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An Overview Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy

Lufthansa is a flagship airline of the European country, Germany. When you combine the airline’s subsidiaries, it forms one of the second-largest air carriers in Europe. Lufthansa Name Change Policy has witnessed significant changes ever since the pandemic hit the world and brought several changes to various industries, including aviation.

As the airline strictly instructed through its policies, the name mentioned on the ticket should be similar to the passenger’s official documents such as ID card and passport. The air-carrier brand stringently states that a passenger must provide the name mentioned on their official ID.

Name change and other formalities about the same consist of significant charges and efforts are mentioned below;

  • Applicable Fare Difference.
  • Ticket Exchange Process.
  • Name Change charges.

Following are the guidelines cater to meeting the requirements about the name change in the airline’s ticket;

  • Lufthansa clearly states in its guidelines referring to the name change policy that a ticket issued to a passenger must appear in LH document.
  • The number of the LH flight and the flight itself should be directed by Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Only one correction in the name mentioned on the ticket is permitted.
  • Swapping the name is strictly prohibited as per the policies designed for the airline’s passengers.
  • The policy for the name correction fabricated by Lufthansa is stringently applicable to a passenger’s flight-ticket booking.
  • The group booking and the name corrections fall under the contract as per the policy.
  • Any name change request concerning the ticket is prohibited or otherwise performed during the mixed PNR, which includes other airlines’ flight segments.

What are the ticket name change rules formed by Lufthansa?

Lufthansa follows a set of rules regarding its name change policy. Passengers often misspell their names while booking the Lufthansa flight reservation. Sometimes, a passenger realizes it quickly, and sometimes, it takes them a day or two to get to their notice. If you are also facing the same issue concerning the change in your name, leave it to the Lufthansa team, and they will help you with your queries and leave you hassle-free. Following are the guidelines applicable to the name change process according to the Lufthansa name change policy:

The Name Change Affidavits – >

You must know that under the below-mentioned circumstances, such as legal provisions, name change request must adhere to the given circumstances only;

  • Divorce decree.
  • Legal name change document.
  • Marriage license.
  • Passport displaying suffix or otherwise prefix subjected to the name.

Name Changes Under Legal Considerations – >

According to Lufthansa, the name change policy fabricated by the airline are applicable under the following legal circumstances;

  • When a passenger is legally married and applying for the name change request.
  • When a passenger is divorced and requesting change in middle or last name pertaining to divorce agreement.
  • When a passenger is recently got their name change legally and is mentioned in their official documents issued by the Government.

Correcting Traveler’s Name – >

 As mentioned in Lufthansa’s name change policy, a passenger is permitted to make changes in their name up to two characters concerning to their first/middle/last name. The two characters referring to changes must be the combined total and should not be misunderstood as the two characters for each first, middle, and the last name.

Making Changes to a Nickname – >

Lufthansa crystal clearly states in its name change policy that a passenger must bring legal document to request changes in the nickname. It also states that a traveler can alter their first, middle, or last name and to any combination concerning to their name.

Altering Middle Name Mentioned on the Ticket

A passenger is allowed to make changes to their middle name on the ticket. Whether they want to eliminate, add or correct the name, they are permitted to do the same according to the policy. After the changes, a passenger can rebook either the same or any other available class in the airline. The traveler will be charged with name change fee coupled with other applicable fare difference.

Above mentioned are the policies specially designed for the travelers wanting to make changes to their name on Lufthansa’s air-ticket. Now that you are aware of Lufthansa name change policy, let’s take a look at the conditions under which a passenger is liable to make changes;

Condition 1     If the name correction is made by the third party and by the official department of the airline, then the third-party travel agents should adhere to the synchronicity of PNR concerning to the airlines and the GDS system. During the process, all segments should remain valid active.

  • Process  Required – > Lufthansa name change request, must be mentioned in the existing PNR. According to the name change policy, go to the endorsement box, get access to reissue the ticket, and provide with changes in the “Name Correction”. You will be charged with name change fee – USD 200.

Condition 2.  If the name correction is required for more than two letters, it has to be led by the airline itself to avoid the cancellation in flight. The name change request on the ticket should be synchronized appropriately to adhere the automation. The process must adhere to Amadeus PNR or the Sabre.

  • Process Required – > You need to call Lufthansa for making changes in the name, phone number to make changes in the original PNR. Follow steps when you go the official website;
    #. Endorsement Box
    #. Reissue the ticket.
    #. Name Correction.
    You will be charged a considerable amount of USD 200.

Condition 3. If PNR is created in the other booking system, other than Sabre and Amadeus, then you will be required with a new PNR that depends on the synchronization of the parti cular booking channel.

  • Process Required – > A new PNR must be processed with corrected name along with the original flights mentioned with same class or service – if available. The processing of PNR is solely depends on the availability of the booking class.
    #Reissue the ticket.
    #Endorsement box.
    #Name change.
    As usual, you will be charged USD 200 for the changes.

Condition 4. If there’s a frequent flyer code is existed in the PNR, then name request cannot be commenced and thereby, a new PNR is required. Besides that, third-party agents must check if the code can be deleted. If the frequent flyer code can be eradicated, the correction can be processed in the same PNR.

  • Process Required – > You are required to generated a new PNR along with the corrected name on the original flight. Depending on the availability wait-listed, confirmed or booked in the next available class.
    #. Reissue the ticket.
    #. Endorsement box.
    #. Name Correction.
    The airline will be charged with the similar amount – USD 200 – as mentioned above.

Condition 5. When you PNR is included with other airlines’ flights, you are recommended to process a new PNR. The original flights should be recovered just in case the other airline decline to make changes in the name. Beside, you must know that you will be applicable for high fare difference in such condition.

  • Process Required – > To proceed with the process, you will be required with a new PNR alongside the original flight segments and the available booking class. If the original class is available no longer for other segments in the other airline, then you need to calculate the fare difference.
    #. Reissue the ticket.
    #. Endorsement Box.
    #. Name Correction.

Final Words:-

Hope everything about the Lufthansa Name Change Policy mentioned in the guide helped you clear out your doubts. It is not uncommon for a passenger to make changes to the name every now and then. However, knowing the policy of the airline concerning name correction is a must to know for everyone demanding the same.

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