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Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy: Everything You Need to Know

As all the major carrier allows every person to carry baggage on the flight. Likewise, Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy allowed every passenger traveling with to bring one carry-on baggage and one personal item for free. Personal item are those counted as backpack or a laptop or maybe a suitcase.

hawaiian airlines baggage policy

  • There are some limitations levied on the carry-on bags such as the size limit is 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches. And if we talk about weight then the maximum weight of the carry-on baggage must be 2 pounds.
  • Under this baggage size or weight, everything should get covered such as handles, pockets, and wheels as well. In addition to this, oversize and overweight baggage also get checked.
  • The facility of checking-in some of the special items is also permitted under it according to Hawaiian Airline Baggage Policy.
  • All the planes, only if they not get full can stored two manual wheelchair, each up to weight of 50 pounds.
  • Some items are there as well that can get in the cabin and didn’t count as the carry-on baggage.

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy For Sporting Equipment

What’s the purpose of visiting Hawaii if you cannot have some fun? Well, to sort this one out, the airline allows its passengers to bring sporting pieces of equipment with them on board.

All the sports items will be considered checked baggage. But, sometimes, you may be required to pay an additional amount if your sports items exceed the limit.

Do you know what makes this airline different from others? It’s because Hawaiian Airlines provides extra space for the surcharge, typically used for Scuba tanks. As per the rule, the Hawaiian airline will consider this as checked baggage; you do not have to pay any baggage fees.

Sports Items or Equipments you can Bring with you While On-Boarding:

  • One most important thing while carrying your sports items is to pack them properly and with utmost care. Be wise and pack it in a case with enough padding to save it from any damage during transportation.
  • The next most important thing is that make sure your sports items are at most 45 kg for every item.
  • According to the Hawaiian Airline Baggage Policy, your sports items must be within the 115 inches benchmark.
  • However, if you plan to bring any such item that will cross the airline’s limit, notify the airline about it.
  • The airline will then charge the fees according to what type of sports equipment you bring and how much it takes.

Here are the Sports Items that You Can Bring with You:-

  • Archery Items
  • Baseball items such as bats and ball
  • Bicycles
  • Any Boogie Boards
  • Swim Boards
  • Bowling items
  • Canoe Paddles
  • Child restraint seats
  • Booster Seats
  • Strollers
  • Any Firearms
  • Fishing pieces of equipment
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse items
  • Skate Boards
  • Snowboard
  • Surfboard
  • Kiteboard
  • Paddle-board
  • Wakeboards
  • Tennis
  • Windsurfing

The name of such those items are as follows:

  • Respiratory assistive devices
  • Prosthetic legs
  • Walkers
  • Strollers
  • Crutches
  • Oxygen cylinders (portable in nature)

Remember that, there is one more rule exist that if your item doesn’t git fit under the seat in front of you and in the bin over your head then you need to check it. Besides this, if you are traveling with something fragile then it is better for you to have a second airfare for that so it can have its own seat and it didn’t get break off in any way.

Checked-Baggage Policy of Hawaiian Airline

Fee for the checked baggage or all the other measures of the Hawaiian Airlines checked-in baggage policy depends on the route mainly on which you are traveling. It varies on the fact whether you are traveling domestically or Internationally. Other then this, the fee for the checked baggage are pretty much fixed and rigid:

  • Traveling to Neighbor Islands: In case of traveling to any of the Neighbor islands, the fee for the first checked baggage is $25.
  • Moreover, the fee for the second bag is $35, and $50 for every additional bag that you carry with you.
  • Traveling within North America: The fee for the checked baggage in this scenario is: for the first baggage, it is $30, for second baggage is $40. But $100 is the fee for every extra baggage that you carry with yourself.
  • Traveling within the International and First class: In this given classes, the first and second bag is free of cost. But you need to pay $150 for each additional bag that you bring with you.

According to the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Fee, there are certain fixed limitations is given which you have to satisfy in any condition. Every baggage that you checked-in in Hawaiian Airlines measured in the terms of Length + Breadth + Height. So if the baggage that you checked in is bigger then the total dimension of 62 linear inches and heavier then 50 pounds then it came in the bracket of oversize and overweight baggage.

