United Airlines Check-in Policy

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United Airlines Check-in Policy

Navigating United Airlines Check-In Policy: Everything You Need to Know

After completing the reservation, completing check-in becomes a huge task. But if your reservation is under United Airlines, you can review this article to learn more about the United Airlines check-in policy, methods, and additional advantages.

United Airlines Check-in Timings

The United Airlines Check-in Policy permits passengers to complete check-in at least an hour before the scheduled departure. To get more information on united airline’s check-in policy and its timings then, you can read the following points:

Online Check-in Timings The united online check-in is permitted 24 hours before the confirmed departure, and flyers can initiate the online check-in until one hour right before their flight. If you are searching for a physician assistant or need to carry more bags, consider mentioning it while submitting a request.

Check-in Time At KIOSK OR Airport

Passengers can check in at the airport or kiosk four hours before departure, depending on their fare category, flight type, and destination. And the offline procedure requires more time with money, and you must be present at the desk and complete the check-in procedure yourself.

Also, on some routes, the passenger can check in one hour before the scheduled departure. You must pay extra services or administration fees and the applicable charges to accomplish this task.

Curbside Check-in Time of United Airlines

United Airlines’ curbside check-in periods range from four to half an hour before the scheduled departure, depending on the flight type and itinerary. Passengers should finish the check-in process within the check-in deadline; otherwise, the airline will terminate boarding.

United Airlines Flight Check-in Process

You can implement United Airlines check-ins in a few different ways. And some of the effective ways are mentioned right below. Following the mentioned methods, you can complete the United check-in at your convenience without depending on other assistance.

United Airlines Online Check-ins

The united online check-in methods are available on websites and mobile applications. The procedures are similar and easy to go along with. You can finish your check-in procedure by simply processing the basic steps mentioned here:-

Steps to Check-in Via Web

  1. First of all, open your browser and go to the login page of United Airlines, which is https://www.united.com/en/gb.

  2. You can complete your user authentication procedure by using an username and password.

  3. Alternatively, you can visit the home page again and then hit the check-in tab.

  4. Enter your e-ticket number and your last name in the field box. The MileagePlus members need to present the MileagePlus number with the registered password.

  5. Click on the Continue or Sign in tab.

  6. A list will now appear with the complete details of your upcoming and other trips.

  7. Choose the trip for which you want to complete the check-in.

  8. From the next page…..

Check-in Through United Airlines Official App

You can download the official app on your android & iOS devices. Other than that, you can also install the Web catalog for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Once you have installed the app, go through these steps:-

  • To start, run the United Airlines official Mobile application.

  • From your homepage, choose the check-in option and enter your e-ticket number and y/n last name.

  • As per the United Airlines check-in policy, MileagePlus members will need to enter the MileagePlus number with their registered password.

  • To continue, click on the Sign-in option according to your membership program.

  • Choose the trip for which you wish to finish your check-in on the same page.

  • You need to fill out the following information to submit your check-in request:

  1. Your Flight Number

  2. Your Name

  3. Total Number of the Bags

  4. Choose Your Desired Bags

  5. Pay the appropriate amount

  • Once you have filled in this information, tap the submit option.

  • However, the system will check you in for the next trip, and you can take the boarding pass printout.

  • Use the E-boarding pass when you enter the airport.

Eligibility Criteria For Online Check-in

  • Passengers who hold valid tickets.

  • If you have made your booking via online portals.

  • The flight needs to be operated by United Airlines.

  • Tickets booked for up to 9 passengers.

  • It includes the complete itinerary of four or fewer flights.

  • With the online check-in, you can scan your passport via the app.

Passengers Who are not Eligible For United Airlines Online Check-in

  • If the passenger has paper tickets

  • Or their reservation is made via unofficial portals.

  • If you have asked for a particular service that needs to go through the airport representative authorization.

  • Passengers who are traveling with pets or need wheelchair support.

Offline Check-in Procedure

You must go to your nearest airport to get a United boarding pass offline. And after you have arrived there, you will have no problem completing the check-in procedure. You can access a boarding pass at the airport through two methods: standing in the queue at the front desk or saving time and going straight to the KIOSK tower.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your United Boarding at KIOSK

  • Get to the KIOSK Tower and enter your credentials while choosing United Airlines.

  • Once you have chosen the airlines, you can select the name of the flyers.

  • After choosing the names, it is now time to select seats accordingly.

  • You must pay the applicable charges and quickly print the United Airlines boarding pass.

United Airlines Check-in Policy For Airport

The steps are similar, but the steps are different. You must meet with your agent, fill out the check-in form, and mention all the required information. After filling up the information, you need to pay for the charges and secure your physical boarding pass. The offline check-in process is easy.

Passengers Eligible For United Airlines Offline Check-in

  • Passengers with valid tickets

  • Booking reservations are made at offline portals.

  • All the flights are handled by United Airlines.

  • The offline check-in also stands for both group & solo bookings.

  • Passengers who request special service that requires authorization.

  • Flyers who need a wheelchair and physical support.

Flyers Who Are Not Eligible For Offline Check-in

Passengers who have reserved their tickets via unofficial portals.

Here’s A List For Documents That You Need to Secure While Boarding

To access your United Airlines boarding pass through the Mobile app and website, all you need to do is submit the following documents:

  • Your Ticket Number

  • Confirmation code

  • Passenger Name

  • United MileagePlus Frequent Flyer Card

  • Credit Card

  • Passport


It’s a wrap for the United Airlines Check-in Policy. We hope that this informative guide will be helpful for you and clears all of your doubts. But, if you still have more doubts and queries, you can contact us via customer support live chat or call.

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