Lufthansa Check in Policy

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Lufthansa Check- in Policy

Lufthansa Check in Policy: Everything You Need to Know

The Lufthansa Airlines Check-in Services help its passengers complete the boarding procedure quickly. Passengers can check in online and at the airport to board their scheduled flight. They save time and energy as they do not have to wait in long queues to get their boarding passes. This article will explain the Lufthansa Check-in Policy.

Check-in Services Offered By Lufthansa Airlines

  • Lufthansa Airlines Web Check-in: The Lufthansa online web check-in starts 23 hours before the scheduled departure. So, make sure to check in during that period.
  • Lufthansa Online Check-in Baggage Drop-offs- Through Lufthansa e-check-in, you are almost done. Remember to keep your online boarding pass handy during the check-in procedure. After that, visit the Lufthansa check-in counter at the airport and then drop your baggage there. And once the airline has accepted and tagged your luggage, move to the security checkpoint to proceed.
  • Web Check-in Restrictions:- For unaccompanied minors or passengers who have visual or hearing aids need to complete the Lufthansa flight check-in at the airport only. In addition, passengers should request a wheelchair, stretcher, or any other special need to check in at the airport only.

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Lufthansa Check-in Policy & its Time & Deadline

For Lufthansa flight passengers, arriving at the airport before boarding their flight is important to avoid coming late and checking in conveniently.

  • Check-in Deadline:- To avoid airport delays, completing the boarding procedure 24 hours before the scheduled departure is crucial by simply using the Lufthansa app check-in or online. Passengers can also complete the boarding request using at the airport, or they need to arrive early before the Lufthansa Airlines check-in deadline looms.
  • Baggage Check-in at the Lufthansa Counter:- The travelers must ensure that they arrive on time and then check in their bags on time. However, the airline won’t check your bags after its deadline. Extra weight or oversize may take longer than usual to check in as passengers must arrive at the airport much before time to avoid the peak rush.

At times, the boarding procedure at the airport is longer than usual, and it is important to respect and adhere to the following deadline for your itinerary:-

Table - Boarding Procedure at the Airport

Lufthansa Flight Check-in Options

Passengers can request the Lufthansa ticket number check-in to their last destination. Travelers can also complete the request online or at the airport according to their desire. It only takes a few clicks, and you have your boarding pass.

Lufthansa Online Check In

The Passengers can conveniently check in the right from anywhere. They can complete the check-in request 23 hours before the confirmed departure. They can select their desired seat and print an online boarding pass or request it to send to their registration address or mobile number. The Lufthansa Online Check in is available for:-

  • The Lufthansa Worldwide
  • Austrian Airlines for all the flights to/from Germany & Austria
  • LOT Polish departure flight from/to Poland & Germany
  • Croatia Airlines for departure from/to Germany & Croatia
  • Scandinavian Airlines for departure from Frankfurt & Munich to all Scandinavian Countries

Procedure to Check-in Online on Lufthansa Airlines

To complete the request online for your Lufthansa Airlines reservation, travelers must keep their six-digit booking reference number and passport number handy, especially if they are on an international flight. Therefore, the Lufthansa online check-in allows you to check in the right before 23 hours before the scheduled flight. Here’s how you can access this airline’s web check-in:-

  • First, visit the airline’s official website and then navigate to the Manage Booking section.
  • Then, click on the Lufthansa Online Check-in tab to proceed.
  • Now, you can enter your six-digit PNR code and the passenger’s surname, who must be checked in.
  • Choose your desired seats and then add the checked baggage for your reservation. However, you can also add any special request, such as a Wheelchair, extra legroom seats, and many more, at the time of Lufthansa web check-in request.
  • Once you have completed the Lufthansa Check-in service, you need to save the Lufthansa boarding pass, or you can print it right away to keep a handful of its copy.

Remember, according to the Lufthansa check-in policy, passengers can only complete Lufthansa Check-in online for some of the flights operated by another airline. However, passengers cannot complete the Lufthansa web check-in online request if the flights are operated by other airlines but booked on the Lufthansa flight number.

Mobile Lufthansa Check-in

It is one of the easiest ways to check-in. Passengers can check in requests can be completed through their smartphone or tablet, and passengers can also complete their requests from anywhere and download their boarding passes.

Passengers must know that they must complete their check-in request twenty-three hours before the scheduled departure. It is quite easy to complete your check-in from anywhere using your smartphone, and you can also reserve a set for yourself and get your pass issued on your cell phone. Then, you must visit the official website on your mobile phone browser or use the Lufthansa mobile check-in application.

