Delta Airlines Name Change Policy (2024)

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Delta Airlines Name Change & Correction Policy, Fees

As Per the transportation guidelines, Delta Airlines permits name correction to confirm that passengers’ names should match their passports or good photographs. In this guide, We will cover the Delta Airlines Name change with detailed information along with its policy and changes in 2024.

Understanding Delta Airlines Name Change Policy & Its  Guidelines

According to the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy, the airline does allow basic corrections on the scheduled booking for a fee.

Additionally, the Delta Airlines name change rules do not permit a change in the ownership from one passenger to another. To change the name on the delta plane ticket, you need to match the following criteria:

  • Flights need to be operated by the air service, and the stock needs to start within 006
  • Regarding code share or interline agreement flights, delta airlines only change the name based on ticket request, which can only process on the flight segments.
  • There will be no changes to the flight date, fare class, or origin/destination point. Also, no modifications will be allowed to gender or date of birth.
  • Only minor delta name corrections up to three characters would be allowed.
  • Any changes to the date of birth would only be allowed due to some errors committed at the time of the booking.
  • The requests also include one correction per flyer, and all the other changes to the traveler’s personal information would also be covered under the Delta change passenger name policy.
  • If the passenger has already requested name correction once but it requires further modifications, the tickets will be reissued for a second time.

Delta Change Name on Ticket – All You Need to Know

Here, you can look at the name change requests accepted under the name change policy –

Acceptable Types of Name Correction

You need to follow these instructions that must be followed while processing the Delta airlines name change request:-

  • The above-mentioned list shows how the procedure of name changing works at your request.
  • Delta airlines’ name change policy applies only to restricted and non-restricted fares.
  • Minor name modifications consist of character modification on the same PNR.
  • Also, the middle names can be added or removed. In such cases, the airline generally issues a new PNR defragment to the respected traveler if the booking involves more than one passenger and issues another ticket under his name.
  • Secure flight passengers need to be added again to the PNR with the newly corrected name, and it should be similar to the passport or the government-issued photo ID.
  • Additionally, the passenger must add the OSI entry during the Delta Airlines name change.

How do I Change Name on Tickets at Delta ?

To correct your name, passengers must meet this criterion according to the Delta name change policy:

  • Flights must be operated by Delta Airlines, and the tickets must be issued with the stock number 006
  • Delta has to be the validating carrier.
  • The name change cannot be processed if you are already checked in.

But do not worry; there are still ways to ask for a name change. Such as

Method 1. Change Name Through Online Portal

To change your name on the delta flight, you must go through these steps:-First, visit and go to the My Trips section.

  • Also, enter the six-number booking reference or 13-number ticket number alongside the passenger’s last name. To recover your booking, enter your correct booking reference or ticket number.
  • Click on the name correction tab and choose the checkbox next to the name that needs the change. You need to note that the name on your flight ticket should be similar to your passport or your Photo-ID.
  • Users can only correct up to three characters; it’s either on the first name or the last name.
  • Navigate to the confirm & save to process your name change request.
  • At the checkout page, flyers must pay the fees and the applicable fare difference to proceed with the request. The ticket will then be reissued to the same available or the lower class.
  • Once the transaction is completed, you will receive the name change confirmation on your registered email.

Method 2. Change Passenger’s Name Through Phone

Passenger can also request for Name change through rhe mathod 2 viz. Delta phone number options.

  • First, You need to find the delta airlines name change phone number through the official site or +1-888-750-3284/+1-833-714-2120 (early & fast response).
  • You can also get through live person at Delta Air Lines customer service general contact number to change your passenger’s name.

Note: The general contact number Delta is 1800 123 6645,  +1-833-714-2120  use this to reach at real person fast.

  • After, you must provide a Six-Digit PNR or e-ticket number to recover your booking.
  • You can call your agent again to correct your name, which would correct the misspelled name.
  • Also, you must send the government issue Photo-ID or a copy of your passport for validation via email.
  • To proceed with the request, flyers must pay the Delta Airlines name change fee and the applicable fare differences. Now, the ticket would be reissued to the same available or lower available class.
  • Once your transaction is done, you will receive the confirmation in your registered email.

