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How do I Change the Name on My Ticket? – Hawaiian Airline

Famously known as one of the largest commercial flight operators in the US, the airline brand offers Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy to help its passengers to correct/change the name on their air tickets. Such a mistake can occur for any reason, such as a typo error or a legal compulsion. This write-up contains information that helps passengers modify their name on their reserved flight booking.

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy

Therefore, pay utmost attention to it and bare with the post till the end to get the befitting resolution. The Airline provides ease in altering your name without facing any hassle. However, before moving ahead with the nitty-gritty, let’s take a brief history of Hawaiian Airlines.

About Hawaiian Airline

The company started with the original aggregation of the Bellanca monoplane and two eight-seater Sikorsky aircraft back in 1929. From a modest beginning, Hawaiian Airlines has developed into one of the largest and longest-serving airline brands in the history of the US of America.

The Airline carries over 10 million air passengers daily and has marked several milestones since its inception.

What Does It Mean to Make Modifications in Names?

According to Hawaiian Airlines, modification is an enactment of altering the name that must seem identical to the one illustrated on the passport and the government-issued identity. If the Department of Transportation is to be believed, a passenger must have the same name mentioned on the passport, flight ticket, and other legal documents.

If an air traveler is failed to do so, they will be liable to face dire legal consequences. Their air ticket will be terminated because of the misinformed name mentioned on the PNR. The Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy enables a passenger to modify their name at any given time (However, conditions are applied).

Talking about the name change, there comes a circumstance when one must change/correct their name. Many people think it’s time-consuming and full of hassle. Speaking of which, it is if you do not follow the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy.

Mandatory Guidelines For Changing/Correcting Name on Hawaiian Airlines Flight Ticket

According to the policy fabricated by Hawaiian Airlines, any changes to a name that does not fulfill the correction policy will not apply to a request. Besides that, once the flight booking is confirmed and the flight ticket is issued, the Airline will not be liable to process the name change request.

In addition, Hawaiian Airlines permits a passenger to utilize the ticket issued to another passenger. However, you must book a brand new PNR and pay for the name change fee and the fare difference.

The Criteria Required to Meet the Process are Mentioned Below:

  • The ticket issued has to be directly from Hawaiian Airlines only.
  • The air ticket should be marked and operated by Hawaiian Airlines.
  • The reservation for the ticket must be an unrestricted fare.
  • The issued reservation must belong to a similar class of service as booked originally.
  • To change/correct the name, the flight segment in the same PNR must be canceled, and the ticket status should be set to “Open.”
  • Now, book a new flight reservation for a new passenger and after that, save the fare status at the current selling price.
  • After that, use the available flight and exchange the ticket.
  • Get the applicable name change fee and any fare difference when it reissues.

A Brief Description Of Hawaiian Airline Name Change Request

Hawaiian Airlines enables an air ticket holder to make corrections/changes in their name, but it is subject to rules that abide by Hawaiian Airline Flight Change Policy. Both TSA and the Airline require a flight passenger to have the same name, which is mentioned on the passport and other government-issued identities. Here’s what can be corrected:

First/Middle/Last Name

A passenger can change their name by up to three characters. The limit in characters must not be misunderstood with any conjunction in the first/middle/last name. The airline company will impose a name change/correction fee of USD 150. Apart from that, no fare difference will apply to the process.

Changing from Nickname to Legal Name

If a passenger requests to change their nickname to a legal name, the request will be considered a regular name change request. However, the flight-ticker holder must provide legal documents for the same. If the legal-authority-issued ID justifies the concern, it will be considered the required proof for the name change procedure. Subject to availability, the ticket will be reissued to a similar class or the higher one. Besides, the airline department will charge you a name change fee alongside the fare difference if applicable.

For First Name & Last Name Inverted

It will be considered the name correction request. Once you provide the actual photo ID, the request will be processed. Under this criteria, the Airline will charge a passenger a name correction fee.

Passenger Requesting The Addition of Middle Name

Hawaiian ticket holder is eligible to add their middle name if the legal-authority-issued photo ID justifies the concern. Under this circumstance, your ticket will be sent to rebooking, and the reissued ticket will be relieved either in a similar or higher class. The request will be processed under the name change procedure, and the applicable fee, along with the fare difference will be charged.

For Those Wanting to add Another Last Name

If an air traveler fails to provide the additional last name on the booked flight, they can go for the name change request on the ticket contact number. The airline brand would charge you with fare difference and name change fee.

Legal Name Change Request

In special cases where the name is changed due to marriage, divorce, or other circumstances like child adoption, the Airline will be liable to provide a brand new PNR. However, the class of service and flight segments will remain the same.

Hawaiian Miles Name Change

If you want to make the required changes to your Hawaiian Miles account, you must do it through your “Mileage Account.” However, there are some important points to take into consideration;

  • It will take up to two weeks for the airline brand to process the request.
  • The airline department may impose you to provide legal documents such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, birth certificate, child adoption documents, etc.

The Name Correction according to Hawaiian Airline Name Change Policy

The name correction procedure helps a flight ticket holder rectify the typos on their ticket. According to the policy, the airlines permit a passenger to have a correction in their name for up to three characters. The correction can be done in first/middle/last name. The following criteria must be fulfilled to proceed with the name correction process.

  • The flight for which the ticket is issued must be marketed and operated under the supervision of Hawaiian Airlines.
  • The airline brand allows only one name correction for one issued flight ticket.
  • The additional correction in the name falls under Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy and is considerably charged with fare difference and applicable name correction fee.
  • The policy does not permit the change request to the date of birth, status, gender, and title of the passenger.
  • Any correction related to the date of birth and name is subject to the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy.
  • If there’s a booking issue from the Airline’s end, minor alteration to the passenger’s date of birth is permitted if the passenger is not requesting the name correction.

What Are The Methods to Make Changes in the Name According to The Policy?

It is important to know that any corrections in the name can be held through online means. However, the name change request cannot be processed online. To proceed with the name change request, one must opt for the customer service contact number.

The Online Procedure

For a misspelled name, a passenger cannot raise a request to correct it with more than three characters in the first/middle/last name. By following the steps mentioned below, you can make changes to your names;

  • Get to hawaiianairlines.com and access “Find My Trip.”
  • Now retrieve the flight you booked and choose the preferred name that you want to change.
  • After that, provide the correct spelling of the name in the given field.
  • Afterward, you will be redirected to the checkout page, where you must pay the name change fee.
  • Knowing that the Airline permits you to make changes in the name 24 hours before the scheduled take-off is crucial.

The Offline Procedure

For name change requests due to legal issues such as marriage/divorce, inverted first/middle/last names can be addressed via the customer assistance phone number. The airline department will provide you with legal documents, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, passport, etc., to proceed with the process.

The Name Change Fee Structure

The table illustrated below enlists the name change fee structure and everything related to the same.

The Name Change Fee Structure


We learned from Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy that it enables you to change your name during the mid-travel. However, the applicable name change fee and fare difference will be imposed on passengers looking to modify their names. Besides that, Hawaiian Airlines devised a policy for name change requests that is lenient, flexible and allows a flyer to alter their names without hassle.

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