  • Lufthansa App Boarding Pass:- Once you have completed the Lufthansa mobile check-in request, the passengers may receive the Lufthansa application boarding pass. However, the passengers will receive a confirmation stating they are checked in. And they will receive their boarding pass in-app directly through email, or the SMS link sent straight to your registered mobile number.
  • Check the Availability of the Lufthansa Boarding Pass:- Passengers can access the Lufthansa application boarding from anywhere as it provides international destinations worldwide. And once you have received your Lufthansa boarding pass, you can manage and utilize this pass offline through the application.
  • Get Quick Access to Flight Boarding:- Travelers can save their precious time with a Lufthansa boarding pass if they travel with a checked bag. And they can also save time by moving to the security checkpoint and proceeding to the boarding gate.

Detailed Guide to Check-in with the Lufthansa Mobile Application

The Lufthansa airline provides passengers with a likewise accessible boarding process as tourists can get their Lufthansa boarding pass printed straightway to their smartphone while finalizing their requests. According to the Lufthansa Check-in Policy, the check-in offers the QR code of the paper instruments that can be examined and checked fast and accessibly from both Android & iOS devices. Here, you can follow the below-listed steps to complete the check-in request via mobile

  • First, the passenger has to open her Lufthansa application and click on the check-in link to enter her six-number confirmation number, e-ticket number, and the passenger’s last name in the dialog field.
  • Now, complete your Lufthansa online check-in seat, and then add your checked bags only if you carry them.
  • Lastly, press the Confirm button to print out your boarding pass, and then the passengers can print it, or you can save its link.

Lufthansa Automatic Check-in

With the help of the Lufthansa check-in automat Frankfurt, passengers can save valuable moments and adore a more comfortable trip as they will enter the Lufthansa boarding pass freely by text or dispatch to their mobile phone 23 hours before the scheduled departure.

Lufthansa Airport Check-in Process

According to the Lufthansa check in Policy, the passengers need to follow the below-listed steps:-

  • The passengers need to visit the self-service KIOSK within 30 minutes to thirty hours before the scheduled departure. And to also purchase travel options such as extra baggage, seat selection, a class of the service upgrade, special service, and many others.
  • Nevertheless, the passenger must insert their 13- figure-ticket number to finalize the request and can print out their Lufthansa boarding pass right down or have it sent to their boarding pass to their registered email ID or Phone numbers.
  • Flyers must tag their checked bags and go along with the Lufthansa Airlines check-in baggage drop-off counter.
  • Flyers must tag their checked bags and proceed with the Lufthansa Airlines check-in baggage drop-off counter.

Here is the Complete Procedure for Completing the Flight Boarding Process by Visiting the Airport Counter:-

  • First, provide your 13-digit e-ticket or six-digit booking reference numbers to the Lufthansa flight representative.
  • After that, ask your agent to complete the Lufthansa Airlines check-in request.
  • To proceed further, offer your seat preference and the other travel option, such as additional baggage, class of service upgrade, special service, etc.
  • Now, you can submit your luggage for the tags and proceed to security clearance to board your flight.

Check-in Through Telephone Number

If you are more comfortable asking for help via telephone, then you can call the Lufthansa Airline representative to complete your check-in request. Here, follow these below-listed steps:-

  • The Passenger can easily access their Lufthansa Airlines reservation by simply entering the details such as their PNR and reservation code and the last name of the tourist.
  • Passengers can also ask the Lufthansa flight executive to complete their boarding request.
  • Now, give out your preference for the seat selection subject to availability.
  • Once your Lufthansa flight check-in request is completed, you can download, print, or email your boarding pass.


The details regarding the Lufthansa Airlines Check-In Policy will be beneficial for someone with a flight reservation on the airline. Through the information mentioned above, passengers will be able to hasten their long-haul flight boarding. During check-in, you need to keep in mind that once you have confirmed your check-in, you won’t be able to make further modifications to the flight ticket. For passengers with additional luggage that needs to be checked in, they are advised to complete their check-in early and reach the airport without any delay in their flight boarding. For further details, refer to the Flight Aura policies section or utilize the helpline number and live chat facility below.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Passengers boarding on a Lufthansa Airlines check in within the 24 hours window of the scheduled flight departure. Based on the mode of your check-in, travel class, and other conditions, the minimum time after which the check-in window closes varies from 3 hours to 45 minutes.

No, you can complete your check-in process and generate your boarding pass based on your preferences. Other modes for check-in apart from online includes:

  • Kiosk Check-in
  • Check-in at the Airport
  • Mobile check-in

Once the boarding pass has been generated, passengers can either create a hard copy and just save a soft copy of their boarding pass on their mobile and show it while boarding the flight.

Keeping in mind that the boarding can be hectic, we must say to come to the airport at least 1 hour before in case of a domestic flight and at least 2 hours before in case of an international flight.

Passengers with additional baggage apart from personal and carry-on items need to check in their luggage also. Additional fares might be applicable as per the Lufthansa Baggage Policy.

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