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Traveling by plane is a much faster and safest way of traveling used by more and more people daily. The Airways offers many cheap and affordable flights to every corner of the globe, and passengers can easily buy a plane ticket online. But, all the passengers have to go through check-in and security checks, as for those travelers who may have problems with moving things around at the airport and are going through the necessary security procedures. In such scenarios, you can make use of the special assistance feature.

Overview of “Special Assistance” 

Every airport assists its passengers, and disabled or those with special needs can use this feature. Depending on the passenger’s needs, the employee can help the passenger during check-in and boarding the plane. Passengers with hearing aids and visual and psychological or physical disabilities can easily go through the entire preparation procedure and safely board the aircraft. And, if necessary, the passenger is equipped with a wheelchair or any other vehicle.

Other than that, special assistance is provided after the departure, and an airport employee can help you get off the plane and help you with baggage collecting and other necessary security procedures. Most of the airports and airlines have special rooms for passengers with disabilities in their offer.

Who Can Ask For Special Assistance At the Airport?

The Special assistance allows passengers a comfortable and stress-free journey, but it is worth remembering that not every passenger can take advantage of these services. Suppose the passenger is unable to understand the simple messages from the personnel. In that case, they use the washroom without help or hold their upper body vertically without passenger assistance or specialized medications. The carrier may also require its passengers to be accompanied by someone older than 16. The person accompanying the passenger must be in whose shape and health. You can contact the airline representative to determine the flight guidelines if you have any doubts.

How Can I Ask For Special Assistance?

There is no extra charge for using Special Assistance. To use this service, the passenger can contact the air carrier during the booking reservation procedure, or you can directly call them before the flight. Passengers can contact the airline via phone or by filing a special form which must include information regarding the medical condition of the passengers, also including if they need a wheelchair or not.

Individuals and airports can also decide when they should be informed about the need for special assistance. For Instance, most airports ask for contacts at least 72 hours before the flight and others 48 hours before. However, the range of special assistance services a carrier offers is worth checking.

Special Assistance For Elderly People 

Most airlines also offer special assistance for older people. However, the services include help at the airport and offer the ability to choose a comfortable seat and adjust the meal on board to the passenger’s diet.

Special Assistance For Expecting Mothers

There are a few requirements for passengers who are expecting mothers, such as:-

Pregnancy ( Single and uncomplicated) Passengers who are in between 0 & 36 weeks can travel.  You must get a fit-to-fly certificate from the treating Gynecologist not older than seven (7) days from the travel date for a sample form of the ‘Fit To Fly’ certificate. 
A fit-to-fly certificate is required from the beginning of 33 weeks till the end of 36 weeks.
36+ weeks: Not permitted to travel.
Pregnancy (Multiple and Uncomplicated) Travelers can fly from 28 weeks to 32 weeks onwards. Permitted on an individual case basis. You must get a fit to fly certificate from the treating Gynecologist not older than three (3) days from the travel date.
Complicated Only permitted up to 32 weeks, and fit-to-fly is required. From 28 weeks onwards You are required to get a fit to fly certificate from the Treating Gynecologists not older than three (3) days from the date of travel.
However, the fit to fly certificate must include:-
  • The weeks of Pregnancy
  • Expected date of baby
  • If there are any complications during the pregnancy
  • Also, if they are fit to travel or not.
Special Assistance For Passengers Travelling Solo
Age                                                                                                   Availability of Flying Solo Service
Passengers under the age of 5       The airline does not allow any child to travel by themselves. They need to travel with someone who’s over the age of 18 years.
For travelers who are between the age of five & twelve,  You can book your child on the flying solo program.
For passengers between 13 to 18, The child can simply travel alone via our flying solo service.
Highlighted Points of Flying Solo Service 
  • The airline allows children above the age of five and below the age of twelve, and you have to pay for its charged fees.
  • Also, you must contact your airport reservation counter at least two hours before the scheduled departure.
  • As a parent or guardian, you will be asked to fill out a form, and this form includes the details of the parent or guardian receiving the child at the destination airport. However, a copy will be given to you.
Passengers must also carry a photo id and proof identifying the child’s age during check-in.
  • A airport crew member will take your child to the aircraft, where our cabin and crew will then look after your children.
  • It is advised for your parent and guardian to remain at the airport until your flight has departed.
  • During the flight, the cabin crew members will watch the child, ensuring they have everything they need.
  • A meal and beverage are included in the flying solo service program, and the guardian must let the airline know about any allergy to any specific food or beverage in the unaccompanied minor form.
  • To fly securely, keep your medications and warm clothing with your child.
  • Passengers can also pack toys as hand baggage to make the flight more enjoyable for their child.
  • However, the airline will accept the child under flying solo service if the stopover at the transfer station is less than six hours and the children’s entire journey is booked on IndiGo.
  • But, if the stopover at a transfer station is more than six hours and involves a night halt or a transfer to another airline, the airline will not accept the child under flying solo service. In such cases, the child must be accompanied by someone who is above the age of eighteen.
  • When your flight arrives, one aircraft member will accompany and assist your child throughout the arrival procedure.
  • Also, it is requested that the nominee be available at the arrival at least thirty minutes before the arrival of the flight to receive your child. If you are not permitted at the arrival hall, the airline staff will accompany the child outside the arrival hall.
  • The airline will only release the child to the nominated guardian after checking their ID and other details on the form.
Flying With Infants & Children