Fee of overweight and oversize baggage

We have explained about the charges You may have to pay for overweight and Oversize baggages.

Fee for Overweight Baggage

It is true as also mentioned under Hawaiian Airlines Baggage policy that there are some extra charges present that people needs to give over the general amount.

  • Traveling to Neighbor Islands: If your bag weighs between 51 to 70 pounds then the charges are $35. When it came in between the weight range of 71 pounds to 100 pounds then the charges are $70.
  • Traveling Within North America: If your bag weighs between 51 to 70 pounds then the charges are $50. When it came in between the weight range of 71 pounds to 100 pounds then the charges are $200.
  • Traveling in International Flights: If bag weighs between 51 to 70 pounds then $50 you need to pay but ($0 when flying to Australia, New Zealand, or South Korea). And in case of 71 to 100 pounds, $400 is the fee you all need to pay. But this one is not permitted in Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti.

Fee for Oversize Baggage

The fee for all the oversize baggage that have dimension between 62 to 80 linear inches is $35 including all the handles, wheels and straps.

Excess Baggage in Hawaiian Airline

Per the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, the cost of the all the excess baggage that you ca carry with yourself is:

  • Traveling to Neighbor Islands: The fee in this instance is $50 per bag.
  • Traveling Within North America: The fee in this instance that you need to pay is $100 per bag that you bring.
  • Traveling in International Flights: $150 is the fee that you have to give for each bag you carry according to the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage policy.

Items that are Restricted on Hawaiian Airline

It is stated under the Hawaiian Airline Baggege Policy that every passenger is not granted to bring some of the items with them. The list is given below of the items that you can’t bring in Hawaiian Airlines:

  • Not allowed to carry camping equipments like stove, any kind of fuel or fuel cans.
  • You can carry e-cigerrates and vape only in your carry-on baggage while traveling with Hawaiian Airline.
  • All the passengers are permitted to take maximum 5 litres of alcohol in their carry-on baggage but they have to be in the original packing. Moreover, if the volume of the alcohol is more then 70% then also it is restricted.
  • Lithium batteries specifically and the devices that carry the same batteries is restricted due to the safety concern about the passengers. You can take it only when they get repaired and made safe.
  • All the personal electronic devices such as laptops, phone, and tablets are permitted only in carry-on baggage rather then the open mode. You can only use those devices when you receive green signal in the flight to do the same.
  • Every passenger is permitted to take the firearms and ammunitions in their checked baggage only when these things are tightly packed and didn’t have any chance to get interfere. For this, it is mandatory that you should be older then 18 years.

Hawaiian Airlines Exclusions & Waivers

The Hawaiian airlines members can get the benefit on their first and second bags, if they are flying to/between the neighbouring islands.

  • On your first checked bag, you will get $10 off
  • And, on your second bag, you can get $15 off
  • If you happen to be a Pualani Platinum member, than you can get at least three complimentary bags which only applies to the members only. But, if your baggage is slightly overweight, then you have to pay the required baggage fee.
  • For all the Pualani Gold & premier club members, they can get two complimentary bags. There will additional fees for overweight or oversized bags.
  • If you are a Hawaiian airlines World elite Mastercard, then you can take at least two complimentary checked baggage on all the Hawaiian airlines operated flights.

Unique Destination Rules

According to the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, the rules are different here for domestic and international passengers. So, it is okay if the rules differ. International passengers can bring two checked bags on their flight for absolutely free. But keep in mind that the third bag may cost you.

If you want to full information about how much you need to pay for each bag and the baggage limitation, then go check that out on the official website of Hawaiian Airlines.


The Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy is quite straightforward. To avoid packing more luggage and then regretting paying more fees, it is advised that you know about the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Fee to save some money on overweight or oversized. If you want to know more about flight regarding information, policies, or and ticket booking, visit our official website, or call us at +1-833-714-2120.

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