Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

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Spirit Airlines name change policy

An Overview of Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy, Spirit Airlines is on the list of the top airlines in this world. Before moving on to the Spirit Airlines name change policy, let’s get introduced to Spirit Airlines first.

Spirit Airlines is a major low-cost airline that strives towards the passenger’s comfort and fulfillment of expectations. This carrier has its home in Miramar, Florida. From there, they manage all their operations in more than 80 destinations globally.

If Facing Any Issues While Changing Your Name
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Passengers might be in a hurry, fill up their names incorrectly, and sometimes need to correct their name spellings. In many cases, in flow, they entered the name as they used but here, the name must be matched with your identification proof.

To deal with these types of issues, Spirit Airlines made their Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy. Under this policy, they posed several conditions that need to be satisfied for making corrections in your name.

A detailed description of Spirit Airlines’ name change policy has been given underneath. Read this policy thoroughly and get rid of this problem if it arises.

How Can Someone Change their Name on Spirit Airlines? 

Proceeding with the best alternative to change the name is needful and necessary for a smooth process. The name change policy on Spirit Airlines offers some easy options to walk through the process of making corrections in their name.

Users can opt for the method they thought was easy for them. And while following that method, they can conclude conveniently.

As per your requirement, various methods have been published here, comprising both online and offline methods for changing the name Spirit Airlines.

These Methods are as Follows:

  • Through the main website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Through contacting the customer care executive of Spirit Airlines.
  • Taking with the help of an executive at the Airport.

First Alternative: Name Change on Spirit Airlines by Visiting the Official Website of Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines’ website contains an option for submitting a complaint. Request to change your name, then they ask for proof, which is a basis for officially changing the name.

Then after the verification, they go ahead with the process. Scroll down for the full detailed process.

  • Open up the website of spirit Airlines on your desired browser.
  • Click on the “manage my travel bar” button to proceed further with the name-changing process after clicking on it.
  • Write your name and the flight confirmation number in the preferred box. You received your confirmation flight number on your email id.
  • Choose the option of “Edit Booking” after clicking on the trip you want to alter the name.
  • To succeed in this, fill in the correct name and other details required to gain this aim.
  • After this, click on “OK,” and your name gets updated on your flight ticket with Spirit Airlines.
  • Relax now and wait for the mail confirming that your name gets changed.

Second Alternative: Changing the Name on Spirit Airlines with the Help of a Phone.

Connecting with the Spirit Airlines customer representative is a facile alternative, and people find it practical whenever they connect with any customer care people. Those executives will inform you about the process of changing the name on spirit Airlines as per their name change policy.

When you get connected with the customer service executive of Spirit Airlines, you need to give your PNR number or ticket ID. Then, they proceed and ask about the changes you want. They also demand any legal proof supporting your request for the name change.

They checked the document, and if you get verified, they only go further in the process. If there is any requirement of fees, then pay it and hold back for the confirmation email.

The given alternative is apt for changing the name as per the Spirit Airlines Name Change policy. But limit your change up to some letters only.

In case of changing the full name, the appropriate way is to cancel the ticket and then make a new reservation by another name. In this way, you can transfer the liability of that ticket to someone else’s name.

Third Alternative: Alteration in the Name of Spirit Airlines by Reaching the Airport.

Spirit Airlines offers to modify the name while going to the Airport. It would help if you met with that airline’s representative to fix this problem.

Tell them about your issue, and then they will give you a form to fill out. You must write all the personal details mandatory for this process and submit a copy of your identification proof.

Sometimes, the name changing at the Airport takes longer as most people are lined up by their issues, and they solve the user’s concerns, which come first to them. So it is advised to visit the Airport to change the name a long time before the departure date.

Spirit Airlines Name Correction Policy

All the major details of the Spirit Airlines Name Change policy are mentioned here. Please read it so you can easily change your name whenever needed.

  • The name change policy of Spirit Airlines is understood as a method to change any mistakes that occur in any part of the passenger’s name.
  • If your PNR still exists, a request for changing the name gets denied. You need to cancel your ticket, then go for a new one.
  • If you belong to any of the flier clubs, then you have no right to make any modification in your name.
  • Amendment in any other details like date of birth and gender is not counted under the three characters.
  • It is not allowed to change the ticket in the name of someone else as per the name change policy of Spirit Airlines.
  • Only three-letter change is limited in the first, middle, and last names.

The Necessity of the Documents Mandatory Under the Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Anyone can only change their name with the representation of legal documents. If so, everyone will easily change their name on the flight tickets at their convenience.

However, Spirit Airlines’ name change policy has a clause that some legal proof is necessary for changing the name. Below given are the documents that needed to submit are:

  • A legal notice from the Court.
  • The marriage certificate if it happens.
  • The divorce paper is certified by the government.
  • Another document aids in the process of the name change on Spirit Airlines.

Name Modifying Fees as per the Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

In normal scenarios, Spirit Airlines doesn’t charge anything as they care about their users and include changing the name due to some standard error.

In contrast, the fee structure of Spirit Airlines didn’t exist as such. There is a general fee for changing the name, i.e., $120.

Various conditions are mentioned under the Spirit Airlines Name change policy, which is very dynamic, and they got changed as the asked changes got distorted.

  • The money charged for booking the ticket again after the request has been entertained is 250 USD.
  • If your alteration in the name is only 3 three letters, you have to pay $225.
  • The price is $175 when the change requires special permission from the particular airline.
  • Transferring the ticket in the name of someone else is $200.
  • A flaw in name by miss typing costs you $150.
  • If the flight of Spirit Airlines is limited to the territory of Europe, it costs you $250.
  • The cost is $225 if you have a ticket on Spirit Airlines particularly.

Spirit Airlines charges the fees per the condition of the name change you applied for. It is suggested to get aware of this fee structure and then apply for the request for name correction as per the name change policy in Spirit Airlines.

Regulations Highlighted under the Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy gives the privilege to all users to change their name only up to the three letters in the first, middle and last name.

Apart from this prime rule, Spirit Airlines has imposed several other regulations. These conditions need to be strictly adhered to by everyone for taking advantage of Spirit Airlines Name Change policy.

  • Other changes like gender and date of birth are not included in this name amend policy of Spirit Airlines.
  • You can easily add any prefix or suffix to your middle, first, and last name without any resisting factor. The only requirement is to make it similar to the name appearing on the government issued of identity proof.
  • In the scenario, when the concerned person has different flight segments, the name correction will only occur with this airline’s flight.
  • If the name modification belongs to the legal aspect, Spirit Airlines won’t charge a single penny for such a change.
  • Submission of legal documents is a must for applying for the name change process. They asked for some documents like a marriage or divorce certificate and passport to make sure that other details remain right, like contact details, passport number, gender, and date of birth.
  • The name amend request would only be entertained when the flight specified on the ticket must be operated by Spirit Airlines. And the ticket stock number is started by the code 095.

Note: A special period exists, and Spirit Airlines offers a window 24-hour cancellation period. This span is risk-free, and you can amend your name without including any type of charge by Spirit Airlines. 

Summing Up

Not an issue when you find your name incorrect on your flight ticket. As Spirit Airlines comes with their Spirit Airlines name Amend policy under which you can amend your name easily without any hassle.

One demand is that this task is fulfilled only by satisfying all the conditions of this policy. Spirit Airlines Name Amend Policy is beneficial for you, and it makes your vacation worth remembering.

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