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Discover Volaris Airline Baggage Policy and Fees, along with useful tips to help you manage the expenses.

Volaris is the name of the airline that is based in Mexico. If you made your reservation in the Volaris, it is easy for you to travel with them. The reason behind this is that they had laid down so many policies for the convenience of the passengers. Some of them are the Volaris Name change policy, Cancelation policy, pet policy, and many more. But here, we are talking about something big, i.e., baggage. Every passenger at some moment faced some issues regarding their baggage. But, it will not happen when you are traveling with Volaris as they introduced their Volaris Baggage policy. 

This write-up is all about the baggage policy of Volaris. Every clause and condition regarding baggage is stated here, and everyone needs to ensure that it gets fulfilled so that no discrepancy will follow up in the procedure. 

Volaris Airline Carry-on Baggage Policy

As Volaris provides flight tickets at very cheap rates, additionally they also have some other allowances for bags. You hold the right to bring carry-on baggage by giving a certain amount. If you have a basic fare of the Volaris, you only have the right to bring one personal baggage. The maximum dimension of that bag should remain within 14×8×8 inches. Besides this, you can’t bring any piece of luggage to the cabin. 

The amount to get an allowance for bringing cabin luggage is $57 to $63, and it also goes up to the maximum amount, i.e., $90, depending on several factors. The size and weight limitations of the baggage you can carry are 22×16×10 inches, and the weight shouldn’t exceed 10 kg or 22 pounds. The restrictions mentioned above would be similar when you also purchase the right to bring one more carry-on baggage with you, and the weight is for two carry-on bags for a total, not specifically. 

Remember one thing TSA only allowed two carry-on baggage and one personal baggage under the same restrictions mentioned above. It only happens when you are exiting from the US, so it is not permitted if you are flying within the US. 

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Volaris Airline Checked-in Baggage Policy

Volaris basic ticket doesn’t involve free checked baggage like any other airline. You have to pay some charges mentioned under the Volaris baggage policy. The charges you need to pay to get your first bag checked in are $25 to $27, or it may go up to $55 on all the domestic flights from or to Central America. It will rise for all the International flights and appear like $38 to $43 up to $55. Remember that the charges for checking in the bag are less if you do it by other means than visiting the airport. 

If you plan to bring some extra baggage, explore the “more baggage combo” that gives you the privilege to check-in both checked baggage and 10 kg carry-on baggage for the same price. But purchasing this package is only possible at the time of booking. 

Oversize or Overweight Baggage Fees

Taking excess baggage in Volaris will make you pay more money per bag according to the Volaris Baggage policy. In this case, if you buy it after the reservation, each additional baggage will cost you $25 to $27 or more than this. It runs only in the matter of traveling on domestic flights. On the other hand, while traveling on International flights, you have to pay $38 to $43 per bag you bring, and you are only eligible to bring 4 more bags than the usual number. 

Volaris Baggage policy posed charges like $80 to $90 for baggage that weighs between the range, i.e., 26-35 kg. If your bag becomes heavier and weighs between 36 to 45 kg, then the price you need to pay becomes more like $180 to $190. So, avoid paying extra money by making two bags that will divide the weight. 

In these airlines, nothing exists named Oversize baggage. So if your baggage stands out the dimensional limit of 62 linear inches in total, then it is not allowed. Your bag will get discarded from the category to get checked. 

Baggage Airline policy of Volaris for infants

Passengers traveling with their babies or infants must follow the baggage policy measures set for this segment only. Ensure that the infant should be of 7 days or older. According to Volaris Baggage policy, bringing infant car seats on both International and domestic flights of all routes is mandatory. 

There is some general rules of carrying an infant under the Volaris Baggage policy also given here, so please go through them:

  • If the infant receives the allocated fare, no further baggage allowance from the airline’s side will be awarded.

  • All the passengers can take certain medicines for their infants on the flights.

  • In case of traveling with an infant that is two or more years old, you are liable to buy a ticket for that infant.

  • You must have a car seat, so you could also purchase it from the airport if you didn’t have one.

Prohibited items on Volaris

Some items can’t come in the safe category and are banned by Volaris Airlines, and it is due to maintaining the safety of the other passengers and crew mates. Banned items are listed in different sections, while stuff allowed in the Volaris according to Volaris Baggage Policy is specified in some other section.

Discover Volaris Baggage Policy and Fees, along with useful tips to help you manage the expenses. by Flightaura

Volaris Baggage Policy for Sports instruments

It is stated under Volaris Baggage policy that every passenger has the right to bring certain numbers of instruments under some conditions. You can take your instrument in both states, i.e., checked or carry-on baggage. If you are taking in your instrument in checked baggage, it shouldn’t exceed 55 pounds, and the size should go above 78.7 inches. Regarding carry-on baggage, the size limit is 12.99×15.74×22.44 inches, and the weight shouldn’t exceed 22 pounds. 

Some more instruments are permitted to bring that belong to various sports or segments. The name of those items is as follows: 

  • Fishing types of equipment set
  • Football playing kit.
  • Skateboard and surfboards
  • Kayaks
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Stuff for Scuba Diving
  • Scooters
  • Bow and Arrow or Archery equipment
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