The airline ensures your children have the best on flight and aims to make their trip successful and safe.

According to the traveling with infant policy, children who are above the age of two or older than that, then they will be considered infants and needs to be accompanied by an adult at all time throughout their trip. But, you need to carry proof that justifies the age of your children before your flight. The airline accepts many documents for proof of age, such as passports, birth certificates, etc. No extra seats can be booked for infants traveling in their parent’s laps. However, the airline only allows one infant per adult, and for infants not occupying a seat, there will be a chargeable amount that they have to pay. The fees include all the taxes, GST, Fees, and surcharges. Also, the airline allows passengers a hand baggage allowance of up to seven kg for every infant traveling with us.

Special Assistance For Passengers Traveling with Pets 

The airline allows its passengers to carry on board, whether as checked baggage or carry their pets in cargo. But you need to know that every country has its requirements for traveling with animals. Remember, you do need to check your departure, transit, and arrival country’s local requirements and restrictions. Also, travelers can prepare all the important accompanying documents to ensure you and your pet have a safe and sound trip.

Pet Travel Options 
Carry Your Pets As Checked Baggage 

Your pet can travel with you on the same flight as your checked baggage as long as it’s at least three months old. The airline allows all domestic cats, and most dogs are breeds. And depending on your departure country, the rules and restrictions may apply. As per the security rules, if the overall weight of your pet and its holder exceeds 32 kg, you can travel in cargo. Because of occupational health and safety regulations, if the connected weight of your pet and its holder exceeds 32 kg, your furry friend must tour in cargo.

Cargo Department: 

If you want your pet to travel in our cargo’s air-conditioned comfort and security, you can contact the airline before your flight. There are some things that you must know before you travel.

Carry These Documents Before your Flight
  • What is your dog type, its breed & species
  • Gender
  • Name
  • Age
  • Colour
  • Weight of the pet
  • Overall weight of the container
  • Dimensions of the container, including its length, breadth, and height
  • Export & import license from your departure destination’s relevant authorities
  • Valid health and rabies vaccination certificates
  • Any additional documents that the departure country’s authorities may require.
Requirements For Pet Carrier 

The design and the construction of your pet’s container must conform to the IATA standards. However, the maximum height of the container depends on the aircraft your pet will travel in.

  • The carrier must have enough space for your pet to turn around normally while standing, sitting, sleeping, or lying down.
  • Also, the carrier has proper adequate ventilation on at least three of its sides, with the majority of the ventilation must on the upper part of your pet carrier.
  • The food and water must be fixed inside the pet carrier.
  • However, it must be properly secured.
Pet Carrier Charges 

Nevertheless, your pet and its holder won’t be numbered as a part of your free checked baggage allowance If you’re traveling with the pets. They are also considered additional luggage; you must pay additional baggage fees. The pre-paid and discounted rates will not be available for your pet’s carrier.

For all the flights, excluding all the flights within the USA, 

Your charges will be charged individually as per the total weight of your pet and its pet’s carrier.

For all the Flights to/From the USA, 

The airline will charge you separately for your pet and its carrier as per the piece concept.

Additional fees may apply if your pet is being transferred or transhipped in Singapore.

Service Destination Allowance
Checked pet for Active-duty U.S. Military and State Department personnel only* For all the flights between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean, Europe, and from the United Kingdom $200 per kennel
Cargo pet Depends on Based on various factor and the fees will be confirmed during the reservation.
Carry-on pet All the flights within the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean (based on specific country’s entry policy) $125 per kennel
Service animals All destinations No charge

Temperature Restrictions 

The airline has temperature rules and restrictions to ensure that the checked pets traveling in the cargo do not get exposed to extreme heat or cold during the flight.

  • In the area where animals are being kept
  • At the Terminal Facilities
  • When the airline is moving the animals from the terminal to the plane
  • Or on the plane waiting to leave
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