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Allegiant Air Carrier Name Change Policy, Allegiant is a low-cost carrier operating its flights across the world. It is a certified three-star airline due to its product quality and its services. They are mainly based out in North America. This airline originates its policies for every aspect related to the travel part. They have policies for pets, baggage, cancellation of Allegiant Airlines, and a name change policy. 

Here we are focusing on one policy only in detail so that all passengers get enlightened with this facet of Allegiant Airlines. By this policy, we can easily inspect how much clarity Allegiant Airlines has. With the help of this Allegiant Air Carrier Name change policy, a simple work process of making corrections in the name is spotted. 

Let’s get acquainted with the elucidation of the name change policy of Allegiant Air. 

Rules specified under the Allegiant air Carrier name change policy

Typing error or mistakes in spelling is the most common factor for the name change in Allegiant Airlines. Some criteria are given below, which need to be followed before leaving to correct a name on Allegiant airlines. 

  • Only the passengers of Allegiant Airlines flights are allowed to make changes.

  • You can opt for both name change and date of birth as it constitutes under the name change policy of Allegiant airlines.

  • The ticket you received must be issued with the stock number 014 and have been operated by Allegiant airlines entirely.

  • You can’t modify both Gender and date of birth together. There is a need to lodge a single request for each Gender and DOB.

  • One change and reissuing are only allowed on one PNR. The changes other than this will be identified as the name change. Then the fare and fine were applied by Allegiant airlines on the PNR for the same.

  • The segments of only Allegiant airlines are granted for the name correction.

  • Not sanctioned to make amendments to the travel date, time, and destinations mentioned in a ticket when changing the name.

Why does it seem too significant to change the name of Allegiant Airlines?

No one wants to witness any error in their name whenever it’s written anywhere. In addition, the TSA announces that the name on the flight ticket must match their identification proof. They also posed that permission is only given if your name on the ticket and your document would match. 

How many types of name changes can we make on Allegiant Airlines?

The name change policy of Allegiant Airlines is not restricted to the correction of the name on the flight ticket. Rather, you can modify, add and remove any part of your name under any legal restrictions. 

Insert/erase and modify the middle name of the passenger

In case you still need to add the middle name in your name on the flight ticket as mentioned in your passport. Then you can raise a request to make modifications by submitting the same document and have to pay the name correction fee. The difference in the fare is also levied. 

Correction in the characters of the name

You can make corrections to your name but only up to 4 characters. It doesn’t matter whether you are amending your first or last name. This process is done online through the website of Allegiant Airlines or offline, i.e., by contacting the customer support executive of Allegiant airlines. 

Inclusion of any of the suffixes or prefixes to your name

It is easy and convenient to include suffixes and prefixes in your names. The fee for the name correction is imposed along with the fare difference. You can conclude this process by only contacting the customer service representative. The booking of the tickets received back on the same or higher class of the airlines. 

The procedure to change the name on Allegiant Airlines

Two specific methods have been enlisted here for dealing with the flaw appearing in the name on the flight ticket. 

Procedure for online method

To start this process:

  1. Visit the official website of that airline.

  2. Navigate to the My Trip Section.

  3. Reach your booking section after entering the details about the passenger.

  4. After this, click on the passenger’s name, which needs correction.

  5. Fill out the correct name with the help of your passport.

  6. Submit your documents needed for the completion of the process and pay out the fees if needed.

  7. After the proffering of the name change request, relax and stand by for the confirmation mail.

Read and follow these steps for altering the name online in Allegiant Airlines:

  • Please enter the website in the URL Box and hit it.

  • Fill in the reference number of six digits and the passenger’s last name to get to the information page of the passenger.

  • Click on the name appearing on the screen you want to change.

  • Then fill in the correct name and give in the required documents for identification.

  • Select the payment mode for the correction charge as per the Allegiant Air name change policy.

  • Check out your mail and phone number after the process gets finished. As a confirmation mail surely came up.

Procedure for offline method

Alter the name with the help of a phone

Step forward by contacting the Allegiant Airlines support desk if you don’t want to indulge in the hassle of the online process of amending the name. The customer support executive will check your booking and let you know whether you can access the privilege of correcting the name or not. They introduce you to the whole process and ask for the fee if applicable. You can easily pay with your credit/debit card. 

Modify the name at the airport

The request for the name change is implemented only 3 hours before the flight’s departure time. If you already checked in, you must come back again by canceling the check-in. The modification request for the name is only performed when the ticket status remains “open.”

Correction fee highlighted under the Allegiant air name change policy

Based on the request for the name change, the fee for the name change gets distorted. 

  • For changing the name up to 4 letters, the charges you need to pay are $225 and the difference in the fare.

  • For changing the middle name or correcting it, the charges you need to pay are $225 and the difference in the fare.

  • For adding any of the suffixes and prefixes, the charges you need to pay are $175. The difference in fare is also applicable.

Conditions and measures to keep in mind of name change policy of Allegiant policy

Some important measures need to be kept in mind before the execution of the request for a name change in Allegiant airlines. Go downwards for detailed information:

  • You are not permitted to change the owner of the flight ticket.

  • The request for a name change is raised only on the flights operated completely by Allegiant airlines.

  • All the members of the reward club are not eligible for this policy. The Allegiant air name change policy does not apply to those passengers.

  • In a legal name change like marriage, divorce, or any other obligation, the submission of a passport and valid identification is a must.

  • It is mandatory to select the seats and any other travel essentials whenever you request the name change.

  • The User sometimes booked for flight segments belonging to other various airlines. In this case, the name change request only denotes the flight segment of Allegiant airlines.

Ending words

Traveling and comfort in Allegiant Airlines are commendable, and no one can complain about the price they are taking. They make every aspect clear and sorted while elaborating their policies in a perspicuous way. You can change your name in just a few simple steps, as the process isn’t hectic. If you thoroughly review this article, no further hindrance will arrive in your travel plan with Allegiant Airlines.

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