American Airlines (AA) Flight Change Policy

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Everything About American Airlines Flight Change Policy

Every group of friends has that one person who would end up having an emergency and would eventually cancel the trip. We know them, or maybe we are them. Well, if you hear them saying that they can’t leave work for the next two days or a week, we have the right fix for them.

It takes decades to bring a long-decided trip into action, and canceling it at the last moment is basically more years. What if, instead of blowing the vacation, you change your bookings? Yes, you heard that right!

American Airlines Flight Change Policy

With the American Airlines Flight Change Policy in action, you can simply edit the date and many more on your existing reservations without bearing the heavy charges. Let’s dive into this post and understand how to do that before your friend comes up with another excuse.

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American Airlines Flight Change Policy

The first thing that you need to know about American Airlines flight change is that it doesn’t charge any fee for this service. Note that the only exception to this is when it comes to same-day non-refundable flight alterations. Let’s learn more. 

  • The best and most appropriate time to make adjustments to an existing reservation is within the first 24 hours. Make sure you book your flight a week before the date of departure to avail yourself of these risk-free 24 hours.

  • Also, the airline charges no flight change fee on domestic or international flight tickets. No matter if it is a long or short haul journey.

  • The only flight ticket that you can’t make any edits to is Basic Economy. If you own one and Change your plan, then you will face loss.

  • Any making last-minute edits on the same, i.e., on the same day of departure on non-refundable tickets, will have to pay a change penalty somewhere between $75 – $125.

  • While changing your American Airlines booking, ensure to check out the difference in the flight fare. The airline mentions it in front of the available flight itself.

  • In case the cost of your booking is more, then you will have to bear it. In a situation vice versa, the airline will convent the difference in points and credit it to your wallet for future use.

  • No changes can be made to an award ticket online. If needed, contact the airline directly or contact Flightaura, and we will help you through it.

Changes Allowed by American Airlines

You can not make any alterations to your reservations. Here is a list of what AA allows its passengers:

  • Flight change

  • Name change

  • Date change

  • Seat change

Flight Change

Flight change means shifting your reservations to another flight. There can be several reasons why one would do that. If you also need to go ahead with the process, follow these instructions:

  •  First of all, open American Airlines’ official website on your PC.

  • Then, locate the My Trips option on its homepage and click on the same.

  • Once you do that, you will find a set of empty fields before you.

  • Here, provide the airline with your full name and your Booking Reference number.

  • Thereafter, hit the Find Reservation button, and you will have all your reservations on the following tab.

  • Now, click on the Select button on the booking you want to edit and then hit Change Flight.

  • Moving ahead, make sure to mark the “Yes, I want to change this flight” section.

  • After that, choose the Class and Fare Type according to your preferences.

  • American Airlines will then show the flights available to meet your needs.

  • Go ahead with the one you need and land on the payment page.

  • Make the payment in case of fare difference, or the airline will add the credits to your account. See the invoice to understand it better.

Name Change

According to American Airlines name change policy, you can alter up to 3 letters in your name. This way, you can rectify any spelling or typing errors. There are a few more terms and conditions that the airline follows if it comes to name edits. Check out the policy to make an informed decision.

Date Change

When you change a flight because your plans got postponed, then you can go for date alterations. You can make these changes online as well as by contacting the airline via call or physically. They will shift your bookings to a new date, as per the availability.

Seat Change/Upgrade

Seat change or upgrade is when you go ahead and choose a better seat than the one you already have. To ensure complete transparency, AA has a seat change policy too. Under that, you can find everything from seat upgradation charges to the best time to do it.

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American Airlines always tries to come up with new strategies for the benefit of its flyers and to make their experience better. This is exactly why the airline has withdrawn its flight change fee too. We hope this piece of content helped you understand everything about the procedure clearly.

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