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Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy – Refund Guidelines, Fees, And More [2024]

If you wish to cancel your Etihad flight due to any reason, you must know about the Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy. The airline provides maximum flexibility when it comes to making any Emirates Flight changes & cancellations. Speaking of its services, the airline also offers the best services and assists the passengers to help them make the most out of their trip.

Etihad Flight Cancellation Policy

When it comes to modifying and canceling tickets, most airlines offer consumers most of the freedom, allowing them to save all the money they usually spend on travel.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when it comes to the Etihad Flight .

  • Etihad Airways online cancellation is a recent feature, and this service is accessible at all Etihad Airways destinations.
  • Passengers might switch or cancel their unused tickets for a different reservation. As per the pricing rule, Etihad airways may charge for the cancellation.
  • The flyer must produce the passenger’s valid identity on the ticket to receive a refund for an Etihad flight Cancellation.
  • Etihad Airways will update you regarding the appropriate cost if you want to cancel your reservation online. You may use your debit/credit card to pay the cancellation fees and other penalties. As a result, the consumers should maintain the card information to execute the Etihad ticket cancellation reimbursement successfully.
  • The flight refund will be sent to the same credit/debit card used to purchase the ticket.
  • You cannot cancel your flight bookings purchased by cash, check, invoice, or other non-electronic payment methods.
  • Etihad’s cancellation policy is in effect for the reservations booked on, via phone or through Etihad airways, or directly at the Etihad Airways ticket offices.
  • The Etihad Flight Cancellation policy applies to all types of fare regulations regardless of service quality or the selected pricing type.
  • If the airline receives the cancellation or refund request, you simply cannot cancel it.

Etihad Airways Cancellation Compensation Policy

Etihad Airways is generally always on time when it comes to arrival and departures, but sometimes things may not work out as planned, and on such times, the Airways has to cancel your flight. If Etihad Airways cancels your flight, there is no need to panic, as Airways will find you a new flight as a replacement, and if not, you will receive a full refund.
If the flight cancellation has caused havoc to your plans, you can also claim compensation from the Airways for your disturbed plans. However, you will not be entitled to receive compensation if your flight was canceled 14 days before the departure date. Some exceptions to compensation apply under the Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy. For example, Airways will not be responsible for paying you any compensation if they could offer you a flight with similar arrival and departure times. The Airways will also not be liable to pay you any compensation if unforeseen extreme circumstances occur, like a strike by air traffic control or bad weather conditions where flying is not an option.

Etihad Airways Compensation Amount

The table below represents the compensation amount you can claim under Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy. The compensation values are presented as €, as specified under EC26.

All flights under 1,500km Up to € 250 per person.
Internal EU flights over 1,500km Up to € 400 per person.
Non-internal EU flights between 1,500-3,500km Up to € 400 per person.
Non-internal EU flights over 3,500km Up to € 600 per person.

Etihad Flight 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Following the Etihad Flight Cancellation policy, cancellations must be made within 24 hours.

  • Airways allow passengers to cancel their reservation for a full refund within 24 hours of making it.
  • As a result, travelers can simply purchase the tickets up to one week before the flight’s departure.
  • On the other hand, passengers who usually book their tickets less than a week in advance can cancel them for free within 24 hours.

How to apply for Etihad Airways cancellation?

If your plan didn’t work out as planned, and you need to cancel your Booking, then you can do so under Etihad Flight Cancellation Policy. There are two ways to cancel your booked flight: By Online, Phone and Airport

1.  Etihad Airways Online

Etihad Online Flight Cancellation

The following is Etihad Airways online cancellation procedure for flight cancellation:

  1. To begin, visit the
  2. After that, choose the View or Modify booking from the Manager Tab.
  3. Next, you can fill in your booking reference & the ticket number, and your surname.
  4. From the menu, navigate to the Find My Bookings option.
  5. In the next step, select the flight that you wish to cancel.
  6. Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your online reservations.
  7. You can also use your smartphone app to cancel your Etihad flight reservation.

2. Quick Procedure to Cancel Etihad Flight through a phone call

Cancel your Etihad Flight through a Phone Call

If you are having issues surfing the internet or you are unfamiliar with the use of internet, you have to call Etihad airways cancellation representative at 1-833-714-2120. An airline representative can assist you in the following ways:

  • To cancel your Etihad Flight, Please have your 6-digit reservation or the 13-digit ticket number handy.
  • Before submitting any request, please check with your agent about the Etihad Airways Cancellation costs. In line with the pricing restrictions linked with your reservation, the agent will also keep you well-posted about the Etihad Flight Cancellation Policy.
  • Only request a flight cancellation if you agree to the Expense of a refund to Etihad.
  • You will get an email confirmation of your Etihad flight Cancellation once it has been successfully canceled.
  • Refunds from Etihad Airways will always be completed between 14-30 days, depending on the original payment method.

