Icelandair Airline Name Change/Correction Policy

Enter the Mentioned Details Below to Change Name on Icelandair Airlines Tickets

Icelandair Airline Name Change/Correction Policy – If you misspelled your name on your Icelandair flight ticket and are now panicking about what to do, this write-up might help you relieve your anxiety. Icelandair’s Name Change Policy provides flexibility and eases mending your mistake. It is crucial to know that it is not uncommon for a frequent flyer to make typos and resultantly provide misspelled names for their flight reservation.

The write-up will cover the terms, conditions, and everything related to their queries while requesting name change/correction in their airline ticket reservation. 

Stringent Guidelines For Passengers Requesting Name Change/Correction

The guidelines about the correction and change in the name strictly abide by Icelandair Name Change Policy. 

Icelandair clearly states that a flight reservation must be identical to a passenger’s information mentioned on the government-issued identity, such as a passport.

The flight segment you made the flight reservation in must belong to the airline brand itself and shouldn’t have any codeshare agreement.

A passenger can make only one name correction on their air ticket booking. 

When a flyer requests the name correction, it must stay within three characters.  

You are not entitled to make full corrections in your first and last name; the rule goes the same for the first and last names mentioned on PNR. 

The air ticket issued strictly prohibits a passenger from transferring and disposing of the ticket to another passenger. 

According to Icelandair’s Name Change Policy, changes and corrections are not permitted to the given below booking types; 

  • A ticket bought with fiat currency other than US Dollar.

  • A ticket is purchased with a debit/credit card, cash, or any other online platform such as PayPal.

  • When flight reservations are made through external agencies.

  • Air ticket booking reservations were made in the last four hours, and the scheduled airliner is about to take off.

  • Flight reservations are made via used segments.

  • Flight booking is made via Basic Rate Segments.

  • Previously altered Icelandair booked reservation.

  • PNR consists of having more than nine passengers.

  • Any Icelandair reservation which included pets in the listing.

  • If the seat is booked for an infant.

  • For flight segments flying to multiple cities.

If a passenger must alter the air ticket ownership, they must cancel the booking entirely. Apart from that, they should claim the refund and apply to rebook the air flight with the passenger’s name they wish. 

Name Change Requests According to the Icelandair Name Change Policy

According to the policy set by Icelandair airline, a passenger can modify their name if they follow the below-listed guidelines; 

Removing Last name or First name – > according to the policy devised by the airline brand, a traveler can request the complete deletion of first name or last name on the booked flight ticket. Nonetheless, it is important to know that the name must be identical to the one illustrated on the government-issued ID. Apart from that, fare differences and airline penalties are considerably charged to a passenger.

Addition of Last Name or Middle Name – > The Icelandair Name Change Policy entitles a ticket holder to modify their middle name and last name in the booked flight ticket. As mentioned above, the correction must be similar to the one mentioned in the legal-authority-issued photo identity. Any corrections requested about the same will be considered a regular booking change. Also, fare difference and penalty will be charged accordingly.

Last Name Correction to a Child – > When passengers find their children’s last name misspelled on their flight ticket, they can request the modification, which will be considered a regular modification. Also, as mentioned above, airline penalties and fare differences will be applied to the request. Since penalty and fare differences are applicable in this circumstance, the ticket will be reissued. Apart from that, the passenger must provide the below-listed documents;

  • Divorce Decree.

  • Birth Certificates.

  • Marriage Certificates.

Two Different Solutions For Modifying Names according to the Icelandair Name Change Policy

It is important to know that the airline prohibits a traveler from requesting a name change online. Nevertheless, they can change their name to three characters by navigating Icelandair’s “Manage Booking Section.” Besides that, a passenger can opt for another solution – calling the airline’s customer assistance department. 

Solution 1.

This solution allows you to make up to three characters of changes in your name using the “Manage Booking Section” that exists on Icelandair’s official website. In addition to that, an air ticket holder must provide any legal document to validate the requested correction. The below-listed steps will guide you through the process; 

  • Firstly, you need to go to their official website –

  • After that, navigate to the “My Journey” tab on the homepage.

  • Now, provide your last name and reference for the flight booking in the field provided.

  • Once the reservation is accessed, choose the passenger’s name that must be modified.

  • Next, you need to click on the “Change” tab and provide your correct name in the field.

  • Going with the Icelandair Name Change Policy enables you to make changes to your first/middle/last name.

  • Afterward, you will be redirected to the payment processor web page.

  • Complete the payment process, save the changes, and checkout.

  • It will take an hour – give or take – and you will get a reissued ticket with a modified first/middle/last name.

Solution 2.

The customer care service allows full passenger assistance throughout the process. You will be charged a name change fee and a fare difference considerably. Customer care assistance will consider the following scenarios; 

  • Modification in married/maiden name.

  • First name and last name – inverted.

  • Typos in the title, first name, and last name.

  • The airline will disunite the PNR with a misspelled name from the booked ticket.

  • Icelandair will introduce a new PNR with a correctly spelled name.

  • A passenger will get a brand new booking reference.

  • A traveler flying with an infant must be charged an additional penalty per Icelandair Name Change Policy.

  • Your previous incorrect name PNR will be canceled during the correction process.

  • You will be issued a new PNR with a higher class or a similar one.

Name Correction Guidelines according to Icelandair Name Change Policy.

For passenger requesting to correct must know that the following rules will apply to them; 

  • The airline permits only one correction per booking.

  • Correction per booking can be processed up to three characters to the first/middle/last name.

  • The below-enlisted corrections in a name will be charged;

  • Adjustments to gender or styling are of no relevance.

  • If the number of typos is no more than two characters, it will be subject to a fee.

  • The condition is also applicable if the first name is misprinted as the last name and vice versa.

  • If the traveler’s legal name is married, not the birth surname.

  • If the reservation consists infant, the name correction request will not be processed online.

Fee Structure according to Icelandair Name Change Policy

It is crucial to know that if a passenger requests a name change before twenty-four hours of the scheduled departure, no penalty will be charged. On the flipped side, if you request for the same after hitting the twenty-four-hour mark, the charges will be applicable as mentioned in the table below;



You must know that Icelandair’s Name Change Policy is devised to save time and money. Therefore, it is crucial to know the rules before making any reservations or making amendments or corrections to the name printed on the flight ticket. The information provided in the write-up helped you.

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