Aer Lingus Airline Name Change Policy

Enter the Mentioned Details Below to Change Name on Aer Lingus Airlines Tickets

Aer Lingus Airline Name Change Policy Any passenger who had a booking with Aer Lingus carrier can simply amend their name in case of witnessing any error. This airline thought for every type of passenger and gave multiple ways to correct their name at their convenience. Remember to stay under the limitations and follow all the rules of the Aer Lingus Name change policy. 

Let’s not waste any time and get equipped with the methods and the clauses needed to be applied when someone raises a request for name modification. 

Eligibility for Aer Lingus Airline Name Change

  • Your prevailed flight booking must get canceled, making it “open” for any changes at any time.

  • Then the Aer Lingus carrier’s concerned team checked your ticket and asked you to clear the fee applied to your changes. If the ticket was reissued in any upper class, you are liable to pay the fare difference.

  • A new ticket will form by keeping all the journey details identical, including the fare.

  • No exemption is given from the increased fare, as you are responsible for paying the fare difference.

Alternatives for altering the name while with Aer Lingus Airlines

Aer Lingus Airlines thinks more for their user and lays down multiple numbers of alternatives through which you can rectify the flaws in your name. Choose the one, apt for you and make your name correct on the flight ticket. 

Method 1: Name alteration by contacting the customer care executive

Got the contact details of Aer Lingus Airlines from their website and contacted them to make alterations to your name. Just connect and tell them the reason you called. They recorded your concern and asked for proof and the fee for making corrections if there are any. And the process gets done. Shortly, you’ll receive a message with the confirmation.

Method 2: Modification in name by Email Id

Just create a mail by mentioning the corrections you want in your name and attach any documents proving the same. The airlines then revert if they have any questions regarding your request; a confirmation message will come up in your mail or on the registered number. 

Method 3: Correcting the name using social media

Take hold of the Aer Lingus Airlines social media handles through their website as they offer this alternative also for amending the name. Reach out to them, and they’ll brief you on the process. Some documents need to be submitted and the fee for modifying the name. Then a processing period starts, and you’ll receive a confirmation message when it ends. 

Method 4: Applying through the website to amend the name

Everyone can easily alter their name and eradicate all the errors; you only need to follow the steps mentioned and complete the process. This method is simple and performed by anyone on their system. 

  • Firstly, enter the URL of the website of Aer Lingus in your preferred browser.

  • Next to it, choose the option of “manage trip.”

  • A new window will appear asking for details for fetching your booking information. Enter your booking reference number and last name in the asked field.

  • From the popped-up list of bookings, choose the one that needs changes.

  • Do the alteration you want in the name and fill in the correct one.

  • Make a double check of all the personal details for concluding the process.

  • It’s time to pay the fees, if any, apply to your case.

  • When the correction is done successfully, you’ll receive a confirmation message mentioning that your name gets changed.

Fee for amending the name in Aer Lingus Airlines

Aer Lingus Airlines’ name change policy levies some minimum charges on the passengers who raise a request to change their name. The fees differ based on location, time of modification, and several other factors. The general fee for altering the name announced by Aer Lingus Airlines is $157.  

Hence it is suggested to contact the airlines to get aware of the exact fee for a name change as it gets distorted out of time due to multiple reasons. 

Regulations of name correction policy of Aer Lingus Airlines

Whenever modifications to the name are made, the individual is liable to follow all the regulations specified under the Aer Lingus Name Change Policy. It is mandatory to satisfy all these conditions. 

So, read all these pointers properly so that the airlines wouldn’t deny your claim for amending the name. 

  • Your booking must contain only those flights regulated by this carrier or their partners.

  • The airline ticket you possess must be from a valid carrier.

  • Modification to all other particulars like travel date, flight class, flights, and fare codes is not permissible under this Aer Lingus name change policy.

  • You are not authorized to alter both dates of birth and gender at the same time. Correcting the birth date and the name of the passengers on a flight ticket is counted as a name change by the policy of name correction of Aer Lingus Airlines.

  • Only one amendment in the name on a booking is allowed. Other than this correction, all the changes in other names are counted as another name change request and must come in the fee window for altering the name.

  • If any booking issue occurs at the time of reservation, the provision to correct the date of birth is permitted. And you also miss your chance to modify your name.

  • All minor changes in the name are permitted. It is so to make your name on the flight ticket similar to the passport and all other identification proof.

To Conclude

Aer Lingus carrier focuses on the convenience of the passengers, that’s why various specified choices for everyone to get their Aer Lingus Airline Name Change correct. They aim to save you from any discrepancy in your travel. Everyone should remember that they need to make their name on the flight ticket similar to the name on all other government-approved identity documents. To this end, Aer Lingus is always there and strives to make the customer pleased with their services. 

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