Frontier Airlines Check-in Policy

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Frontier Airlines Check-in Policy

Your Ultimate Guide to Frontier Airlines Check-in Policy: Tips, Fees, and Requirements

The Frontier Airlines Check-in Policy is split into multiple parts to make the experience more enjoyable for the passengers. And, if you are one of those passengers entitled to the frontier miles elite program or have purchased a bundle offer, then you can complete the entire check-in procedure on a priority basis. The airline will not charge additional check-in fees, but you can save time and money if you meet the Procedure at home.

Passengers traveling without luggage can hop the luggage row and use the KIOSK tower instead to get the printed boarding pass to save time. In short, you must complete the Frontier airlines check-in procedure at least 60 minutes before the departure of international flights. As per the domestic routes, the minimum check-in time is 45 times.

Frontier Online Check-in Policy

There are multiple ways by which you can perform the check-in procedure. But, most users only prefer online check-in and Mobile check-in. To initiate the check-in procedure online, you must purchase the bags in advance, as the bags can necessitate an additional fee at the airport counter.

To check in online, the passengers must visit the official website ( ). It will enable the check-in button right before the scheduled departure, and flyers can complete the check-in procedure one hour before the release.

Now, on to the online frontier page, you can preview your itinerary, purchase your bags and select your desired seats. You can print out the boarding pass, and if you want to add more luggage to your cart, you can do it at the time of online check-in because purchasing your luggage at the airport will cost you more.

Everything You Need to Follow While Check-in Online

  • Look for the Frontier official website and navigate to the web check-in tab.

  • Fill out basic details such as the passenger’s surname and the Frontier reservation code.

  • After adding the reservation code, you will be taken down to the final Procedure.

  • Select your passengers’ seats and confirm your check-in procedure. Once done, it will display your boarding pass on your computer screen, print it and add extra baggage. The frontier online check-in allows passengers to buy seats in advance, seal meals and add baggage.

Frontier Airlines Check-in Time

According to the Frontier Airlines check-in policy, the air service offers multiple platforms for completing the check-in procedure. Passengers can complete the check-in procedure at the airport, and there are two ways of executing the check-in procedure.

(i) Check-in At the Ticket Window

Passengers need to stand in long queues and then wait for their turn. Also, it is important to present the six-digit code alongside a registered email id and passport. Also, if they add good seats and bags, the passenger must pay for those amounts at the counter before taking their boarding pass.

Also, the passengers must arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the departure to ensure they are checked in within the allotted time. When you arrive early, there are high chances for you to get the desired seats.

(ii) Check-in At the KIOSK Tower

The passengers will get a self-check-in through the KIOSK Tower. They must keep their booking code, confirmation mail, and passport handy. Print the boarding pass instantly; if you carry a bag, you must finish the check-in procedure. Once you finish the Procedure, you can receive printed boarding.

Step-by-Step Guide to Frontier Airlines Boarding Pass

There are two ways to get a Frontier Airlines boarding pass, and when you select the online check-in method, you can get your boarding pass to the registered email address. But you can get a printed boarding pass if you perform the check-in procedure at the airport counter. The Procedure is free of cost, and you can get seats and bags according to your desire.

As per the Frontier Airlines Check-in policy, the airline’s boarding pass is a must to get a seat, and for this, you can use your email boarding pass to grab a seat. So, whenever you generate a boarding pass online, you will save precious time and money.

What Time Can You Check-in in For Frontier Flights?

For the online passenger, the Procedure is available up to 24 hours, right an hour before the scheduled departure. However, passengers can complete the check-in process online. The online check-in method helps passengers to save more money and time.

As for the offline flyer, the check-in process is available 3 hours before the flight departure. Passengers must complete their check-in procedure at least an hour before the departure of international flights. According to the Frontier Airlines Check-in Policy, the online check-in procedure permits passengers to purchase bags and seats. Remember that the airport’s baggage allowance is higher than the online platforms.

Does Frontier Airlines Charge Any Fee For the Check-in Procedure?

Regarding the airline, you do not need to pay frontier check-in fees, and you can finish the process on both platforms for free. If you choose offline platforms for completing the check-in procedure, you must pay extra for each service. You need to pay if you are adding more bags to your cart or buying desired seats. Frontier will not charge any fees for printing your boarding pass.


The write-up includes all the details about the Frontier Airlines Check-in Policy. If you have more related-query, then you can contact us via live chat or visit our website and reach out to us through the customer care service number. Our Customer care representative will be there to assist you anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How does the Frontier Airlines Seat Assignment at check-in work?

Ans. The frontier fares only include seat assignments if you have bought the perks bundle. If you wish to select your seat according to your requirement, you must buy a seat assignment when booking your ticket or later when you check in the right before the departure.

The right way is by mobile phone, Mytrip, or the check-in tab. You need to remember that if you do not purchase a seat assignment, you’ll be assigned a seat randomly, free of charge, when the check-in begins.

Ques 2. What is the Procedure for downloading Frontier Boarding Pass?

Ans. There are several ways to get your boarding pass right after check-in, such as:

Online Procedure – Once you have checked in online via Frontier’s website, you can take out a printout of your boarding pass. And once you have checked in, you can use the MyTrip or check-in tab to access your boarding pass whenever you want

Mobile App – After checking in with your mobile app, you can download your mobile boarding pass, save it to your device, and show it at the airport while boarding.

Airport – Passengers can use the airport check-in KIOSK to print out their boarding pass or get it from the check-in counter. However, you must enter six characters confirmation code and your credit, debit, confirmation email, etc.

Ques 3. Is it Possible to Check-in Bags Online at Frontier Airlines?

Ans. Yes, you can pay for your bags online at Frontier airlines, but you must physically check in at the airport’s bag drop counter before your flight’s check-in deadline.

Ques 4. What is the check-in & boarding pass procedure at Frontier airlines?

Ans. Once you have checked in via your mobile app or online, you can download your boarding pass or take a printout at home. After you download it, show it at the airport to go through the security checks, and if you take out a printout, then make sure to carry it with you.

If you didn’t, you could get the printout of your boarding pass by simply checking in at the airport curbside or the self-service check-in at KIOSK or the airport desk.

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