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Ryanair Airline Name Change / Correction Policy, We all know the value of a name on any document. As the name changes due to any error or mistakes, many unseen obstacles arrive in the way. Everyone should make sure that wherever their name is written, it should appear as it is mentioned in their passport. Ensure every government-approved identification document contains a similar name to your ticket to clear out all the delusion. 

To get rid of your issue of this type, Ryanair Airlines came out with its name change policy. Every minute detail about Ryanair Airline Name Change Policy is highlighted here. You just need to run your eyes through this write-up to get your name fixed on your flight ticket from Ryanair Airlines.

What is Ryanair Airlines Name Change Policy?

The policy, i.e., the Ryanair name change policy, suggests changing the name if any mistakes or errors are witnessed in the name. Ryanair Airlines offers the provision of the same. You make sure that your name on the flight ticket remains similar to your name on the passport or other legal documents; otherwise, some hindrances will surely be waiting for you when you go forward for travel. 

There are a few more pointers laid by this airline that have to be kept in mind for a smooth process: 

  • Ryanair Airline is not a supporter of the fact when you raise the request to modify the name on the partner airline or any of the supporters.

  • Suppose your name gets changed, your ticket will get booked in a similar class as the previous ticket or maybe in the upper class, depending on the availability. Let the fare of the new flight be much more than the previous flight, automatically; you become liable for paying that sum.

  • All the name-changing requests made by Ryanair Airlines are only entertained if directed to the flights regulated or controlled by Ryanair Airlines.

  • Apply for the name modification within 7 days before the scheduled flight departure so it will complete without any charges. But after 7 days, an additional name-changing fee will get laid upon you.

How can we change the name while booked with Ryanair Airlines?

Passengers can opt for any method within Ryanair’s Name Change Policy, i.e., Online and Offline. As per the comfort or choice, go ahead with the alternative you like. 

Change Name on Ticket Online

There is no more to implement; just follow the given steps for changing the name online. 

  • Open your preferred browser and reach the website of Ryanair Airlines.

  • Then reach to the “Manage My Trips” section.

  • On the appearing page, click on the tab “Change name” and fill in all the asked details in the required box.

  • Pick the name from the booking page and alter it with the correct name of the passenger.

  • After all this, the system asks you to pay the fee. Also, the fare difference if your flight ticket gets booked in another class.

  • If you agree with everything, click on the “OK” button. Then a new page pops up with the confirmation of the ticket.

  • Please check your registered mail ID and phone number for the confirmation message of the accomplishment of the name-changing request.  

Amendment of the Name Offline

Each representative of Ryanair Airlines is always present on the floor to solve any queries at any time. Connect with them and get your issue resolved in no time. Fetch their contact details from the “Contact Us” page of the website and call them. 

Do the same as mentioned in the given steps:

  • Call the carriers and tell them the factor regarding which you called them.

  • Then, provide the personal information they need to reach your booking page.

  • Tell them the name which needs alteration and the correct name instead of that.

  • Deliver the legal document to support your amendment in the name.

  • If there is any fee needed to pay, then send the money and wait for some hours.

  • Whenever the process ends, relax for the confirmation page. Check your email Id and phone number for the message stating that your name gets changed.  

Some regulations are stated within the Ryanair Airline Name Change Policy

One thing is common, and everyone knows about it, i.e., while flying with Ryanair Airlines, you have complete authority to alter the name to only 3 characters without any charges. But if the fare difference comes up then passengers have to pay it. Other major rules which are bounded upon every passenger to follow before applying for the name change request are stated below:

  • No fees would be applied in case of name correction, which is genuine and performed while taking into consideration the regulations of the Ryanair Name Change Policy. Ensure you are not transferring the ticket in the name of someone else.

  • Ryanair Airlines posit a fee on every customer for every time change in their name on every booking.

  • Fare difference is the cost that arrives when the charge of the new flight is higher than your previous flight, so you become liable to pay that. If you anticipate the request in 24 hours, no fee is levied, but the fare difference must be paid. On the other hand, if the fare of the previous flight is more than the previous flight, then no refund will be processed into your account by the airline.

  • Issue of not accomplishing the task of name alteration, connect with the customer support executive of Ryanair Airlines. It can be performed 2 hours before departure.

  • You are only permitted to make one change per booking. And if there are more alterations you need to make in a booking, then it depends on the airlines. Either they can approve it or disapprove of it.

  • Online mode for amending the name only works till 4 hours before the fixed departure of the flight.

  • The impact of altering the name is seen on every flight of your booking.

Fee by Ryanair Airlines for Changing the Name

All the passengers are liable to pay some amount whenever they anticipate the task of changing their name on their flight ticket. It varies depending on the time you applied as per the Ryanair Name Change Policy. A description is given below: 

Name alteration within 48 hours: Flyers who make their booking through the official website of Ryanair Airlines have the right to change their name within 48 hours. This time is counted from the time of the booking, and no charge will be posted upon you. Moreover, the fare difference may apply if you get another flight from the one you booked.

Name amendment after the window of 48 hours: Until 2 hours from the departure time, Ryanair Airlines allowed the passengers to alter their mistakes in the name. There is a charge of $200 for this case. On the other hand, if you do the correction by calling, the fee rises to $250.

In Essence

Passengers feel very satisfied whenever they take any of the Ryanair Airlines services as this carrier provides assistance throughout every process. For example, if someone needs help understanding the procedure for changing the name, then Ryanair Airline’s customer support executives remain available every moment.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

According to the Ryanair Airlines name change policy, a passenger can change their name on their flight ticket through main website. Keep in mind, if you want to change your full name then you can only do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure. If its last moment, then make sure to make changes in your flight at least 2 hours prior to your final boarding. However, in this case, you would have to pay a certain amount to the airline which known as flight change fee.

While reserving a flight ticket on the Ryanair airlines, then make sure to add your first name or last name which is on your government issued ID. However, it also happens when passengers use their middle name or nickname as if it’s even mention in your passport. In case, if a passenger has multiple nicknames, then make sure to use the one which is mention in your passport or government issued id.

If you want to make correction in your name which is added in your passport. However, to make corrections in your name you would have to fill out the form. The application will take at least seven to ten weeks to proceed. Other services might take longer than that, but make sure to write the exact name which is available on your government issued ID.

A passenger can change their first name as well as your last name for free of cost. However, to avoid paying any fees, make sure to make corrections in your name within 48 hours after making your reservation. According to the Ryanair airlines name change policy, a passenger can change at least three characters if its being modified within 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

As Per the Ryanair airlines name change policy, a passenger would not be able to change their name if your flight has been already departed. For more information regarding this topic, you can get in touch with the customer service and ask for their assistance.

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