3. Etihad Flight Cancellation at the Airport

  • Upon reaching to the departure airport up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure, you can request the cancellation of your Etihad flight at the airport check-in desk.
  • Ensure to provide the agent with your 6-digit reservation number or 13-digit ticket number.
  • Do not hesitate to contact your airline representative for information on Etihad’s cancellation policy and the other flight terms and restrictions.
  • Check out the Etihad Airways cancellation costs and reimbursements for your reservations.
  • The airline will send refunds to the original payment method upon successful cancellation.

Cancellation Fee for the Etihad Airways

Depending on the schedule and type of ticket booked, an Etihad Airways cancellation charge of $200 may apply. However, everything that you need to know about the Etihad Flight Cancellation Policy is mentioned down below:-

  • If you cancel your ticket less than 96 hours before your scheduled flight departure, the airline will charge you an extra 10% cancellation fee.
  • In the case of the loss of a family member, there is no cost for canceling an Etihad flight.

Etihad Airways Refund Policy

Etihad Airways Refund Policy

As per the rule, the refund would only apply to the unused part of the ticket. In addition to that, there are other important considerations covered under the refund policy, as mentioned below:

  1. The refunds are subject to the fare rule associated with the flight bookings that you have purchased.
  2. The refund policy may differ due to the chosen fare rules.
  3. To apply for an Etihad ticket cancellation refund on a previously exchanged ticket, a refund policy of the original fare would apply.
  4. You will receive the refund as per the original payment mode.
  5. Tickets booked through credit cards would get refund in 7 business days, on the other hand, other payment methods would require 15-20 business days for refund.
  6. A refund can only be applied to the non-restricted fare rules.
  7. The correct amount of your refund is determined by several factors. For instance, based on the fare rules of the ticket and travel routes, etc.

Refund policy on Economy Class Ticket

According to the Etihad Airways Refund Policy:
1. Your booked ticket is non-refundable if you bought the Sales fare.
2. Your booked ticket is non-refundable if you cancel a Value fare.
3. In the case of Choice Fare, a cancellation penalty will be charged, and the rest will be refunded.
4. Your ticket is fully refundable with a Choice Plus fare.
5. Airlines will charge a cancellation fee and refund the rest of the amount if you purchased an economy ticket on Guest Seat.

Refund Policy on Business Class Ticket

You will be entitled to a refund as per the Etihad Airways Refund Policy, that states:
1. Airlines will charge a cancellation fee and refund the rest of the amount if you bought a Value Fare ticket.
2. Refund will be processed, but a cancellation fee shall be applied when you cancel a Choice Fare ticket.
3. You are eligible for a Full Refund if you have a Choice Plus Fare ticket.
4. If you purchased a ticket in the Guest Seat, a cancellation fee would be applied, and the rest would be refunded.

Refund Policy on First Class Ticket

Etihad Airways Refund Policy allows you to cancel your booked First Class Ticket.
1. If your booked ticket’s fare type is First Fare, you are eligible for a full refund upon cancellation.
2. If you booked the ticket’s type as Guest Seat fare, then you will be charged some amount of Cancellation fee.

How To Get Your Etihad Airways Cancellation Refund?

Are you eligible for a refund? Don’t worry! To understand the Etihad Airways Refund Policy, read the points given below:
1. To be eligible for a refund, your booked ticket should be booked through a single card at least five days before the flight departure date.
2. refunding will take some time, so please be patient; the amount may be transferred into your account within 14-30 working days.
3. In case of a No-Show, if the passenger does not show up for their flight without informing the Airways, no refund request would be processed.
4. If you cancel your booked flight within 24 hours of purchasing it, you are eligible for a full refund.
5. The refund amount depends on various factors, including destination, ticket class type, and time of cancellation.


This blog covers all the important points related to Etihad Airways Flight Cancellation Policy. For every user out there, we have tried to keep the information as simple as possible for anyone to understand.

If you are an Etihad traveller and are still confused about the cancellation or refund policy, refer to this write-up for all your queries Etihad Flight Email Mail.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

According to the Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy, the cancellation fee would vary based on the passenger’s ticket type, time of cancellation, and destination.
A fee of additional 10% of the ticket price will be demanded as cancellation fee if you cancel your booked flight 96 hours before the scheduled departure time. If passengers cancel their booked ticket after the risk-free window, a cancellation fee of $200 will be applied.

When you go on Etihad Airways to book your flight, you can select if you want to book a refundable or non-refundable flight. In case of cancellation of a booked flight, when you enter your ticket details, you will be shown an option to claim a refund under Etihad Airways Refund Policy if you are eligible.

Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy allows you to cancel your booked flight online. Go to the main site of Etihad Airways. You will see ‘View’ or ‘Modify Booking’; click on any of those. Provide the Booking ID and last name of the passenger. Click on ‘Find my booking,’ then select the flight you want to cancel. Follow the steps on the screen and then cancel your Booking successfully.

As per the Etihad Flight Cancellation Policy, you are not eligible for a refund if you don’t show up (No-show) for your flight with Etihad Airways.

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