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Emirates is, no doubt, one of the most luxurious carriers. Traveling with these airlines will make you understand the meaning of comfort and luxury. It is said with surety that they only focus on their onboarding facilities; they also look towards their customer’s queries. Keeping this in mind, they publish their policies for every case, like Emirates name correction policy, Emirates Flight Change Policy, baggage policy, and many more. 

Here we are only talking about the Emirates Name Change Policy. Every aspect of the name change policy of the Emirates is described here. Go through this article if you travel with Emirates frequently. 

Systems to correct the name while flying with Emirates

All the passengers of Emirates hold the right to change their name, either way, i.e., online or offline mode. At this moment, a detailed description of both these methods is presented, so there is no need to get tense about correcting your name. 

Online procedure to alter the name in Emirates Airlines

All the steps line by line are given; apply them as specified and reach the conclusion of finding your name written correctly on the flight ticket. 

  • Open your desired browser and enter the URL “www.Emirates.com” in the URL field and hit enter tab.

  • Navigate to the tab “manage booking” and click on it.

  • Write down the asked details in the appeared sections. A six-digit reference number and last name are necessary to get to the booking page.

  • Now, select the name that needs modification. Click on the “Emirates name correction” and make the changes.

  • Fill in the valid name as mentioned in your passport in the next window. Ensure that the name becomes similar to your identity proof.

  • The next page appears with the fee for amending the name. And if any fare difference also applies, it is visible to you. Clear all the payments to conclude the process.

  • As soon as the process finishes, you must relax for the confirmation message. It will come up on your registered mobile number or email ID.

Offline methods to modify the name

There are three different alternatives according to which you can change your name and make it error-free. 

Method 1: By coming in contact with the Customer Representatives of the Emirates

Get the contact details of Emirates Airlines from their website and call them anytime to get your name right. Tell them the particular changes, submit a legal document and then pay the fee for correcting the name. Wait for the confirmation message from the airline stating that your name has been fixed.

Method 2: Name Amendment through Social Media

Form a connection with Emirates Airlines through their social media as they remain online always to help your issues settle. Tell them about your mistakes in your name, and let them provide the document as evidence for the right name. Let them handle the issue, and you’ll automatically know when it resolves. 

Method 3: Alter the name by visiting the airport

It is the most credible option out of all. Reach the airport and then find one executive from the same carrier. Let them know the purpose of the visit, and they’ll assist you till the end. They hand you the new flight ticket with the real name on it. 

Note: Ensure to perform this method earlier from the day of departure as it may consume a lot of time. 

Name modifying fees in Emirates Airlines

Emirates’ name correction policy allows users to change their name 24 hours before the flight’s departure time. But an obligation needs to be fulfilled, i.e., to pay the fee and the fare difference. Some relevant points regarding the fees are given below:

  • The fee for altering the name per the Emirates name correction policy distorts based on the flight class and the time of raising the request.

  • Everyone is liable to pay the fare difference along with the applied fee for correcting the name mentioned under the Emirates name change policy.

  • Modification in the name impacts your journey, not just any one side of the journey.

Emirates Airlines obtains a basic fee for altering the name of their passengers is $250. And all the passengers with the business class flight ticket must pay $200 as their name correction fee. 

Conditions for amending the name on Emirates Airlines

Everyone should ensure that the name on the flight ticket remains similar to their passport so that they don’t have any issues in the future. You can utilize Emirates name correction policy to make the name identical to your ID proofs. But remember to follow every point mentioned underneath this Emirates name change policy. It benefits you as these conditions will secure your privacy and protect your data. 

These conditions are as follows:

  • If you have an existing PNR, you can only apply to make the changes in the name.
  • Up to 4 characters correction is allowed to the passengers. By four letters don’t understand the four letters in each first, middle and last name, but it meant collectively.

  • Emirates Airlines only permits to entertain the request for the name alteration on the booking, which was done only through the website directly.

  • You can also shift first and last names with each but only in some of the legal scenarios like marriage and divorce.

  • When the modifications in the name get finalized, the transfer of the PNR to another one is not granted.

Ending Note

Emirates Airlines’ name correction policy is beneficial thing for their users. All the simple methods are enlisted in this policy which is applied easily to make the name right on the flight ticket. From the moment people know that it is mandatory to make the name on the flight ticket similar to the name on the passport, the value of this policy increases. You can opt for any method to eradicate the mistakes in the name as per your comfort. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, as per the Emirates airlines name change policy, a passenger can easily correct their name up to four characters which also includes first, middle as well as your last name. Remember, you can only change four letters in your name. If it the limit exceeds then you would have to pay a certain amount known as the Emirates airlines name change fee which can cost you between $100 to $200 dolla

According to the Emirates airlines name change policy, it is nearly impossible for a passenger to travel with the incorrect name. For starters, your name must match with the one in your government issued ID. 

For those, who want to change their name for free of cost, can perform the procedure at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure. However, a passenger might need to pay at least $200 to $250 dollars. In case, you need further assistance, then make sure to call the airline on their customer service number and seek their assistance.

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