Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

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According to Turkish Airline’s name change policy, all flight bookings should require a substantial first name, middle name, or last name, and should be indistinguishable from the traveler’s passport or any other government-issued photo ID.

Name change on the ticket isn’t permitted once your booking has been affirmed. Travelers, prior to booking a flight, need to go through every one of the details to avoid any post booking trauma.

Turkish Airlines change of name requests isn’t allowed on the booking except if entered to address an incorrectly spelled name. The airlines permit name change for the listed below conditions:

  • Adding or removing the English name for Chinese guests
  • Changing gender
  • Turkish Airlines misspelled name request
  • Correcting date of birth
  • Swapping the given passenger’s name and/or surname.

According to Turkish Airlines name change policy, every one of the requests for the name change is dependent upon approval.

Here are the rules for all the name change requests – conditions incorporate Turkish Airlines change the name on a ticket, Turkish Airlines name change after marriage, Turkish Airlines no last name, Turkish Airlines name spelling mix-up, and Turkish Airlines wrong name on the ticket.

  • The ticket should be given on the TK document
  • TK marketing flight number that starts with 235 and should be operated under Turkish Airlines.
  • Turkish Airlines name change requests are allowed only once.
  • No trading of travelers is allowed. In such a case, travelers need to drop their flight booking, process a refund, and afterward re-book for the new traveler.
  • Turkish Airlines name change policy is applicable to the single-traveler booking. If there should be an occurrence of multiple or a group booking, it would be applied according to the states of an agreement.
  • Turkish Airlines name mistake requests would be confined to the Other Airline flight segment (OAL).

Turkish Airlines Misspelled Name Rules and Regulations:

According to the Turkish Airlines name change policy:

  • Up to four characters in the first name, middle name, or surname. The count of four characters will not be misconstrued as four characters each for first name, second name, and last name.
  • Turkish Airlines incorrectly spelled name requests incorporate the nicknames and inverted names.
  • Turkish Airlines name change allows all the incorporates legitimate contemplations like marriage, separation, and lawful name change.
  • Change of travel record that happens among booking and initiation of travel.
  • Turkish Airlines name change policy is confined to the flight bookings held with Miles and Smiles regular customer mileage points.
  • Transfer of possession is confined to Turkish Airlines reservations.
  • Later the Turkish Airlines name change request is accepted, the original flight portions should be held and to be reissued in something similar or lower available service class.
  • In some remarkable conditions, travelers would be given another PNR as the first one should be canceled to stay away from the flake-out, and the booking can be asserted for a refund.
  • Turkish Airlines limits the change, addition, or elimination of Passengers Type Codes (PTC), Date of Birth (DOB), or including baby on the ticket.
  • The Turkish Airlines leader might request the authoritative and legal documents and records that approve the given Turkish Airlines name change demands.
  • Turkish Airlines’ name change policy would be pertinent on confined just as non-restricted airfare rules, paying little mind to the class of service opted.

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles Name Change Procedure (For Travel Agents Only)

Here’s the complete overview of the Turkish Airlines name change for the flight’s bookings using Miles & Smiles mileage points:

Correction Type Acceptable Changes
1. First/Middle/Last Names 2. nicknames and inverted names 3. Adding middle name 4. Adding NO to the last name Turkish Airlines Name change Policy allows changes and corrections to the name provided that passengers need to submit a legal document for validation.
Legal considerations such as marriage, divorce, and legal name change. OSI Turkish Airlines name change cost would be applicable. No waiver code would be applicable under any circumstances.
Turkish Airlines No Middle name on The Ticket According to the Turkish Airlines name change policy, middle name addition, elimination, or modification needs rebooking. It involves the creation of a new PNR or record locator, and original flight segments need to be booked on a similar or higher available class of service.

However, the listed below guidelines will assist you to handle the Turkish Airlines name change request trouble free:

  • Middle names can be added or taken out. You are required to send a request to Turkish Airlines to generate another PNR for you.
  • If there is more than one traveler, prior to proceeding with the Turkish Airlines incorrectly spelled name correction request, split the PNR for the traveler whose name should be changed. When the name change request is finished, make another PNR by holding the first flight segment in a similar service class.
  • Travel agents need to get the original reserving class and flight sections. Assuming the current booking class isn’t accessible at the hour of reissue, then, at that point, the reservation ought to be reserved in a higher available passage or service class. Travelers will be answerable for any applicable airfare change
  • Secure Flight Passenger Details (SFPD) should be added to the booking framework through GDS, and the name that shows up on the ticket matches precisely as it shows up on the official photo ID.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Charges
Turkish Airlines name change cost of 300 USD would be charged, for the ticket bought whenever the 13-digit ticket number is produced.

Turkish Airlines’ name change expense continues as all other service classes, trip types, airfare types, and travelers. Travelers would be responsible for any pertinent airfare change.

Process to Change Name on Turkish Airlines Flight:

Turkish Airlines visitors can alter or modify their name online at the official website of Turkish Airlines. Likewise, every one of the Turkish Airlines name change requests can likewise be drawn approached by means of the Turkish Airlines name correction helpline number at +1-844-673-0381. How about we comprehend a step by step guide on how you can get done your name change requests:

For Online Name Change, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to the official website of Turkish Airlines, turkishairlines.com, and hit the Manage’ option.
  • Under the ‘Manage my booking’ section, input your six-digit reference number and the last name of the traveler in the designated field.
  • Click on the ‘Change’ link, and then select ‘Turkish Airlines name change request’ from the list of change requests which is available and applicable for your PNR.
  • According to the Turkish Airlines name change policy, passengers are liable to correct their first name, middle name, or surname up to 4 characters only.
  • Change the incorrectly spelled name on the ticket, and then click on the Save button to proceed further in the process.
  • At the checkout page, pay the asked Turkish Airline name change fee, and a fare difference, if there is any.
  • Once the name change request is accepted, passengers will receive the name change confirmation on the email address which they have registered at the time of booking.

Dial Helpline Number for Name Change

If you don’t want to try out the online means, then you can also go with the Turkish Airlines name change phone number +1-844-673-0381. Once the request is accepted, you will receive the name change confirmation on the email address that you have registered at the time of booking.

Change Name via Tools (For Travel Agents Only)

  • Go to turkishairlines.com, and find the Partner Login tab on the landing page.
  • Enter your travel credentials to sign in.
  • Navigate to the My Bookings tab, and enter the Group ID to continue with the Turkish Airlines incorrectly spelled name request.
  • Click on ‘Alter/View Passenger’s details, and enter the original PNR.
  • Download the format that incorporates the traveler’s very own data details related to the concerned booking.
  • Subsequent to downloading and adding the right names, save the changes, and snap on the ‘choose File’ option to transfer. Prior to transferring, cross-check the details if they are accurate with next to no slip-ups. The name should be as it shows up on the official document (Passport, picture ID).
  • Save the details, and recover the PNR to check whether the names are now appearing accurately or not.
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