United Airlines Check-in Policy

United Airlines Check-in Policy

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After the reservation is done, the completion of check-in is a huge task. If your reservation is scheduled with United Airlines then there is nothing to worry about. The United Airlines check-in process is easy to execute, unlike geometry. If you wanna know more about the check-in methods and advantages in the same umbrella then go through the following article thoroughly.

United Airlines Check-in Time

It is essential to complete the check-in formalities at least one hour prior to departure. In order to grab more information on the United flight check-in timing, do make sure to read the following mentioned points below:

Online Check-in Time

  • The United online check-in is allowed 24 hours prior to the departure.
  • The check-in of passengers is allowed only till one hour prior to the scheduled departure.
  • If you are searching for a physical assistant or need to carry more bags, then make sure to mention them while submitting a request.

Check-in Time at Airport or KIOSK

The check-in for passengers at the airport can be as early as four hours prior to the departure. It is hugely based on fare category, destination, and flight type.

The offline process not only requires more time but also a hefty amount of money. It is vital for you to be present at the desk and finish the check-in process all by yourself.

On some routes, the passengers can check in one hour prior to the scheduled departure time.

In order to accomplish United Airlines check-in, you must pay the additional charges which include services or administration fees along with the applicable charges.

United Airlines Curbside Check-in Time

The exact duration of the United Airlines curbside check-in ranges between four hours to thirty minutes. Depending on the flight type and itinerary the time duration can vary.

It is vital for the passengers to complete the check-in process well within the check-in deadline. If the passengers are not punctual then the airlines have the authority to terminate their boarding.

When the passengers are unable to complete their check-in process by the deadline, then their boarding can be treated under the category of ‘no show policy’. The airline can then forfeit the entire ticket.

The procedure of United Airlines Flight Check-in

There are multiple ways in which United Airlines can implement its check-in procedure. Some of the most impactful and effective ways are curated below. After following the below procedure, it will be easy for you to complete the United check-in at your convenience without depending on other assistance.

United Airlines Online Check-in

There are two forms in which the United online check-in solutions are available. They are websites and mobile apps. All the processes and procedures are the same to follow. You can finish the check-in process by performing the simple and basic steps mentioned below:

United Airlines Web Check-in

  • Select your preferred browser and stay on the log-in page of United Airlines.
  • By using the username, you can complete the user authentication process.
  • Click on the check-in tab by revisiting the home page.
  • Insert the input confirmation or e-ticket number and the last name in their specific grids. Mileage Plus members must have the Mileage Plus number along with the registered password as well.
  • Select the continue or sign-in tab.
  • A list will be showcased along with details on upcoming trips paired with other trips.
  • Click on the trip for which you want to complete the check-in process.
  • Proceed to the next page.
  • Click on the flight and type the name of the passengers.
  • Select the number of bags.
  • After you have selected your seats, remain on the same page and then you are able to upgrade or change your seat to whichever seat you prefer.
  • Pay the required charges.
  • Select the submit tab.
  • You can also print the eBoarding Pass as soon as it is available.

United Airlines Check-in App

  • Install the United Airlines official mobile app.
  • Select the check-in tab on the homepage.
  • Type the confirmed e-ticket number and last name in the respective fields. Mileage Plus members must have the Mileage Plus number along with the registered password as well.
  • Select the trip for which you are willing to finish the check-in.
  • In order to submit the check-in request, you are expected to select the following options:
  • Name of the passengers
  • Flight number
  • Number of bags
  • Choose the preferable seats
  • Pay application charges
  • Select the submit tab
  • Once the credentials are fulfilled then the system will check you in for your next upcoming trip. Print the eBoarding Pass when it is fully ready.
  • At the time of airport entry, use the United mobile boarding pass.

What is the eligibility criteria for United Airlines online Check-in

  • Passengers must hold valid tickets.
  • Bookings must be made through online portals.
  • All flights must be operated by United Airlines.
  • Make sure to reserve tickets for less than 9 passengers.
  • The full itinerary must consist of lesser flights.
  • The United Airlines online check-in enables you to scan your passport through the app as well.

Who are not eligible for United Airlines online check-in

  • Passengers who hold offline tickets i.e paper tickets.
  • Reservations are made via unofficial portals.
  • The requested special service requires airport representative authorization.
  • Passengers who are traveling with pets must need wheelchair support.

Offline Check-In Method

In order to acquire a United boarding pass offline, it is vital to go to a nearby airport counter. After arriving at the nearby facilities, there must be no recurring trouble completing the check-in process. Make sure to obtain a United boarding pass at the airport with the help of two techniques: Standing in the queue at the desk or by saving time and long queues by visiting the Kiosk Tower.

  • Get Hold of the United Boarding Pass at Kiosk
  • Get to the Kiosk tower.
  • Type in the required credentials while choosing United Airlines.
  • Select the name of passengers.
  • Select seats
  • Pay all the applicable and required charges
  • Instantly print the United Airlines boarding pass

Check-in at Airport Counter

Similar steps are followed with slight differences. It is ideal to meet the agent, fill in the check-in so that you can meet all the required information. Make sure to pay the applicable charges and secure your hard copy of the boarding pass. The process of offline check-in can be easily executed since you don’t need any technical support.

What is the eligibility criteria for United offline Check-in

  • Passengers must hold valid tickets.
  • Bookings are made at different offline channels.
  • All the flights must be operated by United Airlines.
  • Both groups, as well as solo reservations, are included in offline check-ins.
  • Passengers must need a wheelchair or physical support.

Who are not eligible for United Airlines offline check-in?

The passengers who reserve tickets from unofficial portals.

What are the documents to secure a United Airlines boarding pass?

In order to get your United Airlines boarding pass, it is vital to submit the below-mentioned documents:

United boarding pass via the website or mobile app

  • Ticket number
  • Confirmation code
  • Passenger name
  • United MileagePlus frequent flyer card
  • Credit card
  • Passport

United boarding pass at the official counters(KIOSK, curbside desk, airport counter)

  • Ticket number
  • Confirmation code
  • Passenger name
  • United MileagePlus frequent flyer card
  • Credit card
  • Passport
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