How Much Would it Cost to Change a Name on a Delta Ticket?

According to the Delta Name Change Policy, changing your name on the booked ticket with Delta airlines will not cost you a fortune. As for the charges, they will remain around $75 to $500. The charges will depend on the following factors:

Reason for making a change

Understanding the concern of changes of the passengers is also one of the important aspect to know. Find two major scenarios of Delta name change request; given below:

  1. Type of changes Passengers Need
  2. Type of ticket Bought by the flyers

Further, We will discuss the detailed procedure and core of the name correction application.

Multiple Scenarios For Name Correction

Passengers need to know about it all when it comes to naming correction. For instance, one passenger may need to change the first name, while another may require changes to correct the last name. Moreover, you should know about all the situation and then proceed according to that. As for the passengers, they can apply for the required changes conveniently by simply changing the name correction policy of the airline.

Delta airline understands that it is very difficult for passengers to read the misspelled name on their tickets. Furthermore, it also provides an easy-to-understand name correction policy for their convenience.

Make sure to read all the guidelines for a smooth experience. You can check the rules for name changes according to the passenger’s requirements.

1. Correction to the Middle & First Name.

You can rectify your mistakes in the middle & the first time at much more convenience. As soon as you initiate the change procedure, the agent will assist you with the name correction & reissue your ticket without any waiver code. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Check out your PNR to correct the name.
  • From the PNR, add the OSI message. And it will provide you with suggestions that a name correction is completed.
  • The airline will now issue a ticket as an even exchange, meaning you cannot make any other changes to the flights & dates.
  • Also, there is no need for a waiver code.
  • Correct the passenger’s last name.

Per the Delta Airlines Name change policy, the passenger can easily modify the last name. You only need to get the Delta flight ticket without a waiver code. There are also some important items you should know about:

  • Delta airways permit correcting only three characters in the last name. You can contact global sales support for immediate guidance if you need to correct more than three characters.
  • The travel agent will let you follow the same steps afterward, as mentioned above, and the middle name correction policy.
  • Also, the only change would be in the OSI message, which will be different in this situation.

2. Addition to the Last Name

Do you know that the passengers of Delta Airlines are allowed to add something to their last name without changing their real name? Let’s take a detailed look at the important guidelines:

  • Suppose your name is Tana/Wolley, which can be changed to TanaAndizh/Wolley.
  • After the name change, the delta travel agent will check the name in the PNR and add the OSI message.
  • The ticket will be reissued as per the Delta flight change policy.
  • You need to know that you cannot make any other modifications to your flight ticket.

3. The First & Last Names Are Reversed on the Flight Ticket

Have you ever entered the first & last name incorrectly? Then you can reverse the name without any trouble, according to the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy. If you want to know more about this situation, read the mentioned guidelines:

  • If your first and last names are reversed, you want them backward. For this, you can call the travel agent.
  • The travel agent will ask you to follow the same steps that we have mentioned above.
  • Other than that, the OSI message will be different.


We hope that you are all sorted now. This guide has covered all the details and rules about the Delta Airline Name Change Policy. If you have any more queries, you can contact us via live chat and our official website, where you will find the customer care number. You can call us anytime, as our customer care representative will assist you 24*7.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No, it is not possible. If you filled in your name when making the flight booking, you will have to correct it as soon as possible. If you ignore the wrong name on the flight ticket, the airline will deny you boarding the flight. So, to ensure you will have a safe journey to your destination, correct your name on the flight ticket.

It is not mandatory to add your middle name on the flight ticket of Delta Airlines as all of the significant information is already included in your profile. So, the presence of the middle name wouldn’t make such a big difference.

Delta Airlines Name change policy describes that no matter what your travel route, fare type, and class of service are, all passengers have the right to change their name on the flight ticket.

All the passengers of Delta Airlines have the privilege to modify their names up to three characters in total. Apart from this, the fees for changing the name would get applied along with the fare difference.

No, you don’t have the right to change the name already printed on the ticket as it already gets issued by some other name. You have to call the Delta Airlines team to know more and have updated information on this.

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