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Etihad Airways Name Correction Policy – When discussing luxury in traveling, Etihad and Emirates are the names that clicked in people’s minds. Etihad Airways is the name that comes in the aura of carriers of Dubai. Etihad is in the second spot after Emirates and marked their name in the title of “Lakhs of Luxuries” worldwide. It is truly stated that Etihad is not all about luxury; all other services and amenities are commendable. 

They consider their passengers their responsibility and know they must take care of all their concerns. Keeping it in mind, they introduced their name Etihad Airways Name Correction Policy. It is the encyclopedia of details for making alterations in the name for any mistakes when flying with Etihad Airways. 

Take reference from this Guide and go ahead for making your travel fantastic. Clear the mistakes in your name and make it similar to the passport so that any resistance wouldn’t occur while traveling. 

Price by Etihad Airways for correcting the name

Etihad Airways follows a genuine way of charging people for their request to alter their names. They take fees from their passengers based on their timing when they apply. If you apply within the window of 24 hours from the booking time, no charge has to be paid. But after this window gets passed, you are liable to charge for amending your name. 

Here are the charges as per the various timings of raising the request from the scheduled departure of the flight for the name change:

  • When you apply 60 days before the departure: $150 – $200.

  • When you apply 30 days before the departure: $200 – $250.

  • When you apply 15 days before the departure: $225 – $300.

  • When you apply 24 days before the departure: $300 – $350.

Key point: Apply for the name change at least 1-2 weeks before to better save yourself from the last-minute hassle.

Types of modification raised to Etihad Airline

As per the measures laid down by the Federal Aviation Authority, the name should match the name written on the passport. If the name is different, then legal actions would be performed against you.

The possible request that emerges for modifying the name of Etihad airlines are:

  • Maintain the full name in one line: Most people have full names printed on their passports. So it needs to appear the same as in the passport. This alteration is done only by calling the respective airline.
  • Addition or removal of suffix in the name: You also hold the right to add or remove any suffix from your name. Two ways to attain this end are prevailing: by calling and through a website.
  • Name correction when diverging with special characters: By any typo error, sometimes we indulge any unwanted characters in our name that need to be eradicated instantly. Fare difference and the fees for doing so is liable in this case. You can either navigate to “manage to book” or by calling them.
  • The scenario of marriage, divorce, and likewise: Changing the name becomes easy due to legal obligations. Only one condition exists, i.e., the Submission of any legal document supporting the same.
  • Insertion of name double times: Mostly, people in a hurry write their names two times which appears on the ticket then. By following the Etihad Name Change policy, you can eliminate errors easily.
  • Issue of long names: Etihad Airways Name Correction or Change Policy allows the name character of up to 28 in every name written in the flight booking. Fill in all the details as it is from the passport but limit the name. If your name exceeds more than these characters, contact Etihad Airlines. They update the option of SR DOCS. In this scenario, Airlines only possess the right to collect the name-changing fee, not the fare difference.

How to Make Alterations in the Name of Etihad Airways Airline

Etihad Airways highlights many methods in its name-changing policy, but Online is the easiest, and it needs not to get verified from the airline’s side. As per your expediency, continue the process. 

1. Name correction through the Etihad Airways Airline

Indubitably, this method is the best possible method for changing the name. From any place, you can perform this method within no time. For its implementation without a flaw, go through the given points: 

  • Please open the official website of Etihad Airways in your browser.

  • Go to the option of “manage to book” and click on it.

  • To retrieve your booking, please enter the confirmation number and the passenger’s last name.

  • While spotting your flights, choose the one that needs a change and click on the “Edit” button.

  • Next, fill up your correct name and other supporting details.

  • Revert with your legal documents, like a passport or identification proof, for verification purposes.

  • Pay the airlines any fee if it appears.

  • Then, the process gets completed. Lastly, wait for the alert for confirmation on your registered mail Id or Mobile number.

2. Etihad Airways Airline name change by visiting the Airport

Correcting the name in Etihad Airways is an easy process and will get done in some hours. Taking the assistance of the authorities or concerned person while visiting the Airport is a smart move.

Remember: Visit the Airport for this at least one to two weeks before the departure date so that last-minute issues wouldn’t originate. Secondly, go to the same Airport from where your flight is scheduled. 

Start by entering the airport premises and then check-in in. Find any of the representatives of Etihad airlines and disclose the reason for the visit. Tell them where the name changes are needed and the reason for doing so. They proceed further and ask for some of the personal details. After all this, it is mandatory to submit some legal documents for verification. They check whether you are the same person, then proceed further. Ultimately, they’ll reward you with a new boarding pass with the correct name.

3. Name alteration in Etihad Airways through customer care representative

As per the Etihad name change policy, Passengers can call anytime through their toll-free number on their website. This airline specifically always delivers the service at par onboard. 

The conversation will take place in this way: 

  • Starting with the reason for calling the airline.

  • Tell them about the mistakes in your name that you have spotted.

  • Present the documents that need to be submitted specifically in case of marriage, divorce, or any other such incident.

  • After that, many other personal details are required for verification purposes.

  • As soon as the verification takes place, the process proceeds ahead.

  • Finally, they’ll send a confirmation alert to your registered method on which you received all your messages through the airlines.

Statute of Etihad Name Change policy

Etihad Airlines proposes its rule book of using the name change policy in a detailed and concise manner. All the pointers are clear and easy to understand. Specifying the flight ticket’s name must match the passport’s name. If not, some hurdles will surely arise in your travel plan. 

One prime rule to grave in mind is that your name will appear similar to as mentioned in your identification proof for passport. All the other edicts are specified under the name correction policy of Etihad Airways.

  • The ticket can’t be reversed by making many changes in your ticket with Etihad Airlines.

  • All the banks can add extra charges to your name change fees as per the Etihad policy.

  • Allowance to modify the name is given only on the refundable type of tickets.

  • The limit to make the modifications in the name is 96 hours before your scheduled flight departure.

  • This airline allowed the passengers to change only up to 3 characters to any part of their name.

  • It is mandatory to present a copy of your passport or any other identification proof with a photograph.

  • The person raising the request must match the name mentioned on the flight ticket.

  • It is only a one-time opportunity to revise your name’s mistakes.

  • The request for altering the errors in the name is only relevant when Etihad Airways operates and regulates your booked flight.

  • Amending in the name of Etihad Airways can only be entertained on the unused part of the ticket.

Ending words

Etihad Airlines is capable and holds the right to change any error in the name of any passenger without any prior notice. They only need to verify your details for the same issue, and this airline asked for some legal documents verifying the same. And if any might get spotted in the name from your ID proof, they cancel your ticket anytime they want. So take a look at this Guide, so your experience with Etihad Airways always remains satisfactory.

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