Copa Airline Baggage Policy

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Copa Airlines Baggage Policy

Discover Copa Airlines’ Baggage Policy and Fees, along with useful tips to help you manage the expenses.

The Copa Airlines Baggage Policy is straightforward and can help passengers plan their journey efficiently. However, passengers need to know about different types of baggage to save money on additional baggage fees and pack accordingly. In this on-going blog, we will be providing complete information on Copa carry-on, checked baggage and sports equipments baggage, delay & damage or missing items in an appropriate manner. 

Copa Airlines International Baggage Policy

The Copa Airlines Baggage Policy for international travelers, has been designed to give out rules regarding its allowance. However, it is more accommodating than the domestic baggage policy, and you can take additional luggage and sports equipment.

Domestic Baggage Policy

The domestic Baggage Policy of Copa Airlines costs you less money for oversized bags or is overweight. Passengers have to pay a minimal fee charged by the Airlines, and more restrictions will be applied on transporting sporting items, musical instruments, and liquids on international flights. 

Rules & Regulations of the Copa Baggage Allowance Policy

To have a safe & delightful journey, passengers must follow the rules according to the Copa Airlines Baggage Policy. Once you know these rules, you can safely check in at the airport without any trouble. Here are some rules you need to follow for your convenience:

  • The Allowance for checked & carry-on baggage may differ depending on your destination, class of service, and travel date.

  • However, the passengers cannot transfer their luggage allowance to others.

  • The Copa baggage fee may include taxes placed by its region.

  • As for overweight baggage, it will only be accepted if there’s space on the airline.

  • Dangerous goods will only be accepted if you have a signed declaration by the Airways, and only concerned authorities can give this type of declaration.

  • Passengers must check in their luggage for the second time at the connecting airport if it involves connecting Airports.

Copa Airlines Baggage Policy For Weight Limit

According to the Copa Airlines Baggage Policy, the weight depends on your class fare and status as a ConnectMiles preferred member. The members of this club are privileged for additional aids. Regardless of the ticket fare, all passengers must set weight limits. Any Baggage that goes over any limits will be charged an extra fee. And, sometimes, it may not be accepted by the Airline at all.

Discover Copa Airlines' Baggage Policy and Fees, along with useful tips to help you manage the expenses. by Flightaura

Per the Copa Airlines Baggage Policy, the standard weight limit for both domestic & international is the same. However, there is a difference between them in the amount of the fee that has been charged. 

Copa Airlines Baggage Fees

The number of bags is under the size limitation, and the weight comes at no cost. However, each bag piece can measure up to 62 inches in height, length, and width, not including the wheels. But, if your luggage exceeds the limit, the passengers must pay between $40 to $175 per head as extra baggage fees. 

Different Types of Baggage Allowed by Copa Baggage Policy

To make travel cushy for passengers, the Copa Airlines Baggage Policy permits varied types of luggage for foreign gateways. However, passengers can carry any type of bag as long as they can comply with the rules & regulations:-

  • Baggage in Hold:- It is also known as checked baggage and refers to the baggage carried by Airline. However, it can be used once collected at the destination Airport. The Copa Airlines checked baggage policy determines unidentified group rules & limitations on the weight of the permitted bag. Passengers must follow these rules.
  • Hand Luggage:- This is also called the carry-on & cabin baggage. Passengers can bring this type of hand luggage on the flight, and passengers can also access this luggage in the cabin, which is kept in overhead bins. Therefore, the storage space will be under the flyer’s seat. Per the Copa Airlines Baggage Policy, travelers can carry all the baggage items that meet the regulations in their cabins. But certain restrictions can be imposed on specific items.

Copa Airlines Baggage Policy For Sports Equipment 

The Copa Baggage Policy divides Sports equipment into two categories; Small Sports types of equipment & large sports equipment. However, you can connect with the miles preferred member & Star Alliance Gold Members who may check sports equipment as part of your luggage. All those passengers who have exceeded the number of items in their luggage allowance have to pay $150 per item of the sports pieces of equipment that they are carrying. 

Small Sports Equipment:-

These pieces of equipment must be transported as a part of the Passenger’s luggage allowance. However, it also offers an allowance for the weight, size & number of luggage. If you have earned and connected miles, are a preferred member, and the star Airlines Gold Passengers exceed the number of items in the luggage allowance, you must pay $150 to $175 as extra fees.

Here is the list for the small Sports Equipments:-

  • Archery Items,

  • Bowling,

  • Fishing types of equipment

  • PaintBall

  • Golf Kits, and many more.

Large Sports types of equipment:-

If you are traveling with large sports types of equipment, it can be transported on the seven international and domestic flights for a fee of $150, and choose the best luggage you wish to carry to the Aircraft. It is associated with the Connect Miles that come to Prefer Members & the Start Alliance Gold Passenger may check for large sports equipment as a part of their luggage allowance that exceeds the number of items they can carry.  

List of the Large Sports Items

  • Dividing Items

  • Inflatable Kayaks

  • Pole Valuating items

Musical Items Allowance

Depending on the weight & size of the Musical instruments, they can be allowed as carry-on or checked baggage. As for the checked category, these items should not weigh more than 23 kg and should be within 62 inches. The Copa Airlines Baggage Policy requires users to pack in hard cases. The Airline will not be responsible for any damages to your musical instruments.

Here are the allowed musical items that you can bring as your checked baggage:

  • Keyboards

  • Drum Set Cymbals

  • French Horn

  • Trombone

Copa Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy

The carry-on luggage of Copa Airlines can be one of your items or a standard bag. This item includes laptops, handbags, backpacks, briefcases, and instant food items. These items are allowed when they can fit perfectly under the space provided by the cabin.

Weight Conditions:

  • The weight limit for the standard bag is 10 kg, 22 pounds.

  • On the other hand, the weight limit for the personal bag is not mentioned, but it should fit under the passenger’s front seat.

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