your first or last name.

This can only be possible when you have bought yourself a Business select or anytime fare seats or any sort of associated funds that are tied to the original passengers. Also, it cannot be passed around to any one else. Furthermore, those who have purchased any of the mentioned fares then they will be able to cancel their flight.

According to the Southwest airlines name change policy, a passenger can change their name on most of your flights. However, if you want to change your name after making reservation then there is certain amount that you must pay before your scheduled departure. On many airlines, a passenger can rectify a spelling mistake, but they cannot transfer their flight someone else.

For those who have a refundable flight ticket, will be able to get refund on their flight tickets. However, if you want to cancel your flight ticket, then you will be able to receive at least 100% of their ticket value and will receive refund on the same payment method as the original form of payment.

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