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Delta Airlines Change Name on Ticket – Undoubtedly, It happens to almost every person once in their life. They make mistakes in their name sometimes because of a hurry, and sometimes, typing errors happen. The Delta Name Change Policy on Ticket is here to eliminate those silly mistakes. Take advantage of this policy and get your name correct and accurate on the flight ticket. It will save you from future hassle, and no obstacle will fall on your vacation plan.

Explanation of Delta Airline Name Change Policy

This policy gives out a map of changing the name per Delta Airline Name Change Policy. The alternatives for doing the same have prevailed here also.

All the passengers must change their names to satisfy this policy’s conditions. Such scenarios are listed below: 

  • You possess the right to change your middle name without creating any difference in the last name.

  • This airline only permits modifying the last name in case of Divorce or marriage.

  • Following this policy, any minute addition to the name is easily done.

  • Everyone can change their nickname on flight tickets with their legal name as specified in the Delta Airlines name change policy.

Name Correction Policy of Delta Airline: Fees

Every one is liable to pay some amount to Delta Airlines as name correction fees. You can only get exempted from these charges when you correct them in 24 hours. In other words, 24 hours from the booking time. After this period, the charges that apply to you are from $75 to $500. 

Moreover, it varies depending on many conditions, which are:

  • Subject to the Journey Details.

  • The destination to which you are flying.

  • Matter of alteration like Divorce, marriage, and any other legal obligation.

  • Subject to the characters in total collectively in different parts of the name.

  • Kind of class and fare of the flight booking.

By initiating this process at the last minute, you surely need to pay the charges for the same. Save yourself by raising the request priorly, like in 24 hours, as mentioned above. 

Variations to Amend the Name of Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines, the ultra-low-cost carrier, offers the facilities and amenities to people, sometimes even out of their expectations. They thought about every passenger type and proposed several methods for attaining the correct name on the flight ticket. 

As a result of this listing, the main three procedures for changing the name while taking services of Delta Airlines:

  • Firstly, by contacting the customer service executives of Delta Airlines.

  • Secondly, by reaching out to the Airport.

  • Thirdly, through visiting the main website of Delta Airlines.

First method: Changing the Name by Contacting the Customer are Representatives

Indubitably, it is convenient to do something while talking with someone as it improves credibility in the case. When you connect with someone responsible from the airline’s side, they’ll listen and solve the issue personally for better assistance. Their toll-free number is free and specified on their website on the “Contact Us” Page. They are available for people’s aid every time. 

Whenever you get connected with any customer Care representative, they first ask the reason for calling. Then, disclose all the issues you have in your name and the reason for the same. To login into your account, they asked for some of your details and verified them. 

Tell them about the changes you want to make, and submitting some documents supporting it via mail is necessary. Succeedingly, the verification process starts right away. If it’s done flawlessly, they change your name per your passport. The fees need to be paid for name changing, and they will send you a confirmation message. 

Note: Skymiles is another name for a loyalty scenario with Delta Airlines; they can get their name corrected for free. You only need to call Delta Airlines, and everything will get resolved. 

Second Method: Correcting the name by visiting the Kiosk center at Airport

People feel comfortable when they are facing a person while having any issue. In that scenario, they can freely talk about their concerns, and the authoritative person needs to listen to them. 

As soon as you walk into the Airport, search the kiosk of the same airline for which you have a flight ticket. Go to that counter and tell them all your problems. Then tell them your details and get verified as you are the same person on the ticket also. After this, they get your issues recorded and ask for any supportive documents. 

The process starts now, and they keep you waiting for the same till the name gets corrected properly. So it is advised to visit the Airport earlier and not on the same day as your flight. It might land you on the list of the names who missed their flights. 

Third method: Correction in name through online mode, i.e., visiting the website of that airline

This method is for those who know how to use the Internet and want to complete their things quickly without wasting time. People can change their names in simple steps, saving you a lot of time. 

Follow the steps mentioned to correct your name on your flight ticket immediately.

  • Fill in the URL box, the URL of Delta Airlines, and search for it.

  • “My Trips” is the next button to click, so look for that.

  • Type all the information on this appearing page in the required boxes like confirmation number, last name, and other things to get on your flight booking page.

  • The upcoming page will showcase all of your flight information.

  • Choose the flight you want to change your name on and click on the button “Edit.”

  • Several options came in front of you, and you chose the “Delta Airlines name change.”

  • Do the modifications you want in your name.

  • Re-check all the options and then print the last page for confirmation.

Directives under the Delta Airline Name Change Policy

Per this policy, the name on the flight must get matched with your passport. On the other hand, the DTA (Department of transport authority) also announced that it is illegal to travel with the wrong name on the ticket. Moreover, legal actions are taken against that person. 

So always ensure the details mentioned on your flight ticket. And if any discrepancy is spotted on the flight ticket, raise a request for a name change. Before that request, beware of the Delta Airline Name Change policy rules.

  • The opportunity to alter the name is only one-time valid for every ticket of the user.

  • The request for changing the name in Delta Airlines is only usable on the flight segments of Delta Airlines.

  • Delta’s name change policy also carries the provision to amend the date of birth and gender.

  • The flight for which you can change the name is Delta Airlines, and the ticket must start from 006.

  • Characters’ limit of modifications in the name while flying with Delta Airline is restricted to 3 letters.

  • Alteration to the flight fare, flight class, origin place, and arrival destination is not permissible per the Delta Airlines Change Name on Ticket

  • If you are stuck in a situation where you need to make the changes again for the second time in your name on the flight ticket, reissuing is the only choice. You need to issue the flight ticket again for the second time.

  • Corrections on a minor level in date of birth are allowed, which was committed at the time of flight booking.

Delta Airline name changed completely for passengers.

It is impossible to change the name in Delta Airlines as per the Delta Ticket Name Change Policy, You can only change your full name in the matter of Delta Airlines Name Change Policy Marriage, and you can make minor corrections anytime regarding any error in your name. Besides this, if anyone wants to change their full name, they must cancel their ticket first, then can go for the aim of the name completely. 

Key points needed to be kept in mind before the request for name changing.

Some of the pointers are given below; take a look before proceeding to change the name while with Delta Airlines:

  • It’s easy to make inclusion in the middle name as there is no need to make the changes as per the PNR number.

  • Traveling or departing from India or China lays the demand of contacting customer service care to alter the name.

  • Submission of the OSI message with the PNR number is mandatory for changing the middle part of the name of the passenger.

  • For changing the name a second time on the same ticket, reissuing is necessary.


Everyone went through circumstances where they spot mistakes in their ticket, mainly at the last moment. They can only think of one solution, i.e., canceling the ticket, as it is easy and simple. 

But there is one privilege every airline provides to each user: they can change their name anytime they want. A fee is there, and sometimes, a fare difference gets applied. 

Delta Airlines offers this right to everyone, and you can avail of this opportunity anytime.

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