United Airlines Name Change Policy

United Airlines Name Change Policy

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How Do I Change My Name on United Airlines?

According to the United Airlines name change policy, the airlines enable you to have minor changes such as name correction on validated tickets.

They even exchange the tickets for a fee. Under the category of United Airlines Name Change Policy, some minimal alterations are allowed in order to ensure that the customer’s name on the ticket matches the exact same name as it appears on the government issues photo ID or passport.

United Airlines does not allow to change the ownership from one passenger to another. If you want to change the name on the ticket, then it will fall under the category of United Airlines change ticket name request. This is subject to the United Airlines name change policy.

If your name is wrongly written, then it has a separate section. It does not fall in the changing name of the passenger category for another.

In order to rectify a United Airlines misspelled name on a ticket, then it is essential to meet the below-mentioned parameters:

  • Flights should be operated by United Airlines.
  • If there is an interline agreement flight or in the case of code-share, United Airlines name correction request is possible only on the United Airlines segment only.
  • It is important to start the ticket inventory with 016.
  • For a United Airlines name correction, only one reissue is allowed per ticket.
  • According to the United Airlines name change policy, an additional name correction is registered under the “United Airlines Passenger Name Change Fee’ and is subjected to an increase in fare.
  • In accordance with the United Airlines Name Change Policy, changes are prohibited in case of flight date, time, fare classes, or fare basis code.
  • At the time of travel, only United Airlines minor name corrections are permitted. It is allowed only because the ticketed name must appear exactly the same as it is written in the government issues photo ID or passport.
  • At the time of requesting, the date of birth and the gender of the passenger can not be changed at the time of requesting ‘United Airlines change passenger name on the ticket’.
  • The Airlines Name Change Policy is responsible for making changes to the Date of Birth and the name of the passenger.
  • Because of the error committed at the time of booking, minor changes in the date of birth are allowed.
  • As per the guidelines of United Airlines Website Name Change, it includes one correction per customer. If you want to have other amendments, then those changes are subjected to the United Airlines Passenger Name Change Policy.

United Airlines Misspelled Name on Ticket

Have a look at the below-mentioned requests that must be accepted under the United Airlines Change Name on Ticket process-

Correction Type Acceptable Changes
1. First/Middle/Last Names
2. Nickname to Legal name
3. Inverted Names Adding Middle name
4. Adding an additional last name
United Airlines Name change Policy allows for all these alterations provided that the ticketed name must match the government-issued ID/passport. Add to that, the DOB and the gender must remain identical with the government issued ID/passport
 Adding a legal name under the circumstances of Marriage, Divorce, and Adoption OSI United Airlines name change waiver code would be applicable
United Airlines Add Middle Name As per United Airlines Name Change policy, middle name correction requires rebooking the correct name in a new reservation.


Go through the following instructions that are essential while processing the United Airlines’ name change request:

  • The reference mentioned in the above chart is to make sure that all the changes must be committed under the United Airlines name change policy
  • United Airlines’ name correction process must commence with the name correction on the existing PNR. In case that is not possible then create a new six-digit record locator with the correct passenger’s name.
  • It is advisable to always secure the same booking class as ticketed, if you are facing issues doing that, then flights must be rebooked in the lowest available fare class.
  • Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) should be re-entered with the newly corrected name and ought to match with the date of birth and the gender details provided at the time of original booking. As per United Airlines name correction policy, changes to both the name and the date of birth/gender are not permitted.
  • The OSI entry must be added at the time of name correction and should be added to both the new and the existing PNR. Example – OSI UA NAME CORRECTION

Name Change Fee On United Airlines

Ensure to request the correction on the name within 24 hours of purchase. A fee of 75 USD will be charged after rebooking your reservation.

Beyond 24 hours, passengers can request a name change 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure for a fee of 200 USD.

How To Change Number on United Airlines Ticket?

If the change of customer’s name does not comply with the above-mentioned criteria, then it would be considered as a name correction. After the PNR is issued then only name correction will be permitted not a name change. If you are willing to change the name, the following criteria must be met.

  • United Airlines should be the validating carrier
  • All flights must operate by United Airlines and/or code-share and interline agreement partner.

Go through the following instructions that ought to be met while making the change to the passenger’s name –

  • Cancel the flight segments with the existing booking to leave the ticket status as open.
  • Book a new PNR and store the existing fare class, if not to the lowest selling fare available.
  • Go further to the voluntary exchange on the ticket and collect the United Airlines name change fee with any fare difference at the time of reissue.
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