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An Overview of Korean Air Name Change Policy

Korean Air Airline Name Change Policy, You must be one of those frequent Korean Air flyers coming to this page because of the error in your name printed on the flight ticket. If yes, pay close attention to the write-up, as it will make it easy for you to change your flight reservation according to the Korean Air Name Change Policy.

The airline policy makes it easy for you to change/correct a name printed on the flight ticket. However, it is important to know that the name printed on the reserved booking must be identical to the one mentioned on the government-issued identity. 

However, before proceeding with everything about the Korean Name Change Policy, let’s look at the brief history of Korean Air. 

About Korean Airline

Korean Air took off as a small-scale airline in Asia on March 1, 1969. The airline brand started with only eight planes, which later developed an unbreakable trust and became one of Asia’s renowned airlines. 

In 2019, the Airline celebrated its 50th anniversary and paved the way to become a global airliner. Also known as the flag carrier, Korean Airlines has the largest fleet in Asia, and the flights are set to take off to international destinations.

Passengers often prefer to board Korean Airlines and face challenges like name corrections and several others. Now that you know about Korean Airlines, let’s take a brief look at the rules for making changes to the name on flight tickets. 

Rules For Korean Air Airline Name Change Policy

Korean Air Name Change Policy is designed to bring ease in making changes and corrections to the name mentioned on the flight ticket. However, the policy enables a passenger to make changes and other corrections to the flight ticket, and it does not allow the change of passenger type (Adult, Child, Infant). 

Similarly, one must understand other terms and conditions before proceeding with the process of making amendments to the names. Let’s check them out; 

  • The correction and change request in the name can only be comprehended if the air ticket is issued by Korean Air.

  • The name correction is eligible to up to 3 characters concerning your first, middle, and last name.

  • You will be charged 250 USD for international booking and 150 USD consequentially if the flight reservation is made within the Korean air space.

  • There will be no name change fee charged for an infant if an adult is traveling with their infant.

  • According to the Korean Air Name Change Policy, a name change request requires pertinent documents like a government-issued ID if the name is changed due to marriage/divorce.

  • Korean Air may ask you for a written declaration confirming the changes due to the circumstances mentioned above.

  • To proceed with the procedure, the passenger must cancel the flight within 24 hours and claim a full refund. Once done with that, you need to book your flight again with the correct name.

Important Points About Name Change Request

There are important key factors under which only the name change request can proceed; 

  • The ticket issued to a passenger must be marketed and operated by Korean Air.

  • If the passenger is traveling to or from the country of Korea.

  • More than 3 letters in your name – whether first or last name – can be corrected.

  • When you are required to correct your name for the second time, you need to cancel your booking entirely and request a new booking.

The Middle or the Last Name Correction

Respecting the Korean Air Name Change Policy, you are entitled to make corrections to your name and will be charged considerably as Korean Air Name Change fee. If you are a passenger holding a flight ticket of a higher class of service, you will be charged a fare difference. 

Addition In the Last Name Without Altering It

If a passenger has more than one last name and wishes to correct it by adding the missing last name, they will need to cancel the flight ticket and apply for a new air ticket. 

Inverted First and Last Names

The passengers having their first or last names mistakenly booked invert will be charged only the name change fee and nothing else. The correction will be made directly in the PNR. 

Married or Maiden Name Correction

Korean Air Name Change Policy allows passengers to make corrections to their names with the condition to submit written documents as proof. A marriage certificate copy of the divorce decree will suffice the need for the eligible documents. 

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What Does the Name Change Policy Say About the Korean Skypass?

If you wish to make changes to your Skypass mileage plus account, you need to select an option and proceed with the steps mentioned below to obey Korean Air Name Change Policy;

**Important The name mentioned in the Skypass mileage account should be similar to the name mentioned in the government-issued identity **

For Simple Correction in Name

Following are examples of simple name change corrections; 

  • Spelling correction in the first name – for example – Mathews to Mathew.

  • Spelling correction in the last name – for example – Smiths to Smith.

  • Altering a name to or from your nickname – for example, Nat to Nathan.

  • Correction in the prefix, title, or suffix – example – Mrs to Ms.

  • Adding or eradicating an initial or middle name – Johnathan Charles Yorkshire to Johnathan C Yorkshire.

The Complex Correction in Name

As the Korean Air Name Change Policy states, you must request the name correction in writing or on the phone. A passenger must provide the below-mentioned copy of the documents to secure the Skypass mileage account; 

  • Marriage certificate.

  • Court approved divorce decree.

  • Legal document displaying name change.

  • The previous and the existing names reflect on the authority-issued photo identity.

**Important** You must provide the name affidavit that explains your name change. Apart from that, you will be asked to provide a government-issued identity.

Two Classifiable Methods To Make Changes in your Name

Korean Air Name Change Policy allows you to alter your name with two methods – online and customer care assistance. 

The Online Method

It is important for a passenger to know that they can only correct their names if the air ticket is purchased from the Airline’s official website. A passenger must navigate the official website and look for the “Manage Booking Section.” Once you are done with that, follow the mentioned steps; 

  • Provide your booking reference along with the last name.

  • Choose the passenger’s name once you find the booking summary page. There you need to provide the name that requires correction.

  • Now, choose the button “Change Name” and provide the corrected name in the provided field.

  • After confirming the changes, you will be redirected to the checkout page.

  • Now, provide your payment details to complete the payment procedure.

  • After paying for the process, you will then get a confirmation mail about the same.

The Phone Method

To make changes in the name over the phone, Korean Air Name Change Policy allows you to assist with their expert staff. Narrate your case and take help from them to proceed with the procedure. Apart from that, it is crucial to address the issue 24 hours before the departure. 

The Name Correction Policy

To proceed with the name correction, your flight reservation must meet the bellow illustrated criteria that match Korean Air Name Change Policy;

  • The air ticket you are carrying must be issued and validated by the carrier itself.

  • The entire flight segment mentioned in the booking PNR must adhere to the rules set by Korean Air.

  • Whether it is an international flight that you have booked or a local reservation, you must address your query 24 hours before the scheduled takeoff.

  • A passenger can only apply for one ticket reissue. Additional correction in the name falls in the Korean Name Change Policy and is subject to fare difference and name change fee.

  • No changes will be made to the destination, date, and fare classes. Only name correction is permitted.

  • During mid-travel, only a slight correction is permitted according to Korean Air Name Change Policy.

  • When you request the name correction, gender and date of birth cannot be changed.

  • Only one correction per flight booking is allowed.

Table Pertaining Name Change Fees

The table helps you to understand any fare difference. Take a look below; 

Name change requests

Airline’s penalty (in USD)

Fare difference, if any

Correction to the middle name



Correction to the first name



Correction to the last name



Addition to the last name without changing the name



First and last names are inverted



Married/maiden name change



Wrapping It Up

Korean Air Airline Name Change Policy allows you to have flexibility in correcting your name. Depending upon the air ticket type and the service class you have booked, you will be guided according to the policy.

However, you must know that the change request is subject to the time frame given to you – 24 hours before the scheduled flight. For additional information, feel carefree to contact our hotline number

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