United Airlines Name Change Policy

Enter the Mentioned Details Below to Change Name on United Airlines Tickets

United Airlines Name Change Policy

All About United Airlines Name Change Policy

Every airline wants that the name on the ticket wouldn’t get wrong. So to deal with this scenario, United Airlines introduced their United Airlines Name Change Policy. Following this policy will make your travel free of any hiccups, and no issue will arise when you leave to board your flight. Hence, if you are a frequent flier, you should get aware of this name change policy of United Airlines.

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The elucidation of the United Airlines Policy on a name change is here. Run your eyes quickly through it and make your name similar to the ticket as it exists on your passport.

How Many Types of Changes Can be Performed on United Airlines Tickets?

United Airlines Name change policy provides us the right to change or correct the name.

Minor Changes in the Name

  • The corrections in the spelling of the passenger’s first name like up to one or two letters.
  • Altering the nickname of the passenger with the full name.
  • According to the name change policy of United Airlines, you can make changes to prefixes like Ms, Mr, Dr, and so on.
  • Insertion, changing, and elimination of the initials.
  • First and last name inversion.
  • The minor changes that are made in the last name.

Major Changes in Name

Addition of the middle name between the first and last name in the ticket.
Legal name changes in the passport will lead to an alteration in the ticket.
Management of the entire first and last name.
A complete name change in the United Airlines ticket due to marriage or divorce.

Conditions of Name Change Policy of United Airlines

Changing the name while traveling with United Airlines is not a big task if you follow the conditions under the United Airlines Name Change Policy. These conditions are as follows:

  • When you want to make your name change, you have to submit some legal documents for that.
  • You can make the alterations when you officially make your reservation on the United Airlines flight.
  • All the changes, whether they are small or big, can be done.
  • According to United Airlines’ policy on the name change, the request to change the name only gets entertained when submitted in writing.
  • Many cases exist, so in some of them, you need to pay the fee for the name alteration; in others, you don’t need to do that.
  • If you booked through a third-party travel agent, you have to contact him in case of any modification you want.
  • Some tickets have a limit that you can modify to that many times only.
  • You are not permitted to do the alterations after the check-in process.
  • Ensure that all of your details on the tickets match the information on the passport.

Documents Needed to Alter the Name in United Airlines

If you want to rectify the problems in your name and change it correctly, you need to submit some mandatory documents.

  • Marriage certificate if your last name needs to get modified.
  • Divorce certificate with the government approval if there are changes with the last name.
  • In the matter of legal name changes, court-issued documents are necessary.
  • Any identity proof with your new name as well as your old name.

Methods to Change the Name on United Airlines

United Airlines made it accessible for both types of passengers to change their name, i.e., for people with a general ticket and those with a MileagePlus reservation. You can go with any method, that is, online or offline. Here, every method is explained in detail so that no confusion will make it placed in anyone’s mind.

First way: Changing the Name of the Website of the United Airlines

  • Go to the website of United Airlines after opening up your preferred browser.
  • Then proceed with the option “My Trips,” available on the website’s main homepage.
  • The next page is opened up. Here you need to enter your booking confirmation number and the passenger’s last name.
  • Tap the search button once you have correctly filled in the information above.
  • After this, you can witness your booking page before seeing your bookings.
  • Choose the alternative of the modification in the name against the booking in which you want to make the changes.
  • Once you complete the alterations you want, you now have to pay the fee for the service you took.
  • As soon as the process is completed, a confirmation message will come to your registered email ID or mobile number.

Second Way: Name Alteration by Calling the Airlines Directly

You can go this way when you don’t adapt to the method too much and are scared that something has gone wrong. The representative of the customer care team will handle the issue for you.

You Have to do the Following Things to Implement this Way:

  • Fetch the contact details of United Airlines that is available on the “contact us” page of the airline website.
  • Call on the number +1-833-714-2120 and keep the details handy so that no hindrances occur during the call.
  • Tell them the details to reach your booking page.
  • Disclose with them the changes you want in which booking.
  • Pay the fees that will come up, as the executive will let you know about that.
  • Now, hold back and relax, as you will receive the notification with the message that your name gets changed successfully.

Note: Call on the right number, as the numbers to call United Airlines differ based on the place. And make sure that you request within the time, as it takes maximum 2 weeks to process your request for the name change.

Third way: Modification of Name by Emailing Them

An email comes into the game when you don’t own any of the legal documents per the United Airlines name change policy, and then you must send an affidavit. And this gets done only through emailing. You can write down the alterations you want in the mail and attach the affidavit. When your request gets satisfied, you will receive a message of confirmation of the same.

Fourth way: Name alterations in Mileage plus booking only

You must take steps to change the name under the Mileage plus reservation.

  • Pay a visit to the official website of United Airlines to start the procedure.
  • Look for the “MileagePlus Program” and click on it. You can find this option on the top left side of the homepage.
  • A drop-down menu will appear and choose the option “My Account” that is there on the list.
  • Your window will be updated with a new page with some empty columns in which you need to fill up:
    1. “Your MileagePlus number”.
    2. “Password” that you created.
  • Select the booking in which you wish to make alterations.
  • Finally, now the modifications and concluded the process.

Fee for Changing the Name on the United Airlines

The fee for changing the name according to the United Airlines name change policy is $75 only if you change it within 24 hours of the booking. But it would get rebooked only in some lower class, and you may need to pay the fare difference if any arise.

After these 24 hours, people only have the option to raise a request for changing the name only 2 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. In this case, the fee for name altering will become $200, along with the fare difference if applicable. The charges mentioned here are per person according to the name change policy on United Airlines.

Unique Measures of the United Airlines Name Change Policy

Many instances exist in which people have strange and unusual names, so there emerges a need for some special rules. Hence, some more rules are given here, as stated under the name change policy of United Airlines.

  • If you have only a first name and the middle name, then your middle name will appear in the place of your last name.
  • The middle name couldn’t take the place of the first name of the passenger.
  • A situation exists when your first name goes unknown when you have no middle or last name.
  • The passenger must not provide a middle name when making a reservation.
  • When you have a booking from several airlines and United Airlines is there. Then, the rules of United Airlines are also applicable.
  • A first name can also get used as a last name when you have a single first name without any prefix or suffix.
  • If your middle name is given in your passport, you have to enter it at the time of booking as well.

Bottom Line

United Airlines name change policy tells us that changing the name on an air ticket is not as hectic as it seems. On the contrary, it is so easy and convenient that any member of society would do it. The officials of United Airlines are there for you every time, so in need call them at 1-833-714-2120.

Besides this, all the details about the name change policy of United Airlines are presented, which is necessary for everyone to know.

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