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An Overview Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy

Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy, Singaporean Airlines enables its passengers to modify their names while abiding by the guidelines and rules set by Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy. Therefore, bear with this write-up till the end to learn more about the policy and how to make amendments to the name. Passengers must know that their names must match the legal identities provided by the government.

This piece of write-up will cover rules and conditions applicable to a request raised by an air traveler. It will cover almost everything concerning the name change fee, the conditions under which the name can be modified, and modes of raising the request. 

Before proceeding further, let’s take a keen look at the process that enables an air traveler to change their name. 

Singapore Airlines Name Change Process

The Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy emphasizes that the name provided to the airline booking department must reflect the similarity to the government-issued identification such as a passport. In short, the title mentioned on the issued ticket should be the same as that of the one mentioned on the passport. 

Besides that, it is impossible to change your name completely. However, an air ticket holder can change the errors such as typos. Let’s understand how it is processed; 

A Brand New PNR is Going To be Processed

If a passenger faces an error such as a typo in their flight ticket, they can raise a request and correct it. However, a PNR will be processed during the procedure. The corrections can be done to a passenger’s first/middle/last name for up to a few characters. An identical flight path alongside the correct name of the ticket holder can be picked during the process. According to the Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy, the passenger must provide a government-issued photo identity that displays the similarity in the name.

The Original PNR Will Remain Unchanged

In a circumstance where the same class of flight service is unavailable, the passenger is obligated to book the lowest class in the same cabin. 

The Existing & A New PNR Would Be Emailed to Airline

The two PNRs, the original and the newly issued describe the dissimilarity and the correction made. The Singapore Reservation Department will transfer the seats from the previous PNR to the brand-new PNR. 

The Cancellation of the Previous PNR

If you are raising any request such as meals, seats, SSR requirements, etc. shall be resubmitted to the newly generated PNR after the seats are transferred to the new PNR. The reservation holder must ensure that the incorrect name is canceled moving forward. 

The Undeterred Fares

If you desire to issue a new ticket at the original fare, you will be provided with a Waiver Code. You will also be charged a name correction fee of USD 250, and it will reflect the service charge generated on the new ticket. Besides that, the fee will include the applicable taxes on the new ticket. 

The Flexible Fares

If the availability shows the same class of service, the airline reservation department issues a new flight ticket on the same contract. It takes the old ticket for the refunding process. The passenger will be liable to pay the Singapore Airlines Cancellation fee as stated in the fare rules for current fares. 

Various Types of Changes/Corrections On The Reservation

According to Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy, a passenger must contact the airline’s customer service. The service department will ask you to provide reliable documents to proceed with the process. If there is a typo or the changes are made due to possible divorce, marriage, or child adoption, the department will request you to provide the necessary documents as proof. 

The name change process and correction to the name are two different processes, as strictly stated in the Singapore Airlines name Change Policy. Now, let’s face the changes and corrections a passenger can request from the airline. 

The Name Correction Process

The process allows a passenger to correct the misspelled name on the ticket reservation. It could be anywhere from married/legal/maiden/divorce name and more than one last name. Additionally, gender, inverted names, and age discrepancies are mentioned on the booked ticket and the legal documents. The airline department would ask for a name correction fee of USD 200. The ticket would be processed under the reissue process, and a brand new ticket would be issued in a similar class. However, the applicable Name Correction fee and fare difference would be applied. 

The Name Change Process

Suppose Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy is taken into strong consideration. In that case, whether it is a partial or complete name change, it falls into the same Name Change policy as devised by Singapore Airlines. The fact is that Singapore Airlines does not entertain name change requests. Under a circumstance one like that, the air ticket holder must cancel the flight and should apply for a complete refund. After that, they must rebook the identical flight route alongside the correct name. 

Name Change Request When get Married

If passenger requests to change their married name to a maiden name, the department will impose the supporting documents for consideration. Besides that, you will be charged USD 250 as the name change processing fee. Apart from that, the fare difference will be stringently imposed. 

The Misspelled Names

The Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy placed a stringent regulation imposing a passenger to ensure that their names are identical to the ones illustrated on the government-issued photo ID – passport. Both name and the title mentioned on the air ticket must be similar to the passenger’s passport. The policy strictly prohibits changing the name completely. Nevertheless, typos and misspellings can be accepted for correction. 

The Addition of a Middle Name

The Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy enables passengers to add their middle name if it is not mentioned in the booked flight ticket. You can do the same by contacting their customer care assistance, and they will ask you to provide the relevant documents about the request and charge you a non-refundable fee of USD 300. The Secure Flight Passenger Data in a PNR consists of your updated first/middle/last name. 

The No Last Name Request

The passengers having only their first name mentioned on their government-issued legal identities and no last names can raise a request to mend it in the booked flight ticket. In such cases, they are entitled to keep their first name as the last name while the first name remains unhindered. The last name cannot be changed once the ticket is issued. Therefore, they need to cancel, ask for a refund, and apply again with the correct name. 

Name Change Under Legal Circumstances

When the name is changed under below mentioned legal circumstances, they will be charged USD 250; 

    • A Child Adoption.

    • Divorce.

    • Marriage.

The department will ask you for adoption papers where the new and changed name is mentioned. The same goes for a marriage, where a marriage certificate and a divorce decree are required for a divorce case. The ticket will be reissued, and the reservation will be made in a similar class of service if available. Besides, fare difference charges will remain obligatory.

The Name Change Fee Structure

It is important to know that the name change fee strictly depends upon the current state of the currency. Here’s how it is structured; 

  • Singapore Airlines Name Change Fees
  • Online
  • Contact Singapore Air
  • Airport
  • Name Change
  • Not Allowed
  • 250 USD + Fare difference

Not Allowed up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. The same change fee applied. 

In addition, you must know that you can make corrections for up to 3 characters. Suffixes and prefixes can be changed according to the Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy. It also consists of the corrections in maiden/married names. Lastly, first/middle/last names are also included in the fee structure. 

Wrapping It Up

Ultimately, one must comply with the Singapore Airlines Name Change policy to modify their name. Whether it is the correction in a name you are requesting or you want to make changes in your name, you are required to provide your legal photo identity, which serves as a consideration for the process.

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