TAP Portugal Airline Baggage Policy

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TAP Portugal Airlines Baggage Policy

TAP Portugal Airline Baggage Policy 2023: Checked and Carry-on Allowances, Fees, and Restrictions –Everything You Need to Know!

Are you planning to travel with Tap Portugal Airlines this holiday? If yes, you must know about the Tap Portugal Baggage Policy, carry-on, Allowance, and many more before making a reservation. The Tap Portugal is a state-owned flag airway of Portugal currently. Also, it is headquartered at the Lisbon Airport which also serves its hub. 


Tap Portugal Carry-On Baggage Policy

According to the Tap Portugal Baggage Policy, passengers carry almost two items of carry-on baggage and one personal item. However, the baggage must be a maximum of 8 KG weight with approximately 55x40x20 CM dimensions. Economy class passengers can easily carry one piece of carry-on baggage and one personal item; however, the baggage must be a maximum of 8 kg weight with 55x40x20 CM dimensions.


The personal item can be a handbag, a laptop bag, etc. It can weigh around 2 KG with 40x30x15 CM dimensions. Lastly, the charges for the excess carry-on baggage are as follows:

  • For domestic & European flights or flights to Morocco, it will cost around 90 EUR.

  • Intercontinental flights will cost 120 EUR, 145 USD, and 190 CAD.

When flying from Venezuela and to/from Brazil economy class, passengers can carry baggage weighing up to 10 KG.


Tap Portugal Airline Baggage Allowance For Personal Item Size & Fees 

Personal items such as Handbags, Briefcase, Laptop, Backpack, shopping Bag or similar-sized items:-

Here are the following items that you can bring on board with you:

  • Handbags, Computer Cases, or shoulder Bags should measure at least 40x30x15 CM.

  • Mobility items such as wheelchairs, walking sticks, and many more.

  • Passengers can bring prescribed medical devices or medicines upon approval.

Carry-On Weight Limits 

The Tap Portugal requires carry-on bags to weigh less than 10 KG which is 22 lbs. As for the airline, they only check your carry-on items after boarding, and you will not have any issues if it’s too heavy. Therefore, the weight issue only applies to checking the baggage more than your carry-on bags since they weigh on your checked bags when you check in for your flight.


Carry-on Size Regulations For Small Regional Airways 

Suppose you fly with Tap Portugal’s regional Tap Express planes, such as ATR 72-600 or the Embr if 190. Suppose it’s possible to carry your hand baggage on board, even if it has the correct dimensions and weight. If that’s the case, Tap will check it in and then carry it in the hold, free of charge. So, carry a bag that will fit.

Restricted & Dangerous Items  

According to the Tap Portugal Baggage Policy, some items are considered dangerous and are strictly restricted from carry-on and checked bags on flights. However, these rules are not specific to any airline and are mandatory by the Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency. 

The list includes Aerosols, Firewalls, Fireworks, matches, and many more. You can find the complete list on the FAA website. 

Tap Portugal Checked Baggage Allowance

Piece Concept

The Piece concept is nowadays applied throughout the entire TAP Portugal Network. Here are free baggage allowances that are available:

  • Tap Executive: Only two pieces up to 70.5 lb; 32 Kg.

  • Tap Plus, Classic, Tap Basic, and Tap Discount allow two pieces up to 50 lb or 23 kg.

  • One piece is allowed within Europe, which includes Morroco & Algeria, and between Europe and USA/Canada.

  • Two pieces are permitted between Europe & Brazil. However, the Beechcraft flights only allow items that weigh 50 lb/ 23 Kg.

Each sack must cling to the following size demands:

  • Maximum dimensions should be: 62 linear inches which are 158 CM (combining length+height+width)
  • As for the flights departing from Brazil, Passengers in both Executive & Economy classes may bring two pieces of luggage weighing 70 lb or 32 Kg.

  • Also, children under the age of 2, who will not be occupying a seat, are permitted to have one piece weighing up to 22 lb/10 Kg.

Weigh Concept 

  • The Tap executive should weigh 66 lb; 30 kg.

  • Tap Plus, Classic, Tap Basic & Tap Discount will weigh around 44 lb; 20 kg.

Extra Baggage Allowance For Frequent Travelers

For Victor Gold Passengers:

  • One extra piece for flights using the piece concept

  • 44 lb/20 kg extra for flights using the weight concept

Victoria Silver Passengers:

  • One extra item for the flights using Piece Concept 

  • 33 lb/ 15 Kg  extra for the flights using the weight concept

Additional Baggage Allowance 

To get information about additional baggage taxes & fees due to baggage that is oversized, overweight, or has an excessive number of pieces. You can call Tap Portugal’s contact center to get the information. Still, you can apply TAP Portugal’s excess baggage calculator to settle the extra costs you must compensate.


Sports Equipment

Per the Tap Portugal Baggage Policy, some checked items, such as surfboards and bicycles, will be charged a fixed handling fee. It is because of their size, fragility, or other ways of handling these requirements, while others may be checked in place of one of your checked bags. However, if you plan to travel with some sporting equipment, contact TAP Portugal directly to confirm the packing regulations.

Special Baggage Requirements 

The Tap Portugal allows passengers to carry musical instruments in the cabin, and this depends on their size. However, to take these instruments in the cabin with the passengers can be booked via an extra seat for accommodation. The maximum weight of the instrument is 75 kg. Moreover, the musical instruments in the hold can be of the maximum 45 Kg weight with 190x75x65 CM dimensions. 

As for the sports instruments:

TAP Portugal permits its passengers to carry its sports types of equipment with them with the next best adventure: 

  • Golf Kit – 32 KG

  • Skis Items – 32 KG

  • Surfing Kits – 32 KG

  • Bicycle – 32 KG

  • Scuba Diving Gears – 32 KG

In the end, travelers should inform the airlines before boarding the flight to carry other sports items.

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