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A Small Insight into Alitalia Airline Name Correction Policy

Alitalia is an Italian airline, once proudly known as the flagship aviation brand in the country and also one of the largest ones in Italy. Although name correction is not something that rarely happens in the aviation industry, this small guide will educate you specifically about the Alitalia Airline Name Correction Policy.

This write-up will guide you on how to change your name on the Alitalia flight ticket and everything related to the same. You must know that the airline brand charges a considerable amount as a fee for making corrections in the name. It is important to understand that a passenger is charged not on the number of letters they want to alter in their name but the length and duration of the flight. 

Also, it is crucial for you to know that you must contact the airline prior to two days of the departure time mentioned on the ticket.

It is no uncommon that sometimes people misspell their names due to various typos. It usually occurs when a traveler tries to get a hold on a lucrative deal on the flight ticket. The problem may lead to delay and other issues in boarding when you are about to departure. 

Given that, it is important for an aviation brand to match and validate every passenger boarding the flight, it causes various problems in the process. If you are traveling with an airline-ticket misspelled with even one letter in your name, you have no idea the kind of terrible legal trouble you may invite.

Fortunately, passengers that are about to board Alitalia flight, can address the matter on phone, or even do the same online in exchange of paying charges for the process. Nonetheless, the airline company is liable to change a few letters in your name and the changes can be made once only. 

Let’s dive into it and get to know what this fuss is all about.

How Can a Passenger Change Their Name On Alitalia Flight-ticket?

It is crucial to be aware of the fact that, you must provide the aviation brand at least a couple of days to make necessary changes in the name. The Alitalia employees are abide by the Alitalia airlines Correction Policy, and therefore, you must trust their process.

The fact of the matter is, the company requires plenty of time to look into the matter before they able to provide you a befitting resolution. Thus, it is necessary for you to contact them at least two days prior to the departure of your flight.

If you do not go with the right procedure and simply want to do the same, right at the luggage counter a minute or two before the departure, you may lose the flight. In simple words, your flight will be canceled.

Besides that, if the flight ticket is booked by a third party, you must contact them to provide you with a rightful resolution for your query. Here are some of the important points you must consider before indulging in the process;

  • According to the Alitalia Airline Name Correction Policy, you can request the correction till the same day your flight is about to depart.

  • Be ensured that you are submitting the form from the official portal specifically meant to do this job only.

  • The name change benefit cane is used once only and that is applicable whether you have one ticket or more.

  • You are not entitled to make the changes more than just once on your flight ticket.

  • More importantly (as stated above), you need to contact Alitalia at least a couple of days before you are about to take off.

  • For those flying for a short duration or traveling for a medium-haul destination, you will be charged at least 50 euros.

  • For passengers traveling for long-haul destinations, must pay charges varying from 80 to 100 euros.

Online Process for The Alitalia Airline Name Correction

You are required to follow the following steps to proceed with the online process;

  • Firstly, visit the Alitalia official website.

  • After that, navigate yourself toward the section named, “Manage Booking”.

  • There, you will find the option that leads you to the booking information.

  • You must understand, the changes once made, cannot be undone. Therefore, provide the necessary information wisely.

Over the Phone Process – Alitalia Airline Name Correction

Those who are wanting to make the same amendments over the phone, must contact their customer care representative and provide everything related to their documents and all the necessary information required to proceed with resolving the matter. The representative may ask for the reference number concerning your booking or the PNR to confirm the flight reservation and to make changes to your name. 

Name Correction – At The Airport Counter

You can also proceed with altering the name by visiting your nearest airport where Alitalia flight takes off and land. You are advised to bring your booking reference number along with the original PNR that confirms your flight reservation. 

This is everything you need to know that falls under Change Tickets on Alitalia Airlines. Now that you know about the policy concerning how to make correction in your name mentioned in the flight-ticket, let take a look at other aspect such as;

Changing Alitalia Flight Reservations

You can make make changes in your reservation in multiple ways. Online is one of the methods that helps a traveler in making necessary changes in their flight reservation. Let’s dive into it briefly and get to know how to do it;

  • Firstly, you are required to visit Alitalia official website and choose the login tab.

  • Now, you will be required to fulfill the authentication process by providing your username and password.

  • After that, choose the tab, “Manage Booking”.

  • Once you are done with that, provide your booking confirmation code along with the last mentioned in the particular field.

  • Now, press the continue tab.

  • After that, choose the journey.

  • Now, tap on the tab, “Modify”.

  • Once you access the above mentioned tab, start changing the needful in the Alitalia change form.

  • After finishing it, submit the form after reviewing the input. Now tap continue.

  • Pay the charges through the modes available on the website.

  • Once your payment is successful, the system will automatically bring out the requested changes.

  • After that, you are going to get the confirmation mail, on the contact number you have provided along with the preferred email.

The Offline Mode

Now wonder online mode of making changes to the reservation has its own perks like freeing yourself from the hassle to move from pillar to pillar for the resolution, some people still prefer offline mode assuming they will get more quickly and straightforward response.

You can contact the Alitalia professionals by contacting on their change booking helpline. You can also do the same by visiting the nearest airport. Here’s how to do that;

  • Get connected with the team through their change reservation helpline contact number.
  • After that, request the assigned reservation agent to help you through the reservation form.

  • Share the necessary information that the assigned agent asked you to provide to fill out the change form.

  • Provide them with the information which you deem necessary to change. For instance, if you want to change the date, ask them to fill it in the form to fulfilling the reasoning.

  • After that, check the input you provide with the help of the agent you assigned to work on your behalf.

  • The agent will then review everything from your PNR to eligibility.

  • Once, you are satisfied with the input provided, confirm it to proceed further.

  • The assigned agent will review it on Alitalia schedule change policy and calculate the fees for making changes.

  • A payment confirmation will be provided to you on your registered email once you are done with the payment.

  • Finally, you will get the new modified flight-ticket on the registered email and contact number you have provided.


This is a brief guide about the Alitalia Airline Name Correction Policy. We hope the information provided in the write-up helped in making you aware of the policies pertaining to correction in name in Alitalia flight reservation. If you want to know more about the matter, feel free to contact Flightaura customer assistance.

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