Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy

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Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy

Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy :- Are you among that cluster of people who don’t care to look at the time of filling out your name? Yes, it is a fact that everyone must fall into a problematic issue because of this habit. We didn’t care to check again after entering our name as we wondered how can we make a mistake in filling out our name, but it happened. Everyone knows that it is mandatory to have the name on the flight ticket similar to the passport. Hence, Iberia Airlines introduced its name change policy on its platform. 

They care about their passengers and therefore provide this privilege. Read this article till the end if you want to understand every minute detail of Iberia Airlines Name change policy. 

Statute of Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy

People can easily make changes to their names while remaining under some rules. They strictly have to adhere to these regulations if they want a smooth and immaculate process for correcting the name. These rules are as follows:

  • Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy gives the provision that every 24 hours, they can change their name for free. In this particular span, the carrier sent the request to the concerned team for the re-issuance, and due to this, if any fare difference got applied, you are liable to pay it.

  • You have to carry the flight ticket of the Iberia Airlines only, which should be operated by this similar Airlines. For validating the ticket, you can check whether it gets started by the stock number 075.

  • The name change request in the case of Iberia carrier must apply when there is no requirement for spontaneous payment.

  • Every passenger can only make alterations in a name up to three letters, no matter what part of the name it is. Three letters don’t mean three in each of the first, middle, and last names, but it is collectively three in any of them.

  • The permission to shift the ticket ownership by changing the name with someone else’s name is not granted. In this case, people need to cancel their existing ticket and then book a new flight with the name of that second person again. But don’t forget as the cancelation fee for the same got applied.

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By what methods can we change our name on Iberia Airlines?

Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy allows everyone to amend their name in case of the origination of any of the errors in the name. They laid out two methods that are too easy to implement for this attainment. 

Method 1. Modify the name by applying through an online alternative

This way of correcting the name on the flight ticket of Iberia Airlines is so convenient and simple that anyone can easily execute it. 

Here a guide with all the instructions is highlighted. Just implement those steps and get your name corrected. 

  • Starting by opening the main website of Iberia Airlines after clicking on your browser.

  • Then look for the option “manage booking” on the homepage. When found it, click on it.

  • On the next window, two boxes appear asking for the particulars of the passengers’ last name and the booking reference number.

  • Hit with “OK.” After this, all the flight bookings will come up. Choose the one who needs change.

  • Tap on the “Edit Booking” tab and move forward to complete the process.

  • Now on the coming page, enter the right name by seeing it from the passport so no issue will emerge.

  • Then proceed next for reaching on to the payment page. Clear the fee for the name change and the fare difference, and then conclude the process.

  • Now, wait for the confirmation alert, which you will receive on your registered mobile number or mail ID.

Method 2. Name alteration by contacting the airlines

At the time of connecting with someone on a phone call makes it more reliable than any other way of talking as you come face-to-face with the representative. Hence, this alternative proved a more convenient method for those with trust issues. You can easily retrieve the contact details of this carrier from their website. 

Call them on the given number and wait until any customer care executives connect with you. Let them know the reason for calling and permit them to handle the issue. Provide them with the necessary information to get into your booking page and resolve your concern. Tell them the changes, submit the document and pay the fee per their Iberia Airlines name change policy. Now relax as your case goes into processing, and anytime, your phone will ring up with a notification of a confirmation message. 

Fees for correcting the name as per the name correction policy of Iberia Airlines

Always check the conditions of the pricing applied on changing the name before raising the request for changing the name. 

Until a specific time before the flight’s departure, the request for changing the name must get accepted by Iberia Airlines. Their charges for altering the name differ depending on the given factors:

  • A one-time charge for changing the name is levied on all passengers.

  • Per the person and flight section, the amount got charged to the user in Iberia Airlines as per their name change policy.

  • There is also a possibility that a surcharge got added to the pricing for taking the services.

Other than all this, canceling the flight ticket and booking it again is a heavy task and will surely burn a hole in your pocket.

Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy

Winding up…!

Iberia Airlines took an oath to provide every customer with a streamlined and commendable experience, and they don’t want that customer to go back from their platform unsatisfied. Their every policy is existed and is simple enough for everyone so that they can get benefit from that policies. Simply change your name, eradicate any flaw, and make it identical as mentioned in the passport and on other identifications proof.

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