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Due to the emergence of several reasons, people go further with the option of changing their flights. They are left with no other alternative except this and Southwest Airlines understands this thing very well. Thus, they introduced their Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy under which you can make changes in your flight itinerary easily without any obstacles. But remember about one thing, you need to follow the rules and regulations specified under this policy.

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Major Highlights of Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy

Every policy has some pointers that are really significant and it is necessary for all of you to be aware of all of such pointers. Look below and pay attention to each point of this policy to have a better understanding.

  • When a person is making their booking of the flight by using rapid rewards points, you can only make some changes in your booking by using those points only.
  • All the passengers have the right to make some amendments in their flight time, destination, and departure date. As in the end, it all depend on the availability of those things on that particular date.
  • In case of medical emergency, illness, injury, and some calamity or nature related trouble occurs then there applies no charges to perform any changes in flight booking. Besides this, only fare difference gets applied.
  • Want to make changes in the flight booking after completing the check-in process then make sure that you perform the alteration 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the flight.
  • If some alteration is happened in the fixed schedule of the flight by the airlines then it is recommended to every one to get in direct contact of the airlines to explore for the available flight alternatives.
  • Every value of the travel funds of Southwest Airlines can get used to book a new ticket on the same airlines. But there exist only one condition for the same that you can only use it for the same passenger who was supposed to travel earlier as well.
  • Amendment in the name requires the cancelation of the flight within the starting span of 24 hours started from the time of booking.

Southwest Change Flight Same Day

If you want to perform some amendments in your booking then you are allowed to do so according to Southwest Change flight policy. You can call the team members of Southwest Airlines for the same and they will assist you. Even on the same day, you can make alterations in your flight booking. Southwest Airlines permits their every user to alter their flight booking depending on their preferences and without paying out any fees for the same. For you, choices of the methods to do the changes are also given as you can go ahead either with online and offline means.
By going further with the online method will make you do the changes by taking a visit to the official website of the Southwest Airlines. On the other hand, you need to reach to the airlines directly by calling or emailing them while proceeding with the offline method. Both of the given methods are convenient in their own way and the passengers wouldn’t need to pay any extra charges for making changes in their flight.

24-hour Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy

All the passengers are eligible to receive the full amount as refund if he cancels their flight within the span of 24 hour from the booking time. Under this window of 24 hours, no charges will get applied on you for changing or canceling your flight. To receive the refund for the same, all you need to do is to fill up a short refund request form.
The refunded amount will submitted back into your account through which you made your payment. If you raise a request for refund after 24 hours, the amount of non-refundable ticket will get back transferred into your account and can get used as travel credit for all the future travel. Every ticket of Southwest Airlines are not refundable in nature as it depends on the type of ticket you have.

Methods to Change Flight Under Southwest Flight Change Policy

Southwest Airlines makes things easy for their passengers hence infused two or three different methods through which they can perform changes in their flight booking. To know each method clearly, look at the steps mentioned below under each method.

Through Online Means

  • To begin with this method, open up the browser that you mainly use. After this, reach to the website of the Southwest Airlines and then login into your account. For this, you need to enter your username and password.
  • Another option is this by skipping the registration part and make your way directly to the website to perform any required alterations.
  • After receiving the access, click on the option “Change flight” present on the homepage of the official website. As soon as, you clicked on it, a new page enters up on the screen with so many vacant field asking for the general information.
  • Fill all the information needed like the passenger last name along with the booking confirmation number. Please check all the details for once to make sure that you enter everything correctly.
  • In matter of forgetting the confirmation code, either go to “My Trips” Section or check the confirmation mail that you received in your registered email ID or on mobile number.
  • When you entered all the details correctly without any flaw then all the flights booking from your account will appear on the screen. Choose the one in which you want to make modifications.
  • On the left side of the screen, a panel is present that gives you the privilege through which you can make changes in your booking.
  • Enter again all the required information to make the necessary alterations in your booking then submit it.
  • In the end, you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile number or at email ID with all the updated information of the flight booking.

By Mobile Application of Southwest Airlines

This method is specifically made up for people who are not so comfortable using the Internet. Through this method, they can simply made changes in their flight booking with the help of Southwest Airlines team member. To make it done with this method, follow the steps stated below one by one and apply them without any interruption.

