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Cathay Pacific Airline Name Correction Policy:- A frequent flier must have gone through these issues, mainly errors related to the name on their flight ticket. How to get it done right, and is there any issue that will emerge if I have a name on my flight ticket that is not similar to my passport? If you are flying with Cathay Pacific, then take no stress regarding these concerns.

Cathay Pacific’s name correction policy is that gateway that can save you from various unseen hindrances in traveling. 

Every facet of this name change policy of Cathay Pacific Airline is elaborated here. Run through it and understand this policy; you might need it in the future. 

Know the ways to change the name as per the Cathay Pacific Airline

Cathay Pacific Airlines offers various ways to amend the name. Every passenger can find a convenient option and go ahead to conclude the process to get their name on their flight ticket correctly. 

First Alternative: Name modification through the website of the airline

The online approach gives you an upper hand in changing your name from the comfort of your home. No need to take any assistance from the airline’s side. Every step is given with minute details, and correcting the name becomes easy by only following them. 

  • Reach out to the official website of Cathay Pacific in your browser.

  • From the website’s homepage, search for the “manage booking” button and tap on it to continue the process.

  • Then go with the option “Find a booking” and provide details like your last name, first name, and booking reference.

  • After filling in all this information, choose “find my booking”.

  • A new window appears containing the option of “Edit” the booking.

  • Then correct your name by filling out the new one as per your passport and other legal documents.

  • After all this, the time comes to pay the fees. If there is any fare difference, you are liable to pay it.

  • Lastly, look in your mail ID and registered phone number for the confirmation message regarding the accomplishment of your request for the name change.

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Second Alternative: By reaching out to their customer care representatives

This method is primarily for those who don’t know how to use the Internet. Through this alternative, any user can contact any of the airline’s customer service representatives. And they will assist you till your issue gets eliminated. Tell them your problem and they will ask you for some documents. After this, the fee has to be submitted. Succeedingly, the process takes some time; instantly, when it gets finished; you’ll receive an email. 

Third Alternative: Name changing through social media

You can connect with Cathay Pacific airlines through their social media handles, whose details are on their website. Just reach out to them with your concern and hold back for the reply. Please provide them with all the necessary details and get your issue resolved.

Fourth Alternative: Alter the name through email

Prepare an email for Cathay Pacific Airlines as it is another means mentioned in Cathay Pacific Name Correction Policy to change the name. Write the correction you want in your name and attach the legal document supporting the same. Wait for the revert then, and you have to pay if there is any name correction fee and fare difference. 

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Correction fee for the name in Cathay Pacific Airlines

If you made the flight booking from any third-party source or any of the OTA, then you are not eligible for correcting the name. On the other hand, if you made a booking from reliable sources ( like , you can only raise a request to change the name. 

The fee for altering the name per the Cathay Pacific Name Correction policy varies based on destination and booking class. Some limited modifications in the character are limited, and you can also alter the name. It is possible in the case of some legal acts like marriage and divorce. Refer to the chart below for an idea of the name-changing fee by Cathay Pacific Airlines.

Directive of Cathay Pacific Name correction Policy

They enlist some rules and regulations to ensure the right process of correcting the name in Cathay Pacific airlines. It is mandatory for everyone who is raising a request for changing the name to remain limited under these clauses. These rules are:

  • The name of the passengers on the flight ticket must remain similar to what they have on their passports. It makes their journey a hassle-free one.

  • If on the flight ticket, the spelling of the name gets wrong due to typing error, then it counts in the window of reprinting the ticket.

  • Sometimes, people want to alter any specific part of the name, i.e., first or even last name. They can do so but only by following the guidelines for the same.

  • Cathay Pacific’s Name correction policy doesn’t involve amendment of full name in any scenario.

  • Spotting any typo error in your name on the flight ticket is not an issue as it can get cleared by this name change policy of Cathay Pacific Airlines.

  • Modification in the name is also allowed in case of marriage or divorce. Only the presentation of legal documents is a must as evidence.

  • Adding or deleting the middle name from the name on the flight ticket is permissible as per the Cathay Pacific Name Correction Policy.

  • Sometimes, you can also change the gender on your flight ticket if it gets printed wrongly on the flight ticket.

Summing up

Correcting a name on a flight ticket becomes easy with the introduction of the name change policy of every airline. Cathay Pacific is one of those carriers that offers multiple ways a user can amend their name. 

They can go with the method at their convenience and accurately witness their name on the flight ticket. Remember one thing: fare difference falls upon the user, who must pay it. 

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