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Understanding the Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy: What You Need to Know Before You Fly

The Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy was made to make its passengers aware of its rules & regulations. The rules and regulations help passengers carry limited baggage on board & Carrying only a limited amount of baggage will make the passenger’s travel plan safe and secure. This Policy mainly focuses on how many checked bags the flyers can carry with them, and however, it also determines the fee charged for taking these checked bags.

lberia Carry-On Baggage Allowance

The hand luggage should meet the size requirement given by the airline; 56x45x25 CM. The amount of free pieces permitted on board and the weight of each item depends on the passenger’s class of travel. However, tourist class passengers can bring one piece of free hand baggage weighing around 10 kg.

As for business class, passengers can bring one piece item with a maximum increased weight of 14 kg. The Business plus passengers have the highest allowance by which they can bring two pieces which weigh around 18 kg each. Per the Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy, passengers can also bring personal items with dimensions of 40x30x15 CM.

lberia Airlines Baggage Policy For Checked Allowance

According to the Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy, the passengers can take a cabin bag and one personal accessory on board. The Personal item bag may contain one briefcase, handbag, small portfolio, or laptop.

In high demand, when the Airline space is limited, some hand luggage may be removed and placed on hold even if it complies with the regulations. And, if that’s the case, you do not have to pay any fee.

Here is the transport of the carry-on luggage:-

For Economy Or Premium Economy Class

• One Cabin Bag which should be around; 56x40x25 CM Or 22 lbs
• And one personal item, 40x30x15 CM

For Business Class, Short & Medium Haul

• One Cabin Bag; 56x40x25 CM & 30 lbs
• Also, passengers can bring one personal item; 40x30x15 CM

Business Plug Long Haul

• Passengers can bring two cabin bags, 56x40x25 CM, 30 lbs
• Along with one item, 40x30x15 CM

Restrictions on Carrying Liquid Items

• Restricted liquids in the cabin include water, soups, jams, syrups, gels, etc. It also consists of contents in pressurized formats such as shaving foam, other foams and deodorants, liquid-solid mixtures, and other items of similar consistency.
Per the lberia Airlines Baggage Policy, the passengers may carry their hand luggage in small quantities of these components in containers of 100 ML. But, remember the container must be carried in transparent re-sealable plastic bags whose maximum capacities do not exceed one liter.
• Additionally, these small containers should be placed loosely in the bag to facilitate their inspection by security personnel. However, passengers must present these separate bags separately from their hand luggage at the security control points.

Checked Baggage Allowance of lberia Airlines

According to the lberia Airlines Baggage Policy, passengers can take checked luggage depending on its destination. However, passengers must avoid carrying valuable items such as money, jewels, electronics, portable computers, medications, or other business documents in the checked luggage. But, if you ignore this notice, the airline will not be responsible for any damage or loss item.

Each passenger can bring at least 50 lbs as checked baggage with a maximum dimension of 158 CM. The baggage allowance depends on cabin class and ticket type. All baggage weighing more than 50 lbs will be considered additional baggage and will be subjected to an additional amount charged by the airline. lberia Airlines only accepts baggage weighing at most 70 lbs.

Allowed Items At The lberia Airlines

Lberia Airlines is known for keeping the safety of its passengers and providing excellent services. To ensure the safety of the other passengers, the airline has a strict carry-on policy, allowing its passengers to bring only a few items on board with them. This item includes medicines, baby food, baby car seats, and many more items that can be esstienal for passengers traveling with babies. Along with these, some items are safe and can be transported with the passengers as the lberia Airlines carry-on baggage allowance.

Here, you can check out the allowed items in the following list:-

• Reading Materials
• Mobile Phones
• Laptops
• Power Banks
• Charges
• Strollers
• Purses
• BackPack
• Handbags
• Shoes
• Jackets
• Clothes
• Binoculars
• Wheelchairs
• Assistive Devices

lberia Airlines Baggage Policy For Pets

Pets can travel with their owners on board without any trouble. To transport pets in the cabin, passengers must show some documents needed for verification. Documents such as veterinary passports must be submitted at the airport to know the pets’ vaccination status. You can transport your pets as hand luggage when you do not have extra checked bags. But, the pet should be seated under your seat.

Passengers must follow the following rules to carry their furry friends as per the lberia Airlines Baggage Policy;-

• The pet should be carried using a pet passport that must indicate the following:
• A microchip or a visible mark has been used to identify the pet.
• Your pet should be vaccinated against rabies.
• However, pets must have the certificate of all the vaccines given to their pet.

lberia Airlines Baggage Policy For Carrying Infants

The airline has some ground rules when it comes down to passengers who are traveling with their babies. Moreover, the basic rule is that a newborn baby cannot travel before two days is critical for the baby’s & passengers’ safety. However, there are some other rules as well that passengers need to follow to bring their infant with them on a flight:-

• While flying on a plane, an infant cannot occupy its seat.
• Infants who are more than two years of age have to buy their tickets.
• The passengers must pay the child fare if they do not own a baby carrier or car seat.
• When your baby turns two during the trip, the passenger must buy a ticket with a child fee for the whole voyage.
• The Airline offers cribs to all babies who are under eight months old and weigh less than 11 kg
• However, the quantity of these cots available on each Iberia flight is minimal, and only some infants can use one.
• The Carry-Cots should be reserved before the flight.

Sports & Musical Instruments Allowed By the lberia Airlines

Passengers can take their sports & musical instruments with the lberia Airlines as a part of the checked baggage. To transport checked sports & musical items, these rules shall apply:-

• The Sports & Musical items on the Iberia aircraft should be at most 23 kg.
• So, when flying long-distance, you can check your sports equipment for free.
• Big sports & musical items such as pole vaults, canoes, guitars, and violins may not be allowed on the Iberia Airlines. However, these items need to be transported via cargo service.

The Following are the musical & sports items approved by the lberia Airlines Baggage Policy for economy & business class baggage allowance:-

• Ski Equipment
• Windsurfing Boards
• Scuba Diving Equipments
• Drums
• Golf Equipments
• Bodyboards
• Hang gliders
• Piano
• Non-motorized bicycles
• Surfboards
• Paragliders
• Cell Bass
• Bowling Equipments
• Skateboards
• Tabla
• Drumsticks

Restricted Items At lberia Airlines

Lberia airlines take care of the passengers in terms of safety. The airline has listed items prohibited from bringing on board to ensure passenger safety. As these items can create issues for other passengers as they can be dangerous:-

The items that are approved in the lberia Airlines Baggage Policy are:-

• Firearms
• Guns
• Stunning Devices
• Sharp Objects
• Tools
• Blunt instruments
• Explosives
• Gas Cylinders
• Lithium Batteries
• E-Cigarettes
• Corrosives
• Radioactive Substances
• Toxic Materials
• Oxidizing materials
• Inflammable solids
• & Chemicals


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