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Portugal Name Change Policy

Several passengers often complain about what to do and who to contact when they unintentionally misspell their names on their flight tickets. There are several circumstances under which you sometimes tend to make changes to your name before taking off. We will educate you about Tap Air Portugal Airline Name Change Policy and everything related to the same. This small guide will escort you through the ways, using which, you will be able to make corrections to your name.

Therefore, before you start to panic about what to do about the problem, we suggest you to take some deep breaths and relax. Just because you found your air-travel ticket mentioned with a misspelled name doesn’t mean it is the end of the world.

Rules That You Need to Know Before you Step ahead With Name Change/Correction

Before you go by the Tap Air Portugal Name Change Policy, you need to know that it is common for a traveler to make mistakes like misspelling their name during the reservation. The error occurs when you hurriedly wish to save the offer/discount on the flight or are in a hurry due to another reason. Chances are, you might have assigned someone else to do your job for booking the flight.

However, it may not look like a big thing to you, but it actually is. Speaking of which, you can face legal consequences pertaining to the matter, and also, you will be deported from the flight if you didn’t do anything about it, in time.

So, what does that mean? Do you have to stop boarding Tap Portugal flights? The fact of the matter is, the Name Change Policy of the airline allows you to make corrections in your name. Passengers often do that when they witness a certain change in their plans due to misspelled names.

Tap Portugal Airlines is fully dedicated to assisting their customers with extremely flexible policies to make modifications to their names. There are some rules set for making such modifications which are mentioned below;

  • Tap Portugal passengers are entitled to make corrections to the name mentioned on their flight tickets as stated in the Tap Portugal Name Change Policy.
  • A Tap Portugal flight ticket holder can modify their name for up to 4 characters.
  • If a traveler recently got divorced or married, they are required to provide their legal IDs as proof.
  • Only those who are confirmed with booked tickets are eligible to make changes to the Tap Portugal flight tickets.
  • You are strictly prohibited from making changes to the tickets that are awarded to you either by a promotional offer or otherwise, a discount.
  • A passenger cannot modify a non-refundable ticket from the Tap Portugal airline.

Guidelines to Make Changes to The Name In Booking – Tap Air Portugal Airline Name Change Policy

There are legitimate ways through which you can alter the flight details concerning your name. If you talk about the corrections, they are required to go through certain guidelines set by the airline. Based on the guidelines set mandatory by the Airline, given below are the ways through which a passenger can make changes in the booking;

Solution 1. Lending a helping hand from Customer Care Assistance

It is considered one of the legitimate ways through which you can make amendments such as a name changes in your flight ticket. You need to contact the Tap Portugal customer care service and follow the mentioned steps for the proper resolution to the query.

  • If a name change or any other correction related to the same is what you desire, you need to let the airline representative know.
  • The representative will ask for general information about your name and other information mentioned on the ticket.
  • They will ask for the details such as full name, reference number of the booking, and other information such as official ID issued by the government.
  • Once the reservation is located by the agent, they will inform you about the charges you need to pay for the process to be commenced properly.
  • When you are done with the payment process, the agent will proceed with making changes in the name.
  • Lastly, you need to wait for the confirmation, which will be delivered to you on your registered contact number or email.

Solution 2. Correction Through Email

Anyone can use the Tap Portugal email feature to make corrections to the booking. You can easily make changes using the email service provided by the airline company. Make sure to visit the official website. Once, you reach out to their official portal, you need to provide your query on their email – customer@tapportugal.com

Provide them with the reservation code along with the e-ticket number given to you. Now, provide your crucial documents. Apart from that, if there are any court-approved documents or a government-issued ID that you have – provide them with those documents as well. Now, you need to wait for their response.

Solution 3. Name Change on The Airport Counter

If you are not interested in solution 1 and solution 2 as suggested in the write-up, you can try visiting the Airport Counter. You must know that the representative will acknowledge the request and offer you crucial assistance in the matter. However, it is important to know that the request for a name change has to be addressed at least 24 hours before the predetermined departure.

You will be asked to provide the necessary legal documents to provide your legitimacy on the booking. Afterward, if there is any payment that you need to pay as charges, the Tap Portugal airline will notify you about it.

The airline will ask you to pay the necessary charges required to proceed with the process. Once you are done with that, they will step ahead with the paperwork. When the paperwork is done, your name will appear on the flight ticket.

Solution 4. Tap Portugal Name Change Policy allows you to change your name through Facebook Messenger & Twitter

You can contact Tap Portugal Airlines through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The airline is available for loyal passengers on these social media portals. Important information and tools are given on their social media platforms. Any passenger wishing to change their name on the Tap Portugal flight ticket can share their concern with the department.

The correction in the name strictly abides by the policy fabricated by the airline. Using information available on these portals, you can request your amendments to the airline.

Solution 5. The Official Website

You can also try seeking help for the same on their official website. All a concerned passenger has to do is to look for the Tap Portugal Manage Booking Section on their official website. They will ask you for your last name and other information related to the booking. You might want to follow these steps to proceed with the correction in your name;

Step 1. Look for the official TAP Portugal official website.

Step 2. Now, get to the Manage Booking section and provide your TAP Portugal’s 6-digit PNR along with the last name.

Step 3. After that, review the changes you made to the name and make adjustments if necessary.

Step 4. Once you are done verifying the corrections, submit it.

Step 5. You could be asked to provide the legal documents as well if required.

Step 6. If found eligible, you may need to pay the fee for the corrections.

Step 7. Once the request is processed, a confirmation code will be delivered to your registered email.


Anyone can make mistakes during flight reservations, and Tap Air Portugal Airline Name Change Policy makes it easier for passengers to make amendments to their name. The name change policy devised by the airline is a great way to make small changes to the booked flight ticket. The information provided in the write-up may help the people ward off their fear of boarding denial because of the errors in the names.

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