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Copa Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Copa Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy, Some general issue arises in everyone’s mind when they make an error in their name while booking a flight. Does it hamper my journey? Or does it have any effect on Identification? Copa Airlines doesn’t put you in that spot where you possess similar thoughts.

Copa Airlines is a credible and reputed airline; that’s why they have their name change policy. So if you mistyped or forgot to write the accurate name while taking the service of Copa Airlines, then no need to worry as you are flying with Copa Airlines. 

It sounds like an easy task to change the name or make corrections whenever a mistake is committed, but it can be done with some individuals who raised the issue and wish to correct it.

Here a detailed description of Copa Airlines Name Change Policy has been given, in which all the guidelines for changing the name, nominal fees, and the method to make a request have been included. 

Circumstances regarding the Name Change on Copa Airlines

As per the Copa Airlines Name Change Policy, Only passports and other legal documents are submitted, which should be used for filling in the name on the flight ticket while making a booking. It is mandated that your first and last name become identical to your Identification; otherwise, it must be corrected as soon as possible. 

The list of all the possible conditions has been highlighted, which will lead to the beginning of the name change procedure on Copa Airlines. 

  • It is necessary to complete and submit the Name correction form of Copa Airlines to get the name change.

  •  On one ticket, only one name can be changed.

  • It is not allowed to fill someone else’s name in your ticket, and making whole changes to the name is forbidden.

  • Amendment of complete full name and last name simultaneously is not permissible.

  • The opportunity to alter the name can only be offered to those who didn’t use this option earlier.

  • Only 3 characters can be altered, including all (the first name, the last name, and the middle name).

What is the process for making changes in the name of Copa Airlines?

Seeing that your departure date is coming near and you found a mistake on your flight ticket as it doesn’t look similar to the Identification you submitted. It isn’t a big deal, only if we discuss a mismatching issue in a hotel or an unofficial function.

In contrast, it will be a massive issue in the case of Copa Airline as you are crossing the border and must go through Immigration checks. It proved to be a headache as it can arise as a hurdle in your trip plan. 

The following points are suggested to settle down the issue quickly. Some methods have been given below, leading you to deal with the name change issue in Copa Airlines. 

Legal Documents submission

Presentation of the legal documents can be done to justify the name change process of Copa Airlines, as it can prove an error in your name. It is beneficial as there is no need to pay the fees for changing the name. 

Do cancel your flight booking

Apply to cancel the flight ticket of Copa Airlines and look for the possibility that you will receive a full refund. It can only be possible when you have your reservation under the window of 24 hours from your booking, and when the departure date is still far more than 7 days, a full refund of your flight ticket will surely be processed. 

All you need to do is cancel your ticket and then make another flight booking after receiving the refund by filling out the correct name from the identification card you have. 

Connect with the Copa Airline

Alteration in name can be done by calling or reaching out to the Copa Airlines customer service agents and asking them to make the necessary changes. Copa Airlines’ policy mentioned that name change must be done at least 3 hours before departure time.

There is a charge that is levied by Copa Airlines for changing the name, but it is very minimal. In contrast, the fare charges may differ when you make any other booking after canceling. 

Penalty or charge levied by Copa Airlines for changing the name

Copa Airlines can claim a nominal charge for altering your name if you fall into the criteria. 

  • The charge is $50 per passenger issued by Copa Airlines if any agent makes the ticket or booking.

  • $70 per passenger would be charged by Copa Airlines if you requested to amend the name or want to make changes in the departure date, time, and destination.

The penalty by the Copa Airlines mentioned here is general as it gets distorted from place to place. In the case of International flights, the price for the name change varies based on your flight fare. 

Note: All the passengers who are Gold and Silver PreferMember, StarSilver, and Star Golden members also come in that bracket in which a charge should be levied if they made a booking through a third party person.

Measures for making some changes in the name of flight ticket of Copa Airlines

Enlist all possible circumstances in which you can change your name while taking service from Copa Airlines.

  • When the appearing name is inverted or interchanged, the middle name gets in the place of the first name, the first name in the last name place, and the last name comes in the middle name.

  • For removing or deleting the last name or the middle name. Suppose there is no middle name in the given Identification or passport, but it appears on the flight ticket.

  • In case of adding the first and middle name when anyone of them doesn’t appear on the flight ticket.

Various other scenarios may be there:

  • When your real name gets exchanged with the nickname as it appears on your passport or other identification documents.

  • In a matter when the last name is added twice due to the identical name issue.

  • The last name gets changed. It didn’t look as it had to be.

  • After divorce or marriage, adding the surname changed due to marriage or removing something because of divorce as it appears on the legal documents.

Significant notes to be remembered

  • Making changes to the name is a lengthy process and a hectic one. Sometimes, you also need to bear some loss for doing the same. So, it is advised to fill in the name for booking the flight while seeing it from the passport, which makes the reservation process and user interface great.

  • Tickets or booking from an external person or a third party is not exempted from paying the charge to amend the name on Copa Airlines.

  • Always use the name everywhere identically to avoid finding yourself at the end in any situation where you can’t help yourself.

Why is there a need to change the name on the flight ticket?

The DOT (Department of Transportation) already issued guidelines that your name on the flight ticket must be identical to the official Id or passport.

Sometimes, even a change of character will create a huge problem for you. It is clearly said in the guidelines that no visitor or passenger is allowed to board the flight if any discrepancy is found regarding their names. 

Note: Keep in mind that if you didn’t make corrections in your name as per the policy of that specific airline in a given span, your ticket might get canceled automatically without prior notice. 

Ending Words

No need to worry about whatever mistakes you have committed in writing your name on the flight ticket as Copa Airlines name change policy is there. They enable us to easily make corrections and alterations to our name by giving a price for the same.

Changing the name on the flight ticket, which has to be identical to the name on the official id and passport, is so easy and can only be performed by following the guidelines of the specific airlines.

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