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In many instances, passengers are in a hurry and make some mistakes while filling out their names in the details form for booking a flight. Other scenarios that emerge a need to amend the name include Marriage, divorce, and some legal issues. Due to all these circumstances, people need to modify their names to fly further. Thai Airways, being a reputed airline, permits you to change your name but is bound by some conditions specified under the Thai Airways Name Change Policy. 

By reading this policy, you can easily change your name on Thai Airways for a safe and secure trip. 

Guidelines to Change/Correct Name on Thai Airways Ticket

Being a credible and reliable airline, Thai Airways describes methods of making some modifications to the name. Thai Airways permit everyone that they can make changes to their name on the flight ticket, but they can’t use other names. They are aware that most of the time, an error occurs due to spelling or typing mistakes. In both cases, you can change the middle and last name, whether you get married or due to legal conditions. If any error comes due to the limited characters, then minute alterations are allowed. But the procedure has to be followed without breaching the Thai Airways policy for Name Change. 

Directives to Amend or Change the Name on Thai Airways

Thai Airways proposed too many rules and regulations for modifying our name on the ticket, which will make it easier. Changing the name can only be completed if you abide by those regulations. Surely, these rules help everyone understand the procedure of changing names more easily and make the outcome process quick.

Below are all the rules for changing the name given by Thai Airways.

  • You can modify your name on the PNR, directly affecting your booking process.

  • Tickets purchased directly from the airline through their website are only permitted for making changes.

  • You are charged a fee for changing your name in some special circumstances.

  • You can correct or modify your name before you check in at the airport.

  • Changing your name to the company name is allowed.

  • For the middle name, Thai Airways doesn’t propose any specific restrictions. You can easily make changes to your middle name.

  • If you got married or divorced, you could also add your name, but in that particular case, you need to submit a legal certificate as evidence.

  • Thai Airways only allows you to change the name on the tax invoices you receive.

Important Note: The name Change policy of Thai Airways doesn’t promote the transfer of your ticket to the name of someone else.

Methods for Changing or Correcting the Name on Thai

Thai Airways always care for their customer’s needs, so they present different ways to complete the procedure for changing the name according to the comfort of each type of person. These given ways are very easy to use, and anyone can modify their name without hassle. The methods given by Thai Airways are both Online and Offline. So if you are thinking of clearing out any errors on your ticket, then it is necessary to know these methods. 

First Approach: Navigate to the Thai Airways website for the online name change method

Thai Airways provide the facility of making any modification to your name online through their main website. This method is so easy and accessible as everyone can go to this website from around the globe. It can be utilized for domestic and international travel, and there is no scope for any error coming up here as it is secure. 

Firstly you need to tap on the option of “manage booking,” and then you have to submit your information to get your name changed. Though full procedure in a detailed manner has been given below:

  • Open the webpage of Thai Airways, and after that, click on the “Manage” button on the left side of the top panel.
  • After this, a drop-down menu will pop up on the screen. Click on the “My Booking” option to get further in the process. 
  • A new page will appear on the screen where you must fill in details like your last name and booking reference.

  • Click on the tab “find my Booking” at the bottom after filling in all the details.

  • Now, go forward with the suggested directions and then choose the Thai Airways name change option for making changes to the name.

  • Complete the process by filling out the information or paying the fees.

  • Then at the end, a confirmation mail will automatically be sent to your mail, or if you choose the message-sending option, a text message will come to your mobile phone stating that your name gets changed and the process is successful.

Second Approach: Seeking the help of Customer care to change the name on Thai Airways

Changing the name on Thai Airways offline is apt in case of Marriage, divorce, or legal scenarios. This approach is considered the safest way to change the name, as Thai Airways employees will handle your issue. If there is any change you want to make in your middle name, then go with this method. 

Thai Airlines customer care number varies from country to country, so it is suggested to search the respective helpline number of Thai Airways before calling them. For that information visit the “contact us” page of Thai Airways online site.

After getting in contact with the customer care agent of Thai Airways, do this:

  • Tell about the error in your name and then ask to change the name to remove that error in Thai Airways.

  • Some of the documents have to be submitted, mainly passport and ID proof, to ensure you are the same person.

  • The customer care agent can also ask about your booking details like your name, departure city, etc.

  • As soon as the verification is completed, they further process the name correction procedure.

  • After that, pay the fee for making modifications in your name if it is asked.

  • Lastly, a confirmation message has been sent to you after changing the name.

Price charged by Thai Airways for Changing the Name as per the Policy

Changing the name is so convenient in Thai Airways, but they impose an amount for changing your name. However, it gets distorted, depending upon where you are residing currently and the time of performing this procedure. They are charging about $70 for making corrections in the name. 

In some of the cases, it happened that you know, but later on, it increases due to the service charge levied upon your normal name-changing price. Sometimes the price for changing the name gets updated, so it is suggested to get in touch with Thai Airways Airline directly to become aware of the new price for changing the name.

Wrapping Up

Alteration in the name is effortless when using Thai Airways, and they charge a bare minimum fee for changing the name. You can now clear out any typing errors and modify your middle name without hassle. Read everything mentioned here to become aware of every aspect of Thai Airways Airline Name Change Policy, as it is beneficial for all flyers all across the globe.

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