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Hawaiian Airline Cancellation Policy – Refund Guidelines, Fees, And More [2024]

There may be plenty of reasons that become the stones in the way to obstruct you from reaching the finishing point. Due to these circumstances, people have to cancel their flight booking, which they have already pre-booked. Hence, if you traveling with Hawaiian Airlines, you must be aware of Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Most airlines understand these conditions and lay down the policy to simplify the passengers’ worries. Hawaiian Airlines’ cancellation policy is the one that makes the task of canceling the flight easy while traveling with Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

In this article, the elucidation of the cancellation policy of Hawaiian Airlines is given in a detailed manner. So, it is advised to all users to be with us till the end and not to face any short-coming while applying for the cancellation.

What is the Hawaiian Airline Cancellation Policy in Brief?

Are your mind also loaded with questions like what is the Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation policy? Or Is there any policy of cancellation while traveling with Hawaiian Airlines? Many passengers who travel with Hawaiian Airlines always worry about how they can cancel their flight tickets. Hawaiian Airlines also pay back the amount of the flight on cancellation by subtracting the minimal amount as the fee for the cancelation. Many variations exist in this policy which is listed below, so run an eye quickly on all of those:

1. Initiation of the Flight Cancellation From the Carrier End:-

If this type of scenario originates, it is the cherry on the cake for you. It is so that you receive the full amount refunded and the additional voucher for the next time. This voucher includes complimentary food and the privilege to travel in the premium class.

2. Canceling within 24 hours from Customer end:-

Hawaiian Airlines’ time limit cancelation policy directs that person become eligible for changing the date when applying for canceling within 24 hours from the booking time. They also receive a full refund when applied by satisfying some of the necessary conditions.

3. Cancellation after 24 Hours:-

Acting according to this rule ( Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy After 24 Hours) brings you a full refund without cutting any buck from the value.

4. Matter of Opted-for Fare Insurance:-

On condition of buying the ticket, including the insurance, then whatever is the case, you certainly will receive a refund of the full amount after canceling.

Preventive Measures to Adopt the Hawaiian Airline Cancellation Policy

Passengers who want to travel with Hawaiian Airlines must cancel their flight ticket due to some circumstances. So for that, there is a cancellation policy for Hawaiian Airlines but remember, some guidelines also exist. The directive from the carrier side is to remain inside the limitations of this policy. These measures are:

  • Travel in the main cabin fare is non-refundable in nature, but one can obtain it only after applying for it within 24 hours.
  • Everyone has to pay the cancellation fee whenever canceling the ticket after 24 hours.
  • According to the Hawaiian Airlines cancelation policy, the cancelation must take place within 24 hours to claim the full refund.
  • To become eligible for the full refund, ensure that you made the booking at least seven days before the departing date.

What are Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Rules

Rules and Regulations as per the Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation for the passengers are listed below:
In order to get a full refund, tickets need to be cancelled within 24 hours of the flight booking. Also, the cancellation must be at least seven days before the flight’s scheduled departure.
After the 24-hours, the refundable fares will be eligible for a full refund on cancellation. A refund scenario is not applicable in case the cancellation request has been submitted after the flight departure.
The cancellation fee varies for a flight that is not wholly within Hawaii based on the routes. Cancellation charges are listed below:

  •  For flights from Japan to the US, on any flight cancelled before the scheduled departure, an additional fee of JPY 30000 will be applicable.
  • For a flight from the USA to Japan, the cancellation fee will be USD 200.
  • Cancelling a flight between Hawaii to Japan can cost an additional fee of USD 250.

The Hawaiian also has the right to cancel your flight under the following situation:

  • In case you are unable to purchase even after 2 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • In case the passengers are unable to check in within the given time window, then the passenger’s flight reservation will be cancelled.
  • In case the passenger is unable to mark their presence at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure.

How to Cancel the Flight Booking from Hawaiian Airlines?

In this article, all the passengers will know how to cancel their flight while having their reservation with Hawaiian Airlines. There are two methods given for the same so choose at your convenience.

1. Cancelation through their website: Online method

Jump on to the given steps one-by-one precisely to cancel your flight ticket.

  • Visit the Hawaiian Airlines website on your preferred browser and then reach the option of “My trips.”
  • Then enter the “Six-digit flight confirmation number” and the “passenger’s name” on the next window.
  • Tab on the option of “Cancel flight” and select the name of the booking which you want to cancel.
  • Hawaiian Airlines Cancelation policy does not permit transferring the ticket in someone else’s name.
  • It is time to pay the cancellation fee for canceling your flight ticket.
  • Once you finish the payment, a confirmation message will be sent up to your registered mobile number or email ID.
  • In the end, wait for the refund as it gets submitted in your original payment mode, but it’ll take 7-10 working days.

2. Call the Airline to Cancel the Flight: Offline Method

Why are you stressing out if you don’t know how to cancel your flight? Call our team and get assistance until your issue is resolved completely.

