Premium Economy Class

Always wanted to travel in premium economy class to explore the additional amenities of this class? If yes, then here we are to clear all your doubts and queries related to the premium economy class flight. Before traveling in this class, travelers often wonder that what is premium economy class. Are you also wondering with the same question? If yes, then let us answer this question of yours.

Premium Economy class lies in between economy and the business class in terms of comfort, amenities, fare, and many more. If you compare this class with the economy class flight, then the passengers are provided with about 5-7 inches of extra legroom for better comfort and there are some other additional services that they can enjoy.

There are various reasons why the Passengers love Delta Premium.

Economy Class. Let’s take a closer look at them!

• Extra reclining space and legroom
• AC Power Outlets to keep your resources charged up
• Complimentary Tumi-brand amenity kit
• Premium tickets are available at an affordable price
• HD inflight entertainment with headphones

Major Difference between Premium Economy and Business Class
In the Airport

The benefit of delta premium economy class ticket starts right from the airport. The passengers will get Faster, priority check-in, Priority baggage handling upon arrival, access to the lounge and Greater baggage allowance as well.

Whereas if you are in Business class, then you will get the opportunity to check in at the exclusive concierge desk and will also get an exclusive lounge during the waiting time. Privacy, relaxation, and complimentary food and beverages are readily available.

Let’s talk about the seats in premium economy class. The seats are two inches larger compared to the standard economy class and reclining space is also more to offer more comfort to the passengers.
Whereas the business class seats are 34 inches wider and more padded and adjustable seats. These seats can be expanded to 78 inches long to offer a flat bed to sleep in comfort.

Personal space

Having some extra inches for seats makes it obvious that the passengers will get to enjoy some more personal space during their travel. Although, the passengers will still have to share their overhead storage.

And when it comes to business class, passengers are provided with pods that come with completely closable doors. It clearly means that the passengers will get to enjoy their personal space more with their almost small private room.

Meals and Beverages

Premium economy class flight offers a little more expanded menu than the menu offered in the standard economy class. Welcome drinks and complimentary drinks are served to the passengers.
Whereas in the business class, the option for meals and beverages gets more expanded. The menus served to the business class passengers are prepared by the finest, and the dining experience in this class is more luxurious. A perfect combination of beverages is prepared to serve passengers on the finest tableware.

Final Words!

In this post, we shared every information related to the premium economy class flight so that future travelers are left with no questions like what is premium economy class. We also compared the difference between premium economys and business class to make the right decision of the flight class as per their budget and preference. Even after reading this post, if you are left with any questions, then feel free to contact Customer Executive and they will help you to address your query in real-time.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

At every step of life, we are moving forward to experience something new, then why don’t you add some luxury to your traveling experience by switching from the standard economy class to the premium economy class. So, It’s definitely worth buying premium economy class tickets.

It depends on the airlines and the route. Although generally, you will witness a minimum of a 15 to 20% price increase, which is not more than the level of comfort you will be served.

Yes! Compared to the standard economy class, passengers will be served with a more expanded menu for meals and beverages in premium economy class.

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