Air Canada Name Change Policy

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Air Canada Name Change Policy

Air Canada Name Change Policy

Sometimes passengers may commit some typing errors due to which they might have to face many issues that may hamper their travel. So to deal with these situations, Air Canada Name correction policy came into existence. So let’s not waste any time as it values significantly and jump directly on to the name Change policy of Air Canada Airlines.

This article includes every minute information about this policy of Air Canada. Stay with us till the end as every point mentioned here speaks a new thing about this policy.

Name Change Fees on Air Canada Airlines

Air Canada Name correction policy posed $200 as the correction fee excerpt the fare difference. As it needs to get paid specifically. The fee remains the same in all conditions and no other factor would distort the fees.

In case, someone raise the request for the name change in the period of 24 hours starting from the booking time then there is no need to pay the cancelation fee. But remember, the fare difference gets applicable.

Procedure of Altering the Name While Having a Booking with Air Canada Airlines

Air Canada airlines offers multiple ways through which people can modify their name. Users can go ahead with any of those given method depending on the complexity of the alternative. Both online and offline alternatives alternatives is defined here.

First Way: Change the Name via Call

When you spot any error in your name on the flight ticket, call the airlines directly on their given number i.e., abc. Resolve your issue and fix the emergence of all the potential upcoming obstacles in your travel.

  • Dial the number from your mobile phone and reach out to one of the customer care executive of the Air Canada Airlines.
  • Tell the purpose of your call freely.
  • Then provide them all the details about your flight which they use to retrieve your booking page.
  • Submit the legal document also as a piece of evidence of your claim.
  • Next, pay the fee for the correction in the name and fare difference also if imposed.
  • Sit and relax as a confirmation message will automatically comes on your mobile phone.

Air Canada Airlines Contact Number, Talk directly to the Live person at Air Canada Airlines +1 (833)-714-2120

Second Way: Name Alteration by Visiting to the Website

The online procedure is the most suitable and widely used by the passengers of the Air Canada. It is apt for correcting the minor changes.

  • Go to your browser URL bar and enter the website of the Air Canada airlines.
  • Explore for the option of “My Booking”.
  • Next page requires the details of the passenger i.e., last name of the passenger and the confirmation number of the booking.
  • As soon you entered the details, click on the “find” button.
  • The upcoming page surely is of the “manage booking”.
  • Tap on the button of “Change” for the booking in which you want to make modifications.
  • A new page will appear on which you can correct your name while seeing it from your passport.
  • Then proceed on the next step. Here you need to pay the fee for amending the name along with the coming price gap in the flights.
  • Later on, a confirmation message will come up to you stating that your process of name chnaging gets completed successfully.

Third Way: Correct the Name Through Social Media Handles

Look for the social media handles of the Air Canada Airlines and then contact them regarding your issue.

Carrier would reply to your query and tell the needed steps to execute. They ask you about your details of flight so keep it handy. After that, there is a need to submit the legal documents. Next to this, pay the fee for altering the name and then hold back for the confirmation message.

Fourth Way: Modify the Name via Email Service

Make a mail, include your flight details along with the purpose and then wait for the revert. Do as they tell you to do. Present any of the document they want. Fee is must for name changing as mentioned in the Air Canada Name Change Policy.

Mandate Documents for Accomplishment of the Alteration of the Name

Ensure before checking-in that your name is correctly highlighted on the flight ticket as it is written on your passport. If it differs then you may face many trouble in boarding your flight. In result of this, you need to fill a form to correct your name in which some of the documents is must. These documents are:

  • Carry the previous ticket in which you want to make the modification.
  • Request for a name change form from the concerned place.
  • In scenario of divorce, marriage and adoption, the submission of the legal documents is necessary.
  • Certificates of marriage and divorce is must.

Major Guidelines of the Name Correction Policy of Air Canada

Air Canada Name Correction Policy is the escape for everyone when they have their wrong name on the flight ticket. You must follow all the guidelines given under the name change policy of Air Canada Airlines for using it without any restriction.

Points as highlighted in the policy of Air Canada carrier of name change are as follows:

  • Under this policy, you also possess the right to correct any kind of typing error in your name.
  • In case of marriage and divorce, Air Canada Name correction policy emphasis the submission of legal documents stating the same.
  • It is mandatory that the name on the flight ticket must get matched with the name on your passport and other government-approved documents.
  • You are compelled to submit the necessary paperwork for altering your name whenever having a ticket of the Air Canada.
  • You are not permitted to change the full name of the passenger as per this name change policy of Air Canada.
  • The entire process of correcting the name puts you in the need to pay the name amending cost included the price difference of the flights.
  • Till 2 hours before, you can make the changes in your name.
  • Following this policy assure it that your name is right and accurate on the flight ticket.
  • Go through the Air Canada Name Correction Policy to cancel and book it again by rectifying all the mistakes.
  • The airlines makes sure that when their name changed, the new ticket issue back in the same class as mentioned in the previous flight ticket.
  • In matter of possessing many connecting flights, you need to make the separate requests for amending the name one by one in multiple bookings.

In Essence

Air Canada Name Correction policy enables the user to rectify the errors in their name easily. There are multiple approaches under this policy so everyone can correct their name as per their comfort and choice. The airlines is striving hard to make this process flawless for providing a satisfying experience to all users.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, a passenger can change their name on the Air Canada airlines by simply following the rules and regulations. According to the Air Canada name change policy, a passenger can change their name by simply contacting the airline on their customer service number or by navigating to the official website of the airline. Remember, there is a certain amount that one may need to pay depending on their ticket type, fare, destination departure and many more.

To change your name on the Air Canada airlines, a passenger must have to follow certain steps which includes navigating to the Air Canada Airlines. Start by, choosing the manage my booking option and select the Name change option. Also, one may have to pay a certain amount, also known as Name change fee which depends on fare type, ticket & destination departure. Make sure that your name must match with the one listed in your government issued ID. For more information, do visit the official website of the Air Canada Airlines.

Yes, one can change their flight after checking-in, but the procedure will be a little challenging. In order to change your flight with the Air Canada airlines, you can either go to the main website of the Air Canada and proceed to change your name using the on-screen steps. Apart from this, you can also dial the number of the Air Canada Customer service (1 (888) 247-2262).

A passenger can change their ticket on the Air Canada Flight by simply paying a simple amount which is known as the name change fee. Many airlines will permit you to change the name of your booking due to a spell mistake. But, keep in mind that you won’t be able to transfer your flight to someone else. For further details, a passenger can reach out to the official website of the Air Canada to find more about the Air Canada name change rules & regulations.

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