  • Start the process by downloading the mobile application of Southwest Airlines and then need to sign in to your account by entering the login credentials.
  • Now, take a visit to the “Manage my Booking”.
  • A new page will appears up in front of you with some of the vacant fields, all you need to do is to enter the passenger last name and booking confirmation number.
  • As soon as, you finished with entering all of such details, click on next button.
  • After all of this, make the selection of the flight out of all in which you want to make alteration. Follow the instructions that keep coming up on the screen to proceed further with the process.
  • When you completed with all the changes and payment if any arrive then a confirmation message will appears up on your registered mobile number or email ID.

Fee Under Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy

Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge a single penny to make changes in any of the domestic or International flights. The process of the same is described below:

Change Fees will Not Levied

Sometimes people needs to make amendments or alterations in their travel plans due to some urgency or sudden changes that happened within the travel plan. Thus, Southwest Airlines understand this thing and welcomes with wide arms, all the modifications that someone wants to make. Their main aim to make every passenger comfortable enough and they do so by not charging any change fees.

  • In need of doing some amendments in your flight booking, you have to just take care of the fare difference. No further hidden costs or charges arises up.
  • When any emergency or sudden shift occur in the travel plan, Southwest Airlines don’t charge any extra prices.

Note: Southwest Airlines stated that keep in your mind that the change fees doesn’t fly with them in any case.

Procedure to apply for refund

Until the flight departs, you have the chance for requesting for refund in any way:

  • Firstly you need to cancel your flight booking and for this, take a direct visit to the official website of the Southwest Airlines.
  • Then raise a request for refund by calling the Southwest Airlines on their given customer care number.
  • Other then this, you can write an email to them and they will revert back with the apt reply within some working time.
    Suppose your flight had already departed then you can submit your refund request:
  • By dialling the number mentioned on the website which connects to one of the team member of Southwest Airline of reservation department.
  • Or else you can get connected with managers of customer care in matter of your request of refund.

Timing of the Refund

According to Southwest Ticket Change policy, the refund will process by the concerned team within 7 working days to the original mode of payment. These days will counted starting from the date when the booking was made.
Ultimately, it depends on the bank that in how many days, the refunded amount will reflected back into your bank account. Generally, it may take 10 days to appear in the bank account.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy Based on type of Fares

Southwest Change Flight policy depends on the kind of fare that you have with the airlines. It makes a differences as they have multiple kind of fare presented for the passengers.

1. Wanna Get Away fare: All of such fare are non-refundable in nature but they will get applied to the future travel for those passenger only who purchased the ticket. You cancel this fare till 2 hours before departure but you will not receive any kind of refund for this fare. One important aspect of this fare is that if the passenger doesn’t use this credit within one year starting from the date of booking then it will automatically get expire and you can’t do anything in redeeming it.

2. Anytime: No-show policy applies under this segment and it is fully refundable in nature. Due to any reason, you might forgot or fail to do cancel your flight till 10 minutes left in the scheduled departure then the amount will converted into travel credit. Having this fare of Southwest Airlines will award you with the privilege to cancel your booking till 2 hours prior from the departure and you will obtain full amount as refund.

3. Business Select: It is quite similar to other fares as you can cancel it 2 hours before from the scheduled departure of the flight and acquire the full amount as refund. It also falls under the section of no-show policy that states if by any chance, you fail to cancel your flight booking till the deadline i.e., 10 minutes before the flight departure then you will get exempted with the right of receiving back the full amount as refund.

To sum up..!

Step by step guide is highlighted in this write-up about Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy. Every aspect of this policy is explained here and they are so flexible in their rules and regulations regarding making any changes in their flight booking. Go through each and every clause of this write-up and in need of any kind of assistance, you can reach out to the customer care team of Southwest Airlines. For this, call the airlines by dialling the number +1-833-714-2120 and write an email at Our team is ready to assist you in the hour of need.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A passenger can make changes in their flight booking by several means: through online means, by calling the airlines, and through the mobile application of the Southwest Airlines.

With the help of Southwest Airlines Flight change policy, you all can make changes in your flight booking within the period of 24 hours from the booking time.

The privilege of rescheduling the Southwest Airlines flight is present under their policy. For this, you can follow the online process or take the usage of the mobile application of Southwest Airlines. It will make change the timing of your flight in no time.

In many instances, Southwest Airlines come forward and make changes in their flights. When it happened from their side, they arrange an alternative flight for you and there is no need to make confirmation for that. Apart from all of this, change your flight time and date from the original date to 14 days later without paying out any extra money for the same.

Yes, Southwest Airlines Change flight policy gives you all the privilege through which you can proceed to change your seats in the flights of the Southwest Airlines. It is true that there are no assigned seats as such in these flights.

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