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Are you planning to travel with Tap Portugal Airlines? Then, you need to know about the Tap Portugal Check-in Policy. The check-in service is available for passengers with a confirmed reservation on flights operated by Tap Express. However, it is required for passengers to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Highlighted Points of the Tap Portugal Check-in Policy

The Passengers are Allowed to Check in Online at Least Ninety or Twenty-Four Hours Before the Actual Departure.

  • This airline offers both online and offline check-in services.
  • According to the Tap Portugal Check-in policy, passengers can modify their seats after checking in online.
  • Also, passengers who have no baggage can arrive early at the airport.
  • Your luggage should be within the size limit given by the airline.

As for pets, they are not allowed on board. But you can carry birds, but only on domestic flights.

However, a Passenger can Check in Thirty-Six Hours Before the Scheduled Departure.

Per the Tap Portugal check-in policy, right-of-way check-ins are handed over to passengers with an administrative class ticket, gold, or silver card member, some part of long hauls, etc.

The passengers can also show the virtual boarding they received on their mobile phones to proceed with the boarding procedure.

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What Are the Ways to Check-in At the Tap Portugal Airlines?

  • Online Check-in Procedure
  • Automatic Check-in
  • Airports Check-in process
  • Mobile Check-in
  • Premium check-in

Check-in Online

Online check-in is faster and hassle-free; passengers do not need to wait in long lines at the airport. The best part is that the passengers can do it by themselves and it is quite easy and convenient at the same time. However, passengers must check in 24 hours before the scheduled departure through their phone or desktop as per the Tap Portugal Check-in Policy. Also, they can show their boarding pass at departure as they do not need to take a print. Online check-ins are very beneficial for those without baggage, as they can directly go to the boarding gate.

However, Tap Portugal comes with a feature of the tap fly social which lets the passengers decide whom they want to sit beside during their journey. However, the online check-in procedure is quite easy. All you have to do is open the tap portal application to do online check-in, and you can also connect your Facebook account with the application. While selecting the seats, the passengers can see that the other passengers who have decided to do online check-in socially use this technique.

Automatic Check-in

Tap Portugal Airline handles your check-in for you and send it directly to your boarding pass 24 hours before the scheduled departure. According to the Tap Portugal Check-in Policy, automatic check-in is available only for Lisbon flights. That is only if you have provided your personal information, such as your email and phone number, at the time of booking.

Home Check-in

The Home check-in is a customized check-in service along with SKYBAGS with the luggage collection in the consolation of your home, office, or hotel. However, the sky bags service is only available for passengers traveling with luggage from Lisbon Airport and can be purchased online or by phone. The services cover these areas:-

  • Lisbon City
  • Lisbon to Cascais
  • Lisbon to Sintra
  • South bank of the Tagus and the Lisbon district

All passengers must be present when the Skybags representative comes to do the usual check-in. A $35 will be charged per passenger, with special prices for children & groups. However, oversized & overweight luggage will be charged an additional fee.

In the end, you must arrive at least one hour before the scheduled departure to collect your boarding pass according to the Tap Portugal Airline Check-in Policy.

KIOSK Check-in Process

Passengers can also check in at the KIOSK departure airport if they haven’t done their check-in. In most airports, there are KIOSKs available for self-service check-in where the passenger can select their seat and get their boarding pass in a few seconds. At some airports, you can also print out your baggage tags.

Boarding Timings

Passengers need to keep in mind that the boarding gates will get closed 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. However, there is no guarantee that passengers will be allowed to board the flight even if they arrive after the boarding time. It is recommended to permit enough time for any queues at the luggage drop-off point, security, or passport control.

Ending Notes

The blog explains all the key information about the Tap Portugal Airline Check-in Policy. Therefore, passengers must arrive on time at the airport to avoid mishaps. Besides that, if you have any further queries, you can contact us via our official website, www.flightaura.com. Also, if you want to know more about other policies, such as Tap Portugal Baggage Policy, you can check out our webpage for more such content.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

According to the Tap Portugal check-in policy, passengers can check in 36 hours before departure. Also, there are multiple ways to make your check-in more successful and get to the boarding pass.

Yes, you can check in at the airport. Tap Portugal Airlines provide the option to check in at the airport to save passengers time while getting the boarding pass.

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