Etihad Airways Airline Baggage Policy

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Etihad Airways Baggage Policy

Discover Etihad Airways Airline Baggage Policy and Fees, along with useful tips to help you manage the expenses.

Suppose you are planning to travel with Etihad Airlines for your next vacation. Then, you must know about the Etihad Airways Airline Baggage Policy before making reservations.


Etihad Airways allows its passengers to carry a certain amount of baggage, depending on the class fare and route, and the baggage allowance may vary. This blog will explain everything you need to know about Etihad Airways Baggage Policy in detail.  

Etihad Carry-on Baggage Policy

Etihad Airlines has a specific carry-on baggage policy. Also, the fee might vary depending on your hand or checked-in luggage type. Passengers just traveling with carry-ons bags can bring more than 7 kg into the cabin. But they can also take particular itemscontaining traveling bagscovers, shields, stepping sticks, cameras, reading raw materialsbaby food, toiletries, wheelchairs, and numerous further.


Your items, except your cabin bag, must fit under your Airline seat. According to the Etihad Baggage Policy, passengers are allowed to bring 12 kg of hand luggage. However, if the combined weight exceeds its limit, the passenger has to pay an additional baggage fee.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance For Economy

  • Baggage Allowance for economy passengers – 1 item

  • Maximum Dimension Allowed – 45 total linear inches 

  • Maximum Weight Permitted For Flyers – 15 lbs; 75kg

Baggage Allowance For Business & First Class 

  • Baggage Items Allowed – 2 items

  • Dimensions:- 45 linear inches

  • Weight (combined) – 26 lbs; 12 kg

Etihad Baggage Policy For Infants

  • Infants can have one extra handbag that should not weigh more than 5 kg.

  • However, if the space in the cabin is available, then a fully collapsible stroller or a baby basket can be permitted as a carry-on item. Otherwise, it will be checked into the hold of the Aircraft.

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Etihad Airways Airline Baggage Allowance For Checked Items  

The weight conception determines the checked luggage allowance for all Etihad flightsexcept those to and from the United States of America & Canada. The Piece System sets the Etihad baggage allowance for flights departing or coming from the United States or Canada. For all the tickets bought via Etihad Airways that contain at least one journey handled by a codeshare significant other, the baggage allowance of the airline operating from the lengthy flight, Outgoing or inbound, will apply. However, Etihad’s luggage Policy is weight-based, not bag-count based. The following Etihad baggage allowance applies on all flights except those indicated below.

  • Economy Deal: Up to the 23 Kg

  • Economy Saver & the Classic: Up to the 30 Kg

  • Economy Flex: Up to 35 Kg

  • Business Class:- Up to 40 Kg

  • First Class:- 50 Kg

Flights to all the USA & Canada will have to follow Etihad Airways Baggage Fee through the Piece concept:

Economy Class

  • Baggage Allowance:- 2 Items
  • Maximum Weight:- 66 lbs; 30 kg
  • Dimensions:- 17x28x35 inches

Business & Diamond First Class

  • Baggage Allowance: 2 Items/ Per Person

  • Maximum Weight: 88 lbs (40 kg)

  • Maximum Dimensions: 17x 28×35 inches

For Infants

  • Baggage Item Allowance: 1 item

  • Maximum weight:- 22 lbs (10 Kg)

  • One Extra handbag that must not exceed 5 Kg of weight limit

  • One Completely Collapsible drifter or a infant handbasket

Etihad Airways Accepted Baggage Items 

The following items are allowed in Etihad Airlines international baggage:-

  • Hand Baggage such as Briefcases, Purses, etc.

  • Reading Materials

  • Walking Sticks

  • Infant Stroller & Baby Food

  • Travel Accessories

  • Wheelchairs & other mobility devices

  • Air Mattresses 

  • Blankets, wraps, pillowcases, or overcoats

  • Medicines

  • Binocular

  • Umbrella

  • Camera

Etihad Airways Airline Additional Baggage Allowance 

Etihad Airways no longer updates the extra baggage fees on its website. Instead, it directs travelers to its Etihad Baggage calculator. However, flights to & from the United States of America and other Indian Subcontinents with one extra piece of luggage weighing around 23 kg cost around $256.

Passengers can buy other baggage on the Etihad Airways website during their booking and enter a 20 reduction on the Airport’s added baggage charge. However, the best aspect of traveling with Etihad Airlines is that passengers can use their guest miles to pay for the excess baggage. 

