Qatar Airways Baggage Policy

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Qatar Airways Baggage Policy

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy: As we all know baggage is the main concern for everyone whenever they plan for a trip or a vacation. Many questions instantly pop up in everyone’s mind: How can they take baggage? Of what weight of baggage can they carry? How many pieces of baggage can they take with them? What are the fees for the baggage that they have to pay? You can get answers to all of these questions if you travel with Qatar Airways, and you only have to go through the Qatar Airways baggage allowance

The elucidation of the baggage policy of Qatar Airways is given here in a detailed manner. So please read it precisely so you wouldn’t encounter any problems while traveling. 

Measures stated under the Qatar Airways Baggage Policy

The following information is necessary and can give you an idea of the Qatar Airways baggage policy, and it will inform you of the allowances you receive by this policy. 

  • All the passengers are not allowed to bring fragile or perishable items like money, expensive devices, precious metals, personal items, and all the metals that carry huge significance for yourself in the checked bags.

  • The airlines must keep the checked bag on the same flight you are traveling.

  • You may also receive the privilege to carry the baggage for free if you follow the Qatar Airways Baggage policy guidelines.

  • After submitting the baggage for checked-in, Qatar Airways take the baggage under its jurisdiction and make an issue of Qatar Airways baggage identification tag.

  • If the airlines decide they wouldn’t take the baggage on the same flight, the passenger travels. Then, they will arrange to send the baggage on the next possible flight of the same airline.

  • According to the Qatar Airways Baggage Policy, all passengers are directed to receive or collect their baggage from where it comes to the destination spot.

  • All the passengers are liable to pay the extra fees if they come with excess baggage. The fee will get levied on them according to the baggage policy of Qatar Airways.

  • It is clearly stated under their policy that they have the right to refuse to take the excess baggage additionally over the baggage-free allowance.

Checked Baggage Allowance on Qatar Airways

Weight concepts are the trigger that will make the Qatar Airways checked baggage policy applicable to the cases. It will not come in the game until and unless the bag’s total weight wouldn’t exceeds the weight limit posed by the Qatar Airways Baggage policy. So, the general rules for checked bags on Qatar Airways are as follows:

  • The baggage policy of Qatar Airways indicates that the size of the luggage must not get out from the limit of 158cm in total per piece of luggage.

  • Any baggage in your whole luggage wouldn’t weigh more than 32 kg.

  • If we talk of the aspect of the size, the dimensions of the bag on Qatar Airways won’t get higher than 300cm, including all the aspects that are length + Breadth + Height.

  • The fee for the excess baggage will only apply to the baggage when any passengers pass out the limit of the weight or size of baggage. And when they came with some more bags in numbers.

There are some additional guidelines prevailing under this Qatar Airways Baggage policy that are running as follows:

For Economy Class

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy (Table 0)

For Buisness Class

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy  (Table 1)

Carry-on Allowances on Qatar Airways

The standard norm followed up here is that you all are permitted to bring one personal bag. In the case of one carry-on baggage, you need to look below:

  • In economy class: All the passengers can take one bag for free of cost up to 15 pounds or 7 kg.

  • In first or Business class: The privilege is giving through which everyone can bring 2 free bags. But the total combined weight of those bags must not exceed 33 pounds or 15 kg.

Limitations on size

For the personal bag: No such restriction as such has been given, but it is stated by the airlines that normal-size handbags or small briefcases are only granted. 

For carry-on bags: The size of the bag that you can carry must lie within the limit, i.e., 20 * 15 * 10 inches or (50 * 37 * 25 cm).

When there is an infant

There is no provision for infants to carry any baggage, so if the passengers carry any items, they will get counted in their section. 

In case of bringing any stroller

All the passengers have the right to check in more items, that is, a stroller or carry the cot, without paying any charges. If you are taking a flight from or to Africa or the Americas, an infant is permitted along with one piece of baggage up to the weight of 50 pounds or (23 kg) and 45 inches or (115 cm). In contrast, the limit is 22 pounds (10 kg) for all other routes, and you only have one bag you can take. 

Fee for baggage in Qatar Airways

Here, a table represents the amount you must pay to check every piece of baggage you bring. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling nationally or Internationally, but the thing that matter is that Qatar Airways must operate the flight.

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy (Table 3)

Excess Baggage Policy of Qatar Airways

Some of the important highlights that are given under the section on excess baggage of Qatar Airways excess baggage are as follows:

  • The excess baggage weight in Qatar Airways wouldn’t exceed 45 kg on any of the flights operated by Qatar Airways.

  • According to the Qatar Airways Baggage Policy, the airlines don’t accept baggage more than the size limit over 126 linear inches or 320 cm.

  • If you have multiple airlines included in your itinerary, then the rules of that particular airline will apply in the context of baggage.

  • All the passengers of the first and business class of Qatar Airways are eligible to take 3 bags for free of cost up to the weight of 32 kg at no extra cost.

  • Qatar Airways’s excess baggage policy states that the fee for overweight and oversized bags depends on the destination to which you are flying.

Prohibited Items on Baggage on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, like all other airways, restricts some items you may carry on your baggage, which is done for safety and security purposes. Following is the stuff that you can’t bring either in your carry-on or checked baggage. 

Stuff Not Allowed in the Carry-on Baggage

  • Every type of stunning items, like a Stun gun or grenade, animal repellents, and pepper spray.

  • Sharp objects or pointed ones like knives, axes, scissors, Katana, and fighting materials.

  • All blunt stuff includes cricket bats, Hockey Sticks, Baseball bats, clubs, etc.

  • Explosives, fireworks, ammunition, and fuel.

  • Workers used tools like drilling machines, Screwdrivers, saws, and blowtorches.

  • Replicas of some toys like guns, pistols, pellet guns, and signal flares.

Items not granted to bring in Checked Baggage

  • Poison, pesticides, insecticides, arsenic, and cyanides.

  • Radioactive materials.

  • Every flammable liquid or solid like fuels, paints, and acetone.

  • Small electric vehicles like air vehicles, Hoverboards, Solo wheels, and Balance wheels.

  • Infectious substances like bacteria and viruses.

  • All the corrosive items comprise mercury, batteries, acids, and alkalies.

Qatar Airways Missing Baggage Policy

When the baggage gets delayed: Suppose you arrive at your place and your check didn’t come up. Then the airline is responsible, so they look for it in the next 24 hours and will deliver it to your home, hotel, or office. In case of damaged baggage: When you find that your baggage got damaged, you must report it at the airport before getting out of the terminal. 

When the baggage gets missed: In a matter of missing baggage, you must make a report at the airport within 7 days of the arrival. They’ll provide you with a number through which you can track the status of your bag. The option to do so is given on our website. 

You can also call us on this number, i.e., 1-833-714-2120  if you are looking for clearance in any segment. We are here to assist you in your hour of need.

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