Here we Explained the Whole Process of This Method:

  • Fetch the details for contacting Hawaiian Airlines and keep the details of your itinerary handy.
  • Tell the Customer Support Executive at 1-833-714-2120 after connecting to cancel your booking. They check whether the booking is eligible for cancellation or not.
  • If you have a ticket connected with the fare rule, you’ll receive the full credit, which remains valid for a year. On the other hand, if you have a ticket with the fare restricted free, you are eligible for a refund, which will be processed in your mode of payment within ten days.
  • An unused portion of the fare of the flight ticket is enough for the cancellation fee of the flight ticket from Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Fee

Hawaiian Airlines Trip cancelation policy denotes that if cancellation is performed within 24 hours, then there is a need to pay some minimum charges as the cancellation fees. But it entirely fluctuates based on traveling, i.e., national and International traveling. So let’s take a look at those conditions as well:

  • Regarding domestic flights, $75 is the charge for canceling your Hawaiian Airlines flight.
  • When you have a booking of an International flight, approximately $500 is needed for cancellation according to the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy.

Hawaiian Airline Cancellation Policy Regarding Covid

  • All the passengers who get their flight tickets canceled due to Covid will receive the full reimbursement of the flight fare from the Airline’s side.
  • The option for rebooking the flight after the cancellation due to covid is provided to everyone.
  • You are only eligible to book a new flight only by the unused part of the tickets by limiting inside the parameters.

Hawaiian Airline Cancellation Policy Due to Bad Weather

During the peak of the Monsoon season, we tend to love the weather. But, nobody talks about the thousands of Hawaiian flight cancellations due to bad weather conditions. It is quite risky to fly in such weather as it can result in severe accidents such as flight crashes. According to a recent report, many flights, including Hawaiian Airlines, were either delayed or canceled due to weather updates.

This not only put the airline in a jeopardized situation but the passengers too. If your flight was cancelled the airline itself due to weather conditions, then they will hook you into another flight as soon as possible.

But, if you have made up your mind to cancel your flight, then you can cancel your reservation. Do not worry about your money; you are eligible for full compensation since it’s not entirely your fault. And it is the same case for those who have non-refundable tickets. Apart from the flight ticket refund, you will also get a full refund of any baggage or any extras that you have previously paid for.

Canceling flights due to bad weather is one thing. But several other factors play an important role. Since nobody is going to talk about it, we will be shedding light on multiple factors responsible for Hawaiian Flights Cancellations.

Factors Affecting Hawaiian Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

There can be multiple reasons for Hawaiian Flights cancellation. Sometimes it’s the airline’s fault, and sometimes the passenger has to do it due to some personal reason. In short, there are two ways that you can describe the situation with such as;-

Controllable Delays

Controllable delays occur when the airline has issues, such as technical malfunctions or maintenance problems. Overall, it can be anything that the airline needs some time to sort. In this situation, the passengers can rebook their flight for free. However, you can request a meal or any voucher for future reference.

Non – Controllable Delays

Non-Controllable delays are when things are out of control, such as bad weather, tornado, heavy rain, or any other activity. In this scenario, there is nothing you can do but wait. The airline will get you on the next flight as soon as possible. As we have said earlier, you can even request a full refund for such a sudden delay.

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation for Ticket Types

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation for Ticket TYpes

The Hawaiian Cancellation policy rules vary based on the ticket type that the passengers have purchased. Cancellation rules for different ticket fare types are listed below:

  • Basic Economy: Only the 24-hour window is available to make cancellations and get a full refund. Afterward, no refund will be available on cancellation.
  • Refundable Fares: All tickets except the basic economy are subject to full refund in the original form of payment.
  •  First Class Ticket can be refunded with a full refund in the original form.
  • Tickets booked through travel credits will not be eligible for a full refund.

Hawaiian Airlines Travel Credits

The travel credits are offered by the Airlines to the passenger through purchases made by them in any way on Hawaiian Airlines sources. Hawaiian Airlines Travel Credits are offered to the passengers on account of ticket cancellation. Amount spent on any non-refundable ticket cancelled after 24 hours of booking will be transformed into the travel credit and provided to the passengers.
Travel credits earned by Hawaiian Passengers can be spent on various expenses made on the airline, like making reservations or other purchases made on the flight. However, passengers need to redeem these credits once after the journey has been completed. For that, they need to visit the official website and provide their boarding pass details. Another scenario in which travel credits can be earned is:

  •  Flight Delay
  • Flight Cancellation
  • Various offers and bonuses are offered to Hawaiian Airlines Members.

Which factors affect Hawaiian Airline flight Cancellation

Many factors are there due to which flight cancellation can make or reject Hawaiian Airlines tickets.
In case the passenger is unable to show up for check-in or boarding within the given time window, then the flight tickets will be cancelled. This is also considered a “No show” as per the Hawaiian Cancellation Policy.
Cancellation requested within the time window of 7 days prior to the flight departure can be rejected by the airlines on certain flights.
The cancellation scenario might be a bit different on the non-refundable fares.
Flight cancellation will also be applicable in case of a delayed flight
Hawaiian Airlines can cancel your tickets if they have not received your ticket number from the third party by the advance purchase requirement date.

Ticket cancellation can also be initiated by Hawaiian Airlines due to various factors outside of its control:

  • Weather conditions outside of control.
  • In case any government request has been made for transportation related to national defense.
  • In compilation with any government law.

Hawaiian Airlines Refund Policy: Eligibility Criteria

Passengers need to fulfill certain parameters in order to be eligible for a refund in case of ticket cancellation:

  • The first and foremost rule for refund requests is that the ticket has to be issued from official Hawaiian sources with the airline’s carrier code “173” on their ticket number.
  • A full refund will be offered in the original form of payment for any cancellation made within 24 hours of the flight booking. No restriction applies as per the 24-hour Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy.
  • Passengers will be applicable for a full refund in case the cancellation has been made by the airlines due to certain conditions which are not inevitable.
  •  Refundable fares are eligible for a full refund in the original form of payment.
  • Eligibility criteria can also vary in the case of a connecting flight with other partner airlines.
  •  A cancellation request has to be made at least seven days prior to the flight departure to be eligible for a refund.
  • Partially used tickets are not eligible for a full refund. Only the amount difference between the fare and the used portion will be entitled to a full refund.
  •  No refund will be available on any ticket whose booking date has passed one year time period.

How to Request a Refund on Hawaiian Airlines

As per the Hawaiian Airlines Refund Policy, the passengers who have cancelled their flight within 24 hours will receive an automatically initiated refund in the original form of payment. However, in case the 24-hour windows line has been crossed, you need to create a refund request from either the official website of Hawaiian Airlines. The process to request a refund is listed below:

  • Launch the official Hawaiian Airlines Website. After that, you need to access the details of the flight you have cancelled.
  • For that, you need to navigate the My Trip section and provide the details related to your flight, like ticket number and other details.
  • Once the flight details appear on the screen, you can easily locate the refund option.
  •  Click on it and follow the instruction further appearing on the screen to apply for a refund.
  • Once the refund has been initiated, you will receive a notification on the provided contact details.

Another process to request a refund on Hawaiian Airlines is through the contact us section. Steps for that are listed below:

  • On the official homepage, click on “Contact Us” in the top right corner.
  • On the contact page of Hawaiian Airlines, click on the option Email Us” and then select “Make a Request.”
  • Now, on the “Make a Request” page of Hawaiian Airlines, under the topic, select “Refund,” and under the sub-topic, click on “Cancellation Fee.”
  • Fill out the whole form with the required details.
  • Attach the required documents if necessary, and then, finally, click on “Submit”

This will generate a mail which will be sent to the concerned authorities based on the topic you have chosen.

Final Words

The task of canceling your flight while traveling with Hawaiian Airlines is relatively easy, as all the necessary information is listed above. Besides the cancellation part, Hawaiian carriers also take care of the refund process so that all the passengers will receive their flight fare in the given period without any hurdle.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

According to the Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy, there are several ways by which one can cancel their Hawaiian Flights. You can do it via online or offline procedure. The online procedure allows you to cancel your ticket in just a few minutes. Or you can get in touch with the airline directly by calling them on their official customer number. For online procedure, all you have to do is enter your flight details such as your ticket number, reference number and many more.

The procedure of Hawaiian ticket cancellation is as easy as they say. If you want to cancel your ticket due to bad weather, heavy raining or some major weather emergency, then you can cancel your ticket using the online method or the offline method, as per your desire. One thing that you can get advantage of is that the Hawaiian airlines does not charge you for its additional fees. Instead of that, you can ask for the full compensation from the airline and claim it within seven working days.

Now, you have two choices. One you can use your travel credits to cover the cost of flight cancellation. But, if you did not have travel credits, then you have to pay the cancellation fees:-

  • The passengers have to pay at least $25, if they are travelling within Hawaii.
  • However, if you are travelling from/to United States, the you are required to pay $100.
  • Lastly, if you are planning to travel between Hawaii & the United States, then you are required to pay $100.

Yes, it is possible for you to cancel your Hawaiian Airlines flight without even paying for anything. The passengers can easily cancel their reservation within the time period of 24 hours. However, you do not have to pay for the flight cancellation if the airline has cancelled your flight by itself. One more case where you do not have to pay for the flight penalty, when your departure and flight arrival is being delayed & Cancelled by more than 2 hours.

Yes, you can easily cancel a Hawaiian Airlines within 24 hours subsequent to the flight booking time. Cancellations made within 24 hours are eligible for a full refund. 

You can cancel Hawaiian Airlines through various means, among which the most preferred one is through the official airline’s website. Along with that, you can dial the Hawaiian Airline Helpline number to request flight cancellation.

A full refund will be applicable for any cancellation request made within 24 hours of the flight bookings. After that, only the refundable fares will be eligible for a full refund. In case of flight delay or cancellation made by the Airlines themselves, the passengers can apply for a full refund.

No additional cancellation fee is applicable for Hawaiian Airlines tickets. However, on the flight routes between Japan and USA, an additional cancellation fee will be applicable.

Based on the Hawaiian Cancellation policy, the additional fees demanded from the airlines on cancellation will be legal under certain terms and conditions.

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