Moreover, the quantity of excess luggage passengers can check in as per the Etihad Baggage Policy will determine by the membership tier, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum

Oversized & Overweight Baggage Policy 

As per the Etihad Airways overweight Baggage Fee, Etihad will undertake separate bags weighing up to 32 Kg( 70 lbs). But you can add weight if your total combined baggage allowance is less than 32 kg/ 70 lbs. However, the weight you can carry depends entirely on your route. Adding a few more kilos/pounds can cost around $40, but it’s way more than that; it might cost up to $500. 

But, if your bag exceeds the average baggage confines of 28x35x17.7 inches, a large Etihad Baggage fee of over to$ 60 for all the flights from the USA & back will apply. 

Etihad Airways Airline Baggage Policy on Restricted Items 

The airline lists things that cannot be carried on board or checked under certain circumstances. However, these items are negotiable despite the hazardous nature of certain materials. You can avoid bringing these goods on the board, and passengers can avoid bringing these goods on the board. Also, If the passenger possesses dangerous goods, they will be confiscated.

Here is the list of Etihad Airways Airline Restricted Items:-

  • Passengers can carry Pointed & Sharp Objects such as Swords, Knives, Razors, Scissors, etc.

  • However, blunt instruments include baseball bats, cricket bats, fishing rods, skateboards, etc.

  • Dangerous Items and chemicals such as Poisons, fireworks, and fire extinguishers.

  • Items such as grenades, ammunition, detonators, etc. 

Etihad Airways Airline Baggage Policy For Special Items

Sports Equipment

Etihad Airlines’ only condition is that the checked sports equipment won’t cross its maximum dimensions of 118 inches. However, Etihad doesn’t impose any additional for the extra baggage while tripping with the approved sports items. You must ensure that your checked sports equipment weighs at most 32 Kg (70 lbs), as anything heavier will be denied. 

Pet & Carries for Pets 

On Etihad Airways flights, pets of any kind will not be allowed in the main cabin or as checked baggage. As per the UAE government regulations, all pets must enter the UAE as manifested cargo. However, Falcons & some service animals are excluded from this restriction as per the Etihad Airways Airline Baggage Policy.


Falcons are capable of flying into any seat. In economy class, a falcon is allocated to each seat, and two falcons are permitted per seat in Business or First Class. 

Military Baggage Allowance 

Etihad is an international Airway that offers advantages to US Military Personnel or veterans who fly on their Aircraft. As a result, Etihad will deny US Military Personnel Free Bag Checks and other benefits, and only US Airlines can benefit the personnel and the veterans in the United States. 

Musical Instruments

Etihad Airlines permits passengers to bring certain sports equipment and musical instruments on board. This airline allows passengers to bring these instruments up to the weight limit to ensure the passenger’s safety.

The Etihad Airways Baggage Policy for sports & Equipments includes the following restrictions:-

  • The Weigh Limit should be around 23 kg

  • Approx dimensions need to be 62 linear inches

Infant Baggage Policy

As per Etihad’s infant baggage policy, parents who stick to guidelines can bring their infants onboard this Airline. You can follow these guidelines if you are flying with the infants:-

  • The Airline requires submitting a MEDIF form and medical report in case of birth complications or preterm birth during the flight.

  • Those infants under two on the day who can travel are considered infants and will be charged 10% of the adult fare. 

  • According to the policy, each adult may attend to only one infant.

  • However, if you wish to use a car seat on the airline, your infant will require you to have a separate seat. 

  • Infants are not allowed to have their seats unless they have paid for them. Passengers can transport their child’s car seat if it meets the airline’s requirements. 

Etihad Lost, Delay, Damage Baggage Policy

For Delayed Luggage

  • If your luggage is delayed, you must first inform Etihad Airlines. Then, the airline will give you a file reference number that will assist you in tracking your bags.

  • Using your file reference number, you can check the status of your baggage with Etihad Airlines.

  • The passengers can submit a claim to cover the cost of necessary items while Etihad Airways monitors the status of their delayed baggage. 

For Damaged Luggage

  • Before departure, you can report the damaged baggage to the Airport’s arrival desk. However, you will be assigned a file number and a letter describing your damage. Within seven days of receiving the baggage, you can submit a claim.

  • You can take your luggage to the repair shop of your desire and can keep a copy of the receipt as you may need it while filing your claim.

  • To file a claim, you can upload your letter and then submit the receipt for the repair cost. 

However, if you want to know about more policies, such as Etihad Cancellation Policy, and Etihad Airways Airline Name Change Policy, you can visit our website